Alex Startling Confession, “When I made my solo album, it became a story about Shin Ae”

“AlShin Couple” romance once again brought “pink romance” to the studio.

Alex who is coming back to MBC Sunday Sunday Night “We Got Married” after a month absence confessed during the 3rd June taping at Gyeonggi-do, Ilsan, MBC Dream Center that his heart for Shin Ae hasn’t changed at all.

Alex whose first solo album is coming out on the 11th revealed that during the album preparation, the songs became stories about Shin Ae. This caused excitement amongst the other celebrities and production staff.

At the recording site, MC Lee Hyuk Jae asked, “I am curious about something” upon seeing “Al-Shin couple”. He asked, “You must’ve been busy because of your solo album. During your album preparation while writing the songs, did you ever think of Shin Ae?”. Alex shyly admitted “After I wrote the music/lyrics, they came to be about Shin Ae”. (The lyrics reminded him of Shin Ae)

The others asked Alex, “Then in the next episode, are you going to sing a song?”, Alex answered with a mysterious laughter, “It’s a secret”.

During his time at “We Got Married”, Alex has serenaded songs to Shin Ae and gained popularity as the “Romance Groom”. His “Flower Pot”, “Only You” (note: He has never sung this song – a mistake in the article), “Like A Child” have been warmly received by the netizens. His solo album “My Vintage Romance” includes the ballad title song “If You” as well as “Sorry For Making You Wait”, “Lover”, “Love”, “Cheerful Day”.

One of the broadcasting people said, “Alex has prepared a secret surprise event for Shin Ae who has waited for him. We have finished recording this and we will show this to the public in mid-June.” In the meantime, MBC Dramanet has prepared an “Alex/Shin Ae Special Episode” on the 7th for their comeback.

translated by o-cha.

43 thoughts on “Alex Startling Confession, “When I made my solo album, it became a story about Shin Ae”

  1. I cant help thinking is he doing this to sell more albums?
    I stil like the “Alshin” couple!

  2. awww….. *jaw drops on floor*

    oh geez… is he really? ……in love? wow! so excited to see them together….. hope it’s not just a promotional thingy… but well, cross fingers….

  3. I think I fainted…

    I hope this is not for promotion but genuinely something that matters… …”it became story about Shin Ae”… ok I fainted again…

    I guess seeing is “believing”, and in less than 2 days… the magical 8 June appearance and we shall know…


  4. awww i hope he really has TRUE feelings for her cuz they RULE!!!!hahaah love them together..

  5. Awww…so sweet. What a romantic guy. Is he really, really starting to fall in love with Shin Ae??? I’m not playing cupid but I hope he’ll really fall for Shin Ae.
    Yes, looking forward to the romantic 8 June.

  6. can’t wait! and…they’re reuniting on the steps that brought alex into light.. so excited!!

  7. he is obviously doing this to sell more albums…BUT i dont care cause even if it’s all fake, it’s still damn cute! lol

    it’s like watching a drama…so whatever ^___^

  8. gosh i cant wait to see the episode and listen to his new songs oh and i waiting to see te day of their reunion 2 more days !!!!

  9. i knew he was in love with her!!! because looking back at the few episodes before he left…i can tell from his interviews that he really fell in love with Shin Ae… even his smile is obvious that he’s in love….

    i can’t wait to see these two again!

  10. 2 more days til AlShin are back.

    Whether it’s for promotion or not…what he said is still so sweet…. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is indeed falling for Shin Ae.

  11. i am gahgah over this guy atm ❤

    i swear.. one of these couples need to seriously be together. ❤

  12. LOVE IS IN THE AIR AGAIN !!!!!!!!! Can’t wait for their comeback appearance tomorrow !!!!

  13. THIS IS SOOO CUTE~!!!!
    i love the al-shin couple. i still kept watching WGM after they left, but all the couples seemed like they were missing something compared to Al-Shin…

    btw, when does his solo album come out? i know it’s supposed to be real soon…

  14. Someone has to tell me where I can get this album (besides since they don’t have it on there list). Since I’m going to Singapore soon, will I be able to find it in stores there? ^_^

  15. same article but different translation in soompi where is said “he talked to ShinAe while making album”, so which one is accurate translation ????

  16. i don’ think he’s doing this to sell more albums. it woulda sold well on its own at this point since there is so much anticipation for it. but i couldn’t help but smile when he said the songs came to remind him of shinae. OMG—that album is gonna sell (and download, lol—sad but true) like hotcakes.

  17. OH



    HOW CUTE<3 OMFG, awww<3 they are sooo cute! 😀

    I just want them both to be happy 😀

  18. I knew something like this would happen when he (and his management) decided to come back to the show. It would after all, help in promoting his album but somehow his sincerity just dropped a few points for me. sigh. oh well… I’m still supporting him as a singer since he deserves it. He’s got one of the most addicting voice around.

  19. I think that if it’s all talk and no action, then it would be for promotional purposes. But, he did write the lyrics with Shinae in mind for his very first solo album. In other words, he is IMMORTALISING his affection for her! Now how FAKE N COMMERCIALISED can this be? I just don’t get it. When Alex says or does sth for Shinae on WGM, it becomes SUSPECT but when the others do the same thing for their respective spouses on the SAME show, everybody GUSHES over it. Sigh!

  20. alvin, could you please sub the crown j and hwi jae couple.
    especially hwi jae couple..pleaseeeeeeeeeeee……
    begging on youu..if you dont have time, please sub the hwi jae couple only. im down with that.
    please please please.

  21. I dunno about you guys, but if this album is all About Shin Ae, I will be truly dissapointed.

    While the album is yet to be released, I think that he can work more on his 1st album if he was not pressured by WGM and spend more time working on his album. and that folks is my Honest Opinion.

  22. SpaceClav, don’t worry. There are 15 tracks in Alex’s new album and i don’t think that ALL of them are about Shinae. If that is the case, then he might as well name it “My Vintage Romance with Shinae in WGM”! LOL!

    I too would be terribly disappointed if it turns out that way. Btw, has classified this album as ‘mixed genres’ rather than ‘ballad’. Another reason for me to look forward to this album. I don’t think i’ll like it that much either if it’s pure ballad and nothing else.

  23. @ayia: haha…you are funny girl..She is just a kind of woman who is a soulmate to another man in the world. The man happen to be ALEX. Just that. When you AYIA met a right person at the right time then it bluff. arent you. That is how the things going between the two of them. It is started because of the show then their feeling develop. It just like that. We can see, we can sense, we can feel from deep down in our heart.

    It is just love. It is realistic.

  24. @dihei: Agreed! That is how it is. The point is, this not promotional things. If he want to do an album with a promotional whatsoever WE WOULDNT EVER THINK OF DROP OUT for his album because it is a common sense if he is with her through all the episode, then it will rise his popularity. But he is willingly take a risk because he is realistic and detrmine artist. He said he didnt want to lie to himself that he want to do the best for his album and he didnt care what people say because he knew what he want and he is truthful with his feelings towards Shin Ae.

    Firstly, he is determine and very talented artist. So dont worry, he is making a music not a Shin Ae album. It just as a musican, he is inspired by her. It is normal. People! Can’t you understand his word and life as a musican. He write, sing and make a music just not only sing.

    Secondly, he is really affecionate with his feelings. Then we can’t get mad about that. He is a human being after all. To share his tought a bit is normal. He is a musican who just stared to fall in love. It comes all the way.

  25. I rolled my eyes when I read what Alex said. I’m not too certain that this much affection exists when you’ve only known someone for a short period of time. It’s just infatuation or sympathy…I suppose I’m the type that doesn’t believe in love at first sight. I prefer it more when someone says, “We’ll have our whole lifetime to get to know each other better.” It’s realistic and still romantic. The couple seem well, but Shin Ae still appears too guarded and not exactly very emotional. I understand why she plays hard to get because of the type of jerks she used to date…and probably she’s in disbelief over how passionate Alex is. I would also be suspicious (even if Alex’s bahavior is authentic). I’m sure Alex would behave like his gentlemen self with any nice girl they pair him with. I don’t think he’s a player, but just one of those guys who probably has tons of female friends because he gets along with them well and treats them more fair than the average Korean guy.

  26. @37 The Name: I agreed that Alex would behave like his gentleman self with any nice girl they pair him with. I remembered seeing the first WGM New Year Special show where Alex was paired with a singer (can’t recalled her name) and he gets along well with her.
    I like Alex and hope he is truely had an affection for ShinAe.

  27. this show makes me confused and all warm and fuzzy sometimes lol especially when it comes to the alex/shinae couple. The PD’s know how to make u come back for more lol

    gotta love the hwangbo/hyun joong couple though..theyre just fun to watch

  28. Alex is always the romantic…
    He gets along well with everyone…since it’s his nature girls sometimes might think something misleading…
    Truly hope that he has feelings for her…
    A fuzzy sweet paralyzing feeling…
    Aish, makes me jealous.

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