Alex Finished With His Album Preparation

The “Romantic Guy” has returned to MBC “We Got Married”.

Alex who has received lots of love from viewers when he starred with Shin Ae in MBC Sunday Sunday Night popular segment “We Got Married” has finished his album preparation and will return to the show.

Alex left “We Got Married” to work on his solo album. He has finished recording his album though and recorded his reunion scene with Shin Ae last week.

Their recorded part will be shown starting from 8th June. Their reunion was previewed last Sunday and with this, viewers anxiously await their reunion.

Alex had said before that he considers himself more as the “musician Alex” compared to the “entertainer Alex” and that was why he left “We Got Married”. After he left, viewers’s requests for his comeback came like pouring rain.

Alex’s parting scene with Shin Ae, where he serenaded her with a remake of Loveholic’s “Flowerpot” left a deep impression with the viewers. Afterwards, the song reached number 1 on KTF Dosirak and 4th on Muze charts gaining the attention of music fans. Alex’s solo album is also expected to do well.

Fans are paying interest to the return of the “Romantic Groom” to their screens.

translated by o-cha.

14 thoughts on “Alex Finished With His Album Preparation

  1. I really can’t wait for this album to come out. I’ve already checked yesasia and it is not listed on the “upcoming releases” section. Does anyone know where I can get the CD online? Thanks in advance ^_^

  2. Thanks coolsmurf for the posting and o-cha for the translation. I always welcome and look forward to news of Alex and Shin Ae.
    With his hard work in preparation of his solo album, I pray that it’ll do very well.
    Looking anxiously towards your uploading of their return.

  3. Thanks for the news!!!

    I am wearing out my player playing Clazziquai songs… So I am so very very excited for Alex’s new album to be out…

    Ah faster faster…

  4. i cant wait to hear his new songs…..and get to see all the promotions….yeay

    Gluck to his career and I hope he get invite to more variety shows likes the rest of other couples

  5. goodluck on this album of his and will wait when he starts promoting it..

    thanks coolsmurf and o-cha

  6. I’m sooo happy about his new album, cause he’s such a good musician! I love Clazziquai and I just don’t doubt his solo album will be perfect as well since his voice is so good and original. Can’t wait to see the next episode of WGM as well!

  7. For those wondering about Alex’s solo album….the album is scheduled to be released on June 11.
    The album is called ‘My Vintage Romance’.

    I’m looking forward to his solo album….

  8. Vintage Romance? Old fashion love? Cute title… Looking forward to it… Ok I am gonna start camping at yesasia site already… Alex Fighting!!!!!!!

  9. Porcelain, u can now pre-order Alex’s “The Vintage Romance” cd album (swoon!) at YesAsia. I’m pre-ordering my copy there even if it’s going to cost me an arm and a leg. ):

  10. Just as I thought.

    Once I was drawn to Clazziquai because of their music and never once I become a fan of him.

    When I watch WGM, I just loved him because of himself and how he meet his soulmate.

    Just as I tought.

    The real reoson is.

    He is a musican and not entertainer.

    Best of luck.

    Claziquai rocks!

  11. I read somewhere that Alex album is leaked online. How true I dunno.

    The albums drop today, but does it means some others have already listen before its out?

    Anyway I had pre-order from YesAsia… Alex lovers please support Alex!

  12. @porcelain, unfortunate so, I really wonder if this is a marketing ploy now or just leaked.

    i have heard epik high and wonder girls new songs being leaked just the past 2 months.

  13. True… I read about Tablo and the gang was upset about the leak for their new album, but the sales was not too bad for Epik High…quite high in fact.

    No idea why is this constantly happening… not just w Kpop but with most music industry worldwide as well…

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