Son Tae Young Cameos in Iljimae

Korean actress Son Tae Young will make a cameo appearance in SBS “Iljimae” playing the adult version of Ryung/Iljimae’s elder sister who was separated by circumstances following their father’s assasination.

Son Tae Young will make her appearance in episodes 6, 7 playing Lee Jun Ki’s sister who pines for her missing brother but will meet with her death eventually on the execution platform. She expressed after filming her role, “For this cameo appearance, the deepest impression left on me was the final execution scene. I didn’t grab hold of the safety wire in time when the trapdoor opened and got strangled but nothing serious happened luckily although there’s some marks left on my neck now.”

Son Tae Young expressed

I was pretty pressured while filming the scene where I was being whipped and then bloodied. But after filming ended, I felt a great pity and if only I had more chances to act out more scenes.

Making cameo appearances is the trend now I guess.

6 thoughts on “Son Tae Young Cameos in Iljimae

  1. awww!! thats sad! she appear and then die! but anyway, thanks for the information! hopefully doesn’t marks doesn’t leave scars or anything!!

  2. yeah she appear too short scene,even doesn’t have time to make love in castor oil gang who also like her..but she’s look great..congratulations!

  3. Bravo to Kwon Sang Woo’s woman who’s willing to accept a cameo role despite her husband’s roaring fame! (Y)

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