Lee Da Hae to partner Song Seung Hun in East of Eden

Lee Da Ha has been confirmed as the female lead of MBC “East of Eden” drama.

“East of Eden” is a big budget drama with 250 billion invested in the production and talks about two brothers (Song Seung Hun and Yeon Jeong Hoon) whose fates are crossed the very day they were born in the same hospital and revenge. Lee Da Hae plays Hye Rin, an ambitious heir to a newspaper agency who is caught in a love triangle between the two brothers.

Chorobaem Media expressed, “We had considered many actresses for the role but screenwriter Na Yeon Sook who has 10 years of script writing experience decided on Lee Da Hae for the role after careful thought.”

Filming for the childhood part of the drama has begun although the female role which is a crucial part of the story has only just been decided. The drama will be shown in August after the conclusion of “When It’s At Night”.

49 thoughts on “Lee Da Hae to partner Song Seung Hun in East of Eden

  1. I don’t know about other people, but I find that Lee Da Hae has been in too many dramas lately and I think the scriptwriter should have given the role to another actress.

  2. I’m not gonna lie, I don’t think she will fit this role… My Girl is one of my fav. dramas still but she’s more for the less serious, funny roles, and East of Eden doesn’t sound like a comedic drama… And yeah, I agree with SQ, she’s been in so many dramas lately that ultimately flopped… Whatever the scritwriter wants I suppose…

  3. Don’t forget that before My Girl Lee Da Hae did Green Rose which was a very serious role and she did a great job in that one, so I think she’ll do awesome in this too

  4. yeahh, i agreed w/ aii, she did well in green rose. so she might do a great job in this drama too..
    anyway, i love her acting, she’s very good! ~

  5. Lee Da Hae is a versatile actress. In fact I think she does serious roles quite well (Robbers, Green Rose, Sweet 18).
    Robbers might have flopped in ratings but it really is a great drama imo and Da Hae showed major improvements in her dramatic acting there.

  6. Wow, can this drama be any more cliché??? Brothers switched at births, love triangle, revenge, power struggle, blah blah blah.

    I have a feeling I’m going to be bored very soon into the drama. Yes, I’ll watch it anyway. 😀

  7. Lee Da Hae isn’t that good in comedy, try watching FLOWER FAIRY, people. MY GIRL isn’t the only role she ever did and got acclaim for. I’m glad she’s back at drama where she’s good at. Playing cute girls doesn’t fit her. she’s too grown for that.

  8. ooooh can’t believe this my favorite actor and actress in the same drama? wooow can’t wait to watch that ^_^

  9. i think that Han ji hye should have been the lead role, instead of Lee da Hae..b i guess we’ll see

  10. ever since i really like lee da hae and she was the most admirable and versatile actress i’ve ever seen,,it would be a very awesome drama,,,

  11. Please, Lee Da He is beautiful and funny, but she still have lots to learn about acting, if we want to be objective.

    I think others actress could fit the role more. But reading others comment I might give her chance. I didn’t like her acting in comedy.

  12. lee da hae is a very versatile actress and i watched her series and she’s really good in acting in different roles!

    to anastassia:

    i think lee da hae can do the role!!!
    maybe she sholud learn a lot in acting to be more versatile
    but she prove to many people that she is very good in drama and SHE WOULD FIT THE ROLE!!!!!

  13. hello everyone……i really love lee da hae…..we love you lee da hae………………………frm philippines….lee da hae you’re my idol

  14. any good actress can play any role and be able to pull it off pretty well. however, in lee da hae’s case, i enjoy watching her serious and mature roles (green rose) more than i do her funny roles, but i do love her in ‘my girl’ though. ‘robbers’ and ‘hello miss’ basically went downhill for her, imo. the storyline weren’t that interesting and i just did not like her character in ‘hello miss’—trying to be funny and speaking that language, somehow i find it unrealistic. but maybe that’s because the storyline sucks too. im not criticizing lee da hae in any way by saying all the above because i adore her and think that she’s a good actress. but a good actress can only do so much but still fail if the script is bad. im looking forward to ‘east of eden’ because of the characters and the script, which i think will be good. we’ve had enough comedy for now, i want to watch dramas like winter love and autumn love again…lol and of course im excited to see lee da hae doing a serious role again, which is what she’s best at, imo.

  15. Yes, agreed with “me” that any actress and actor can only do that much if the scripts are lousy, not to mention the rest of the components to form a good drama.

    I am quite worried the story for East of Eden, will it be repeating as revenge, power struggle, rich woman with poor man, or in the end the leading role will die off due to cancerous…etc… I hope the script writer can do something better, just like any HKG drama series.

    I love LDH, no doubt on her talent and capabilities. She will out shine if the script gives her more chance to perform.

    I am excited to see her coming on screen again and hope she can pair up with Dennis Oh instead, I can see sparkling for both of them, but I don’t see any cross line with the two in the drama, because she has to torn btw SSH and YJH in drama 🙂
    My guessing only.

  16. I can’t wait to see this drama esp. Lee Da Hae, she’s my favorite Korean actress, I absolutely adore her this is because of My Girl and Green Rose. She’s a versatile actress. She makes me laugh and cry. Watching My Girl was just an accident, my sister lent me a DVD of it, forgive me but I was skeptical at first ,I have never seen a Korean drama in Canada, although I’ve heard about it and hey!I loved it, It’s a whole new world. I have seen Robbers and still watching Hello Miss, Lee Da Hae can portay each role and can justify each role she’s got. I hope she’s feeling better now after her emergency in June. Take care Good Luck Lee Da Hae, you’re young and humble and I know you’ll stay not only as a good actress but also as a good person. I hope we’ll meet you when we travel to Seoul. Or maybe come visit Vancouver, Canada too.

  17. yay i love Lee da hae. She is so adorable in my girl. She is SUCH a GOOD ACTRESS.

    To all the ppl who’s talking SMACK!!

    Don’t hate her just because shes not you favorite actress, just becasue she got the role dont say she dont deserve it. if someone else is better for that role they will be cast. Since she was cast for that role that means she really gooood sooooo stop being mean.

  18. totally yay! lee da hae is my favourite ever korean actress and yeah. to those people who dont want her to have the role, please dont be mean! i think lee da hae is the best for this role! totally agree with shut up.
    she did so well in all her dramas! alot of you only know her for my girl, but SHE DID BLOODY WELL BEING SERIOUS IN SWEET 18(i hated her which means she acted well), green rose(such a sweet, sad, quiet woman) and if you consider robbers!
    she the best you can find for this role! da hae hwaiting!

  19. Dude i am soo glad that lee dae ha is the girl main character,
    if she wasnt i wouldnt be watching east of eden.

    Dude lee dae ha has talents,
    she can act .
    In my opinion she is one of the best actresses out there in korea.
    She can totally act out as anything,
    Cause shes the best!
    ! ❤

  20. I think Lee Da Hae will do a fine job. She portrayed different character before and did a good job. So those of you who says that she doesn’t deserve the lead, why don’t you just …

    1. Don’t watch it.
    2. Watch it and then see if she deserves it

    But, can’t wait for the drama to be out!!

  21. i really love lee da hae,,..the way she acts and everything about her,,i will not be interested in korean dramas if not because of her…SHE’S GREAT IN ACTING!!!!!


  22. When I first saw the trailer for East of Eden, I was so upset that Da Hae is not the leading actress with Song Seung Hun. After reading you guys’ posts, I realized my mistake. I’m just so happy to see that two of my favorites Korean actors are in the leading roles for this epid drama. Da Hae is very good in Green Rose. She has a serious side in her acting skills. After comedies like “My Girl” and “Hello Miss”, I really appreciated that she accepted this serious role. This drama will be so good. Can’t wait to see it.

  23. i love East of Eden, i really do
    Lee Da-Hae is the leading lady here; its not yet been showing; after reading all the write ups on East of Eden; its part of the story (twisting) that is why she not yet doing some romance with Song Seung Hun; they already met on Episode 11. Be patient guys…..
    for those who keep on saying she isn not deserving for the role why don’t you shut up up!
    she deserved that role, she can really act in different role either serious or comedy.
    i believed that she is one of the best korean actors.

    go for Lee Da-Hae and Song Seung Hun

  24. i think LDH very good actress and sciptwriter good job because choice LDH for the drama East to eden.

    i think LDH and song seung hun is the good partner.

    she is very cute, funny and versatile.

    I can’t wait to see this drama esp. Lee Da Hae, she’s my favorite Korean actress.

    i vote for her in this drama.

  25. I do not like her at all. Resently I have been watching this drama. Do not like her role. She does Not fit to this role. SSH and Lee da Hee, not at all.
    Han Ji Hye is much better partner to SSH.
    If Lee Dong Chul will end up with Hye Rin, I not gonna watch this drama!!!!

  26. LDH’s indeed a great actress….she’s really talented and can act mulitple roles…i luv her in “My Girl”, “Green Rose”, “Hello Miss”….and yes.. “Robber”…and “hate” her in “Sweet 18″…lolz….She’s my fav. actress ever….fighting LDH…

  27. I like to see LDH N SSH together in eoe when come to their scence my heart race, excited to see more of their acting together, in more romatic ways. congrats

  28. Lee Da Hae is one of the most prettiest korean actress i’ve ever seen. And I find her very interesting and versatile actress. I’ve watched “My Girl” and from that time on, I began watching all her dramas. She is indeed a a good actress and I’m happy that she was chosen to be in the lead role for “East of Eden”. I hope that she will have more dramas/movies with Song Seung Hun and hoping that she will also be partnered with Woobin. Good luck Lee Da Hae and I’ll look forward for more dramas and movies for you. (from Toronto, Canada)

  29. Gerçekten tek kelimeyle mükemmel umarım türk televizyonlarında da bu güzel seriyi izleyebiliriz.

  30. habil ile kabil o da çok güzel bir kore drama filmi
    onunda türk televizyonlarında gösterilmesini istiyorum.

  31. kore drama filmleri benim için çok önemli
    onları yakından tanımak dillerini öğrenmek

  32. HAN Jİ MİN

    bunlar çok güzel oyuncular en sevdiğim koreli yıldızlar.

  33. hi, lee da hae..happy2x birth day!
    im ur # 1 fun here n philipines..
    i really2x like you..ur soo pretty!
    sometimes im acting like you..
    because i relly like your acting..
    your da best!!mwaahh..

  34. hi Lee Da Hae,I m Rahul from Nepal and I love you and your acting. “My girl” is my fav. drama…I hope u get every sucess in your life…..I m your biggest fan here…I love you….^_^

  35. Lee Da Hae, is such a GREAT actress.<3
    Just Love My Girl grom her.
    She is sooo Funny and Happy, But i don't think a serious role would fit her.
    I mean, she is soo good in Romantic/Comedy drama's!
    I Just love her acting. <33 <33 !

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