How Yoo Jae Suk proposed to Na Kyung Eun

Yoo Jae Suk announced details of his marriage to MBC announcer Na Kyung Eun on 6th July through a press conference yesterday at MBC Dream Center.

The marriage ceremony is set for 6th July but the venue is yet to be decided. We actually wanted to get married in autumn but because our schedules were really tight, we discussed with our parents and decided on July instead. Other details like the venue, etc aren’t decided yet and we just wanted to pass on this news to our fans and close friends first.

He also stated his reason for marrying Na Kyung Eun

Because of love. She consoles and encourages me which makes me feel really touched. This isn’t an impromptu decision but is something that I have considered for quite some time.

I proposed to her inside the car and said, “Let’s live happily together”, and put on the ring for her. I actually thought she would cry out of joy but instead she laughed like no tomorrow.

The host for his wedding ceremony and congratulatory song hasn’t been decided yet but he added

Actually, I’ve not really looked for anyone yet. But Hwi Jae, please be my host on that day. Please arrange your schedule and cancel other appointments if any on that day.

That led to everyone laughing at his remarks. Yoo Jae Suk also highlighted his wish that Kim Jong Kook would be the one that sings the congratulatory song.

(note: Lee Hwi Jae and Kim Jong Kook have agreed to MC Yoo’s requests)

Because we are both working, I hope to be able to understand and support each other for the rest of our lives without regrets.

16 thoughts on “How Yoo Jae Suk proposed to Na Kyung Eun

  1. Han Namja! I’m sure since he’s good friends with Yoo Jae Suk, he’ll sing the congratulatory song. Yet another Xman reunion opportunity.

  2. ahh =D i knew this was bound to happen sooner or later…

    they should hurry and bring kim jong gook on infinity challenge to fill in haha’s spot already!!!

  3. I second that!! I would love to be at that wedding. Imagine KJK, YEH, PMS, KHD, etc all there like Xman! I’m sure even HaHa would come. 🙂

  4. KJK is pretty much the wedding singer now^^ lets see he has CTH, KHD, and Jang Hyuk’ s wedding…

  5. awww what a romantic proposal. Although I can totally imagine his fiancee laughing when he proposed.

    Thanks for the news Alvin.
    And now more to look forward to– Kim Jong Kook (hopefully) singing at the wedding..yay!

  6. My favorite MC is getting married to the woman he loves and my favorite singer will sing at their wedding… it can’t get any better then that…( well , maybe if we knew if someone else beside one man will attend)

  7. ahaha…she laughed….that’s hilarious in itself but quite fitting when you’re about to marry the best comedian in Korea. Way to go, grasshopper Yoo. I hope Kim Jong Kook shows up!

  8. aaarrrghh! this is one of the most star-studded wedding in Korea i’m sure 🙂

    i really hope KJK sings for MC Yoo

    it will be a great reunion for the XMAN gang..

    Alvin, I’m not sure I got what the grasshopper meant on the last sentence:

    Because we are both working, I hope to be able to understand and support each other for the rest of our lives without regrets.

    did he just mean they are really good friends in real life and they support each other?

    by the way, who is Hwi Jae?

  9. I can even imagine MC Yoo’s expression when his bride laughing like tomorrow when he proposed… that gotta be the cutest thing ever!

    Yes… X MAN reunion!!! I am so thrilled… yes I do look forward to One Man singing at the wedding..

  10. i was just thinking how cool it would be if KJK sang at his wedding and bam its on the news! woo

  11. @ nhetski,
    MC Yoo is often referred to a grasshopper becuz he looks like one. lol.. Im thinking b/c he’s skinny? :/ i donno but i’ve seen Tablo of Epik High being referred to as a grasshopper also so i think it has to do w/ being skinny. Someone correct me on this.!

    as for Hwi Jae, if you watch “We’re Just Married” he’s the one who used to MC for that show.. but now he’s actually starring as one of the couples! *-*

    Just a question to those who know about korean weddings. Is it necessary for the host to be single? :/ I noticed when PMS got married, he selected MC Yoo(who’s single) as his host .. and now MC Yoo is choosing Hwi Jae, a single man.. just curious.. :/

  12. wowowowow..MC Yoo will get married! yahoooo!
    + KJK!..woah…HaHa will come there for’re all will be Xman reunion…im really really excited!..haha
    BIG celebrities will come..^_^

    i want to attend that wedding too..=(

    anyway, thanks kuya Alvin for the info..n_n

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