Female Big Bang to debut in July + Sandara Park?

It was reported earlier in May that YG Entertainment will debut their very female version of Big Bang (name undecided yet) comprising of Park Bom, Gong Min Ji and CL this July which is roughly a month away. There could now be an additional member with the name of Sandara Park being added to the mix.

Since signing for YG Entertainment in August 2007, Sandara Park has been undergoing training to become an actress. She was last seen in Gummy’s MV “I’m Sorry” acting opposite Big Bang member, T.O.P and caught the attention of fans. It is now being discussed over the possibility of her being added to the initial trio although exactly how it will work out remains to be seen.

With less than a month to go, adding Sandara Park at the very last minute without any dedicated preparation sounds risky although she did gain prominence in the Philippines through a talent search competition. 

44 thoughts on “Female Big Bang to debut in July + Sandara Park?

  1. whether sandy be included or not,
    i trust mr. YG’s decision!
    we’ll be waiting for sandy’s debut
    and it’ll definitely soon!
    she deserves all the good thing in life, knowing her.

  2. Seeing the other two members besides Park Bom, I think it’d be wise to add Sandara. That would strengthen the group tremendously because she’s already pretty well known and she’s got a lot of experience.

  3. the more the merrier…
    i can’t wait to see the “girl version of big bang”…
    some fierc e competition this summer…huh?

  4. as much as i love sandy ever since star circle quest, i can’t see her in this project. she’s a good actress though. let’s see if she improved her vocals.

  5. Sandara is an okay actress but I don’t think she’s cut out for singing…
    Whatever YG decides, I hope its for Sandara’s benefit.

  6. Correction Coolsmurf: Sandara Park won 2nd Place in Star Circle Quest, not exactly a talent singing contest more of a Talent Reality TV Show. (Focus was not just limited to singing but acting and dancing)

    Sandara trained singing for a bit before she hit it big. I think she really wanted to become a singer ever since (and her favorite Kpop group was Fink.L and Regine Velasquez in the Philippines).

    Ack rambling. I saw the clip of her practice session with Park Bom and the others and they looked good. And Sandara’s dancing has greatly improved from the last time I saw her a few years ago when she still had a variety show.

    Anyway I will just wait for YG’s decision. I don’t think he will compromise the group’s quality for anything.

  7. It’s not really a talent singing competition,
    it was more of an acting competition.
    She did won a lot of hearts here in the Philippines.
    She has charisma and she is improving her talents.

  8. get real.. Sandara got to 2nd place just because she’s a foreigner in the Philippines in a tv reality-talent(?) show. and GOD knows how hospitable Filipinos are when in comes to foreigners who want to make it big there. talent-wise i think she was below-par than most of the artists i know who’s there. but her charm and personality were her real talent — plus the corny comedic act she puts on often. but who knows maybe 7 years training in Korea’s boyband/girlband world might give her a big boost talent-wise, right? haha

  9. wtf?!?!? i dont want her to be in the group shes too old!!!! bleeehhhh

    no seriously, its just not going to be the same with her….u ppl kno wat i mean?

  10. i hope he doesn’t add sandara park. she’s not exactly the best singer. i really don’t want her to be the “So hee” of the group, if you know what i mean.

    she’s a good actress. stick to it.

    *crosses finger*

  11. Okay, no offense.
    Sandara can’t sing.
    At all…
    No kidding…
    No hating…
    But she really… can’t sing. (o.o)

  12. I think sandara deserves to be in that group are you sure she is really included…I really hope!! Is this confirm? I love her…

  13. sandara park was the one of the popular actrest here in the philippines. she holding of star magic one of the most holding build up of many star to looking forward to the biggest super star!!!! sandy is one of cutei girl actres in philippines..

  14. WAH!~ i think the addition of sandara would be wise, but then, their age gaps would be flying off the rockets everywhere. they have really big gaps. and sandara sings averagely. i think if yg’s been focusing her on acting, they should stick with that. but adding sandara would be good for the group, too because people already know sandara. if anything, i think sandara would be like the “sohee” of the group.

  15. i am from the philippines and i know sandara…well not personally…she had been famous because of the Star show and immediately started to do her own movies & he rown album…but i dont think sh’s ready yet…i mean her voice doesn’t have the WOW factor…but when i saw the clip with all four of them dancing…i was in surprise coz Sandara improved a lot in dancing!!! but we still have to see if she improved in singing…her acting also improved based ont the MV she had with TOP…she improved really fast! so im really looking forward to this group! i hope YG will make a wise decision

  16. @ CUTE GIRL

    how come you know she is not ready? she said in her pinoyexchange account she said she is ready for anything…don’t judge her so fast because I know her well..peace out..

  17. ang ganda ko feel na feel ang long hair ko.. hahaha line from her song here in phils… this is too funny… at first i really like her but along the way… not anymore… hero and sandara looked good together before i was once their fan… yeah was….

  18. cgro sbi ni sandy sa abs-cbn…”bhala kau,di nyo ko pinackat mxado eeh..laos na ko sa philippines..i’ll go back to korea..MHAL KO KAU!!!!”haha..ohh..i forgot to speak in english!(but i did so..)

  19. Good thing she’s back in Korea and making her way there in the entertainment industry where she can do a lot of things and totally improve cause this time like in singing she can sing songs in her own language unlike before she has to sing songs in Tagalog or English which is somewhat difficult on her part cause she wouldn’t be able to express more of what the song is all about. She already has a talent and the training in the Philippines and plus more training under YG entertainment, who knows she’ll make it big in her own land. More power Sandy!!!

  20. sandara is not old fuck all the hater bitches she only 23 year old (Nov 12 1984) she could speak English better than those other singer coz all big bang hate coz all that damn kiss with TOP…. even know TOP dint really kiss

  21. it will be good for YG company if they added sandy.
    coz she has good talent ans she can speak 3 language.
    which they can be popular in the philippines too.
    i’ll be waiting for sandy.!!

  22. wow..goodluck to u sandy!
    their once a time the philippines lovez you!
    yah she was the runner-up, to the grand winner Hero Angeles.
    Abs-Cbn Talent show Star Circle Quest.
    I think abs’ trained sandy well in some acting work shop when she was still in ABS-Cbn.. but her singing before Suckz!
    i don’t know..if she improved?! i hope soOo…
    saw her dancing video..and she’s good at it now!
    hahaha…i hope she make it big in korea! GO..GO..

  23. is there an update on this? has she been formally announced as the fourth member of the group?

    i hope she finds time to visit and promote her activities here in the philippines. who knows, she may even help bring more korean artists to the country. koreans have amazing talents and i hate to see their exposure limited by the language problem.

  24. well, she definitely has the moves… Have you seen the vid of the 4 of them dancing? Not sure of the vocals though…

    I bet she’ll be the “sohee” in the group, if you know what i mean 😉

    It’s good to add a member or two since it’s weird having one vocalist and 2 rappers in a group.

    I heard they are still deciding on a 5th member

    5 vs. 5 ooohhh. im sensing a wonder girls threat here…

    we’ll see.

  25. ohh well….
    First I know her as sandara Park here in the philippines…..

    maybe she deserve it and congrats for her because she had an opport….to move her career in korean….

    hope she will not forget the pilipinos whom made her name popular…


  26. don’t judge her….
    now its officially confirmed that b
    she’s one of the members of 2ne1 or also known as female big bang…she improved a lot because she know how to fight…and to discipline her self….look at yourself in the mirror first….if your better than her..then its ok…
    if she’s not deserving…how bout u?
    do u have talents…stop it!!!….it’s not right anymore…
    if u dont like her…know ones pushing u…so lets jus w8 for the debut of 2ne1 this may,….
    go 2ne1….go yg…go k-pop…

  27. to minjoo, anyone can learn how to sing and dance and act she just need to be determined enough to learn. no offense! c”,) she deserves to be among the 21…

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