Park Kyung Lim to become a mother in 2009

It was revealed today that famous Korean female talkhost and entertainer Park Kyung Lim is now pregnant and will become a mother in the earlier half of 2009.

Her management made an official announcement today, “Park Kyung Lim is now in the early stages of her pregnancy so she is being very careful about it. We will cancel all schedules that are unsuitable for her in future.” They added that she is now undergoing pre-natal lessons and reconditioning her body.

Park Kyung Lim expressed

This news came as a surprise to me. But I will do my best learning through the pre-natal lessons for my baby in future. I hope to be a good mother and a mother that my baby can be proud of.

Since Park Jung Ah left in April, Park Kyung Lim has took over her radio DJ position for MBC FM “Starry Night” program. Although she is now with baby, she will continue working as her radio DJ and hosting her tv programs.

Park Kyung Lim got married last July to her husband Park Jeong Hoon after meeting him on a matchmaking show that she hosted. They dated for one year before deciding on getting married last year attended by many celebrities.

We congratulate her and her husband on this joyous news.

18 thoughts on “Park Kyung Lim to become a mother in 2009

  1. And again like Kim Hee Sun, isn’t it a little early to announce a pregnancy? But still, congrats to the respective families ^_^

  2. Congrats!!!

    As I recall her power dance with MC Yoo in Xman… that was top! Really sporting and hilarious stuff…

    I miss Xman…

  3. Hehe … really happy for her… one great woman…. i love watching her hosting or being in a variety show. as for the kid, his lucky to have such a mother

    Congratulations, PKL

  4. Congratulations!! I hope she has a cute square-faced kid who has her great sense of humor.

  5. Awww! Wow! This caught me by surprise! She will be a wonderful mother! She’s so cool, but she looks like a good mother figure. =D

  6. whoa.. i always thought she was a lot older cuz of her voice and her petite figure.
    congratulations on being a mommy! im sure she’ll be a great one! 🙂

  7. although this post was quite a few months back her really close frnds jang nara lee sooyoung n her appeared on happy together together n they talked about their frndshp n personalities n park kyung lim’s baby her baby photos were revealed her baby was really cute^^

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