Missing Ring Issue will be Solved at Amusement Park

Fans of Andy and Solbi have been left worried following the “ring loss” statement by Solbi towards the end of MBC “We Got Married” last week.

Disappointment was etched on the face of Andy in the studio as Solbi confessed that she had lost the ring. Speculation heightened immediately after the show with many saying, “They aren’t going to split up are they?”. This week episode will however see the Anbi couple go to Everland Resort for a date as part of their mission with the “ring loss” issue being a non-event.

On the contrary, following the Everland Resort date, Andy will discover that there’s actually a feminine side to Solbi as he developed feelings of wanting to protect her and thus becoming closer than before.

During their date, Solbi didn’t look as daring as her appearance suggests as her fear of heights was evidently displayed (reminds me of Kim Jong Min and she was once called the female version). Andy had suggested taking the rollercoaster but Solbi muttered, “I’m really scared, I am not going on that”. But under Andy’s persuasion, Solbi decided to take it on the chin and took the ride. But it only resulted in Solbi bawling loudly because of her fear.

According to sources, “Andy thought that Solbi was bluffing him again just like last time when she said she didn’t know how to play pool. But in actual fact, Solbi is really scared of game machines that go up really high.  Andy was really flustered when he saw Solbi crying and used his hankerchief to wipe her tears, consoling her that it was fine. This scene will really show how he feels for her.”

note: Kim Won Hee has been replaced by Park Myung Soo as the MC starting with this week’s studio recording segment on 3rd June. It’s sad because she was pretty good in her role. Lee Hyuk Jae and Jung Hyung Don will remain.

44 thoughts on “Missing Ring Issue will be Solved at Amusement Park

  1. i dont mind with the spoiled infos.hahahha.
    cant wait for your crown j and hwi jae couple subbed vids 🙂
    thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu..
    really really appreciate them.


  2. ahhh~ wht a cute move by andy.. & i can’t wait for it! hope everything will be solved at the amusement park..

    go anbi ! fighting… :))

  3. The lost ring…is part of the 20% scripted act. I hope I’m wrong. Anyway, I hope everything will turn out fine between the two of them.
    Thanks coolsmurf, you’re fast, good and fantastic!!

  4. when i saw the title ‘mystery resolved’ i thought like she found the ring or there was some big prank being played out on the set! sigh. so no ring after all…

    i can’t wait to catch them on the next ep. heck the fact that it’s the day before my papers. lol i’ll be waiting for your uploads! thanks!

  5. I still can’t believe Kim Won Hee is leaving. As much as I like Park Myung Soo…the show does not need 3 male MCs. Besides I thought Kim Won Hee was a great host for the show.

  6. yay! anbi is my fav couple. but i’m gonna miss kim won hee…totally needs a woman mc for the girls view, plus i just liked her motherly type role…ah well.

  7. noooooooooo! BRING KIM WOO HEE BACK!!!
    she made the show so amusing!!! they at least need a female MC… why???? must sign petition!!! lol

  8. i agree. they don’t need too many male mc’s. at least have some kind f girl point of view… going to miss kim won hee

  9. like some people, i still dont believe that she lost the ring… its still quite hard to accept that fact… blah… we shall just wait and see whether the ring issue will be resurfaced again later.

    and i cant wait to watch park myung soo!!1 hahaha. omg, can you imagine if he suddenly shouts and scold in the studio like in xman and then everyone just start cracking up?! ahahahah wtf. shit. ok. i think im abit insane. waiting for your other couple uploads coolsmurf!

  10. OMG!! I cant wait to see his scene. I love your spoilers, coolsmurf. [: it makes me wanna watch this show even more.

  11. I still don’t believe the “I lost the ring” story… Let’s see what happen xD.
    Thanks a lot girl ^^.

  12. i don’t think she really lost it, i just can’t believe it. When she said it on the show, she didn’t look so sorry, even Andy had to bite his lip not to smile. well, i might be wrong, but it looked a bit fake to me…maybe things were going a bit to well for them, so to spice things up a little they had a little incident scripted… (wishful thinking?? ;p )

  13. YAY FOR SPOILERS! anyway, why did kim won hee leave? i like her as the MC. i mean, really, pms is a great MC, and since he’s also a newlywed, that’d be cool, but kim won hee was really good. also, it gives a woman’s POV with the MCs. anyway, i can’t wait ’til you post this, coolsmurf! i’m also afraid of roller coasters.

  14. A woman’s tear is her best weapon. No matter how he feels about her, if he sees her cry, he has to console anyhow. At least that’s what I think. I’m still not feeling any ..er feelings from Andy.

  15. WHAT? Park Myung Soo as host????????????? I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!! Bring it on… though I do know I will miss the feminine touch to the hosting team…

    But PMS rocks!!! Ah… I realize I have been spazzing more than then I am intending too… ho ho ho…

  16. why did kim won hee leave? park myung soo will be great for the show but there goes the female host presence!!! 😦

  17. lol… so many people can’t believe she lost the ring.. including me =.=
    PMS appearance.. oooh… exciting ^^
    but 3 male hosts is a bit… weird…
    it’s a very “girly” programme – marriage and all…
    but it’ll be interesting ^^
    love your spoilers 😉

  18. i can’t believe it either…it realy make me depressed thinking bout the ring issue..but anyway i hope everything will be fine at the amusement park…thanks 4 the post..

  19. thanks coolsmurf.. i really hope you will sub all of the cut plz.. especially alex x shinae , anbi , crownjinyeoung

  20. Why Park Myung Soo ???? Kim Won Hee brings the ‘female’ side of the story in between the male side from Don Don and Hyuk Jae

  21. i cant wait for this episode i hope they stay together forever and i hope andy forgives solbi.

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