Andy and Shin Ae Chosen as Best Groom and Bride

Andy and Shin Ae has been chosen as the best groom and bride from MBC star wedding variety “We Got Married” from a poll in “Come to Play”.

In a recent “We Got Married” Special recording on MBC “Come To Play” hosted by Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Won Hee, they did a poll with 17,710 viewers taking part. Andy and Shin Ae were voted as the best groom and bride respectively with 45% and 39% of the votes. SS501 member, Kim Hyun Joong was second with 35% while Alex and Crown J were 3rd the 4th respectively. For the girls, it was Solbi, Hwang Bo and Seo In Young in order of second, third and fourth.

Kim Hyun Joong was disappointed (in jest) with the results

Be it good or bad, it’s meaningless if you’re not first.

Alex meanwhile said

I had thought in the past that I could have come in second, but because of my “player” image, third place is probably just about right. But in reality, I’m really not a “player”.

Crown J who placed last said

The result wouldn’t be the same if this poll was done in Atalanta.

Alex also commented on his partner Shin Ae on being chosen as the best bride

When a “player” meets a kind woman, he will change his ways. I think I’m really blessed and fortunate.

Lee Hwi Jae and Jo Yeo Jeong was not included in the poll since they didn’t appear on the program. But this does not mean that they are out of the show. Everything will remain the same with Alex/Shin Ae’s return making it 5 couples.

Andy/Solbi, Crown J/Seo In Young who enjoys high popularity, plus the “older woman, younger man” couple of Hwang Bo/Kim Hyun Joong and the romantic couple Alex/Shin Ae who “splitted” and “reunited” will appear on the 9th June episode of “Come To Play” on MBC at 11.05pm (KST).

33 thoughts on “Andy and Shin Ae Chosen as Best Groom and Bride

  1. KEKE i’m the first !
    Of course ALEX is NOT A PLAYER !
    he is just a nice guy !
    can’t wait until sunday ~

  2. Ahh… my Alex-shi is only third…

    Read some/elsewhere… creases around the eyes, attractive dimple are a sign of a player, which well Alex has…

    But who cares… just love him the way he is! And no he is not a player.. he is just attentive…

  3. yeahh.. u go andy! best groom ofcourse.. hehe

    wow for kim hyun joong! just a few eps in wgm had ranked him 2nd best groom! i like him craking silly jokes, funny n looks really innocent..

    yayy for the all the couples! they seems like getting along really well~ can’t wait for this show to be subbed.. it’s gonna be funn, hehe.. sorry, i think i’m a bit overjoyed tday 😀

  4. Wow, this is the second time Shin Ae is chosen as the Best Bride. Alex, is right…people think that he’s a player but like he said…when a player meets a kind woman he will surely change. Alvin, will it be okay if I post this over at the Alex and Shin Ae thread in soompi. Thanks

  5. mwuhahah! CrownJ you crack me up! lolz, the result would be different if it was done in “A!” Atlanta! A! A! A!

  6. whoaa, dont like hyun joong’s way of thinking, at all =(

    “the result wouldnt be the same if this poll was made in Atlanta” rofl he’s hilarious!!

  7. Crown J’s [The result wouldn’t be the same if this poll was done in Atlanta] >>> IS HILARIOUS!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! He’s awesome!

  8. It doesn’t matter if Alex is third or last. He is not a player. If he can portray such a personality on WGM, he is a sweet and nice chap. Totally agreed with him that Shin Ae is a kind woman. Fighting Alex!!!
    Double A for Crown J. He is a joker. LOL…..

  9. this is a bit off topic but i read somewhere that SS501 will return to japan…is that true?? and does that mean Hyun Joong will leave the show??

    anyone know? T_T
    i like that couple! Hyun Joong is really funny with his random/unexpected comments …

  10. Shin Ae would definitely make a good wife.
    It’s too bad Yeo Jeong isn’t there otherwise I think she’d be getting a lot of votes too.

    Crown J’s response —hahaha… He’s hilarious.

    Alex — too bad he is always seen as a player. I think he’s had more dating experience and the fact that he grew up in Canada just made his ‘dating’ style seem different. I think he’s a sweet guy.

  11. I wonder how it would have been if shin ae was paired up w/ andy. somehow i feel like she’s closer to his described “ideal type” than any other woman on the show. but thank god they weren’t paired together, otherwise we wouldn’t hve gotten to know our beloved anbi<3

    crown j’s response is super funny :] I wonder why he keeps calling it “Atalanta”. isn’t it Atlanta? or is that how those in the south call it?

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  13. ahahhahha! crown j is so funny! i know ppl hate seo in young, but i love her. their coupling is SO amazing and more real for me than alex and shinae (but those two are still my faves!)

  14. I think they are all super cute!

    Rofl at Crown J! 😛

    Poor alex, it looks like he really does like Shin Ae.


  15. awe<3

    I keep refreshing youtube and searching “we got married 12”

    AHHHH, I don’t know how much longer I can hold up! =[

    Man, i love this show, I don’t care if I fell behind in school because of it…:P

  16. If Shin Ae was with Andy, they would be so mechanical. Andy is really shy and until now Solbi doesn’t know how he feels, it took solbi SOOO much effort to get Andy to open up.

    Now, if they put andy and Shin Ae whom are both shy together, they would’ve not made any progress.

    When they paired up Andy and Solbi they made a good choice, because solbi isn’t really shy and she has a fun personality, whereas Shin Ae is really shy.

    I love them for pairing up Alex and Shin Ae, They look soo good together, and he is such a nice guy and they are very compatible.

  17. aww crown J was last???? >< i think he has to put up with the most though!! ..hahha =) awwwww …he’s such a cute husband !!

  18. Shinae and Andy as a couple on the show? Naaah, each will be waiting for the other to take the PROACTIVE role in their “marriage”. And the rest of us ( the audience) will have to wait FOREVER for something to happen in their “relationship”. LOL!

    Alex and Shinae together – now that’s a DIFFERENT story. I’m always waiting with bated breath to see what Alex would do next for Shinae on the show. Waiting for the day when Shinae would do something for Alex in return.

  19. I don’t think MBC would ever have thought of putting Andy and Shin Ae together.

    She’s Min Woo’s ex.

  20. Oh congrats..

    It just a poll..

    On the other hand. Alex and Shin Ae is : Soulmate.

    Alex is not a player, he is just determine and attentive, too good to be true man. A kind of man who for a long time didn’t find true love and soul mate and now he found one!!!!

    They are match made from heaven.

  21. As I said before, if this is just a show, you can predict and just vote based on popularity and whatsoever. But I have faith in Alex and Shin Ae more than anything else.

    They are real
    They are realistic
    They are truthfull
    Their development of feelings are real

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