MBC Dramanet We Got Married Alex/Shin Ae Special Weekend Episode

MBC Dramanet will broadcast a special Alex/Shin Ae episode this weekend.

Alex and Shin Ae are coming back!!!

This special broadcast of “We Got Married” will focus on romantic couple Alex/Shin Ae. It starts on June 7th from 4:20pm to 11:00pm in 5 parts.

Alex and Shin Aeโ€™s departure and reunion is gathering a lot of attention from the viewers of “We Got Married”. Fans feel touched whenever they see the two of them act out the romantic scenes with one another all this while. Fans highly favour the possibility of continuing watching this couple.

MBC Dramanet PD, Kim Dong Ho said, “We Got Married is really popular now with many viewers requesting the continuation of showing the romantic couple Alex/Shin Ae. They are the ones that fans find most exciting.”

translated by o-cha.

19 thoughts on “MBC Dramanet We Got Married Alex/Shin Ae Special Weekend Episode

  1. I really wanna know what exactly on this special episode.
    But whatever it is,I will wait for it with happiness.
    This one week is very long time like a year!!!

  2. now now, who said ANBI is more popular .. tee hee hee. Okay.. I think both couple have their their own fanbase.. but I really think that AnBi couple fans consists of teenage girls but Alex x ShinAe are more towards matured fans.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Alex and Shin AE! will be waiting for both of you XD

  3. I think the special is really more like a rerun of their episode 1-8 appearance. Think of it as an Al-Shin WGM marathon.
    I hope they will show some previously unseen clips. There are some sweet AlShin scenes that didn’t make it to the regular episode (I’m guessing because of time constraint?)

    3 more days till their June 8 return!

  4. OMOMOMO….does this mean there is only one epi ? D:

    Even though i’m happy that they are coming back and all but…could this realli mean the end of them after this epi…i hope their epi makes high ratings so that PD will keep them on the show ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. So there won’t be shown anything new, only the old episodes presented all together?
    If I’m wrong, please upload it online so I can see it!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. OH YAY!!! i’ve always wanted a whole ep dedicated to them =]
    (omgomg, im soooo psyched that theyre finally back~~~)

  7. This will hopefully silence those haters. It’s like a slap on their faces. I guess no matter how much they hate AlShin they can’t hide the fact that this wonderful couple is really popular and well loved not just in Korea but abroad.

  8. Marathon… I dun run marathon… but I love program marathon… if its just a rehash of eps 1-8, well we have seen it all, but if its like “dvd extra” like bloopers, never seen before footage, the whole making of stuffs… I hope they will show those scenes thats always in the preview but never shown on actual episodes to actually be shown in this special… and romantic stuffs… yeah I wanna see that!!!

    AH….I SO WANNA SEE!!!!!!!!

  9. Ok, will cancel all the appointments for the weekend and take leave on Monday. Now, to busy myself so that time will tick away faster.
    Coolsmurf, I know you’ll upload their special so will you do a full length instead of cut. Please…..please……
    THANK YOU!! and three bows to you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Oh wow!…really looking forward to this weekend now. I’m hoping and wishing the Al-Shin episode special (and “come to play” WGM couple special-june 16th) will be uploaded in its entirety..PLEASE!!!. As always, thanks coolsmurf, for everything..much appreciated!

  11. sweet!
    though i was looking forward to crown j and hwang bo couples.. lol.. i’ll let it slide this time (as if i had any type of power!!hahaha)

  12. I love Alshin. But I want Anbi too… (o.o)

    Actually, I only want Alshin and Anbi. lol..
    But omg, this is so nice! hahaha

  13. Oh My! Please, I almost died of excitment. I think what make I love both of them the most is, how they learn, grew closer and develop the feelings towards each other. It is not particularly about the romantic scenes. It just they are like for each other. They are human being. They are soul mate.

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