Mr. A from Korean Idol Group Attempted Suicide

A shocking relevation rocked the Korean entertainment industry on the final day of May as it was revealed that a certain “Mr. A” from a popular idol group had attempted suicide but was unsucessful. The news spread like wildfire on Korean websites immediately and many were speculating who this “Mr. A” was.

It is rumoured that “Mr. A” had tried to commit suicide in early May by overdosing on sleeping pills. He lost consciousness soon after and fainted in his apartment. But thankfully, he was discovered by his group mates staying in the same apartment and send to hospital. After pumping his stomach plus emergency treatment, he was cleared of any danger. Although it was a close call, it once again shocked the entertainment industry after a recent spate of suicide incidents involving Korean artistes over the years.

According to a friend of “Mr. A”, he has a severe bout of depression and normally relies on sleeping pills for him to go to sleep. As for whether he overdosed on sleeping pills by mistake or committing suicide, it’s still a mystery.

After news broke, netizens were in a frenzy trying to figure out the identity of this “Mr. A”. Rumours abound that not only is he a member of a popular idol group, he is also one that is involved in many other areas like radio dj, etc.

note: the news actually surfaced last week but no one reported about it and I thought it was pointless. But it is being reported again so why not?

74 thoughts on “Mr. A from Korean Idol Group Attempted Suicide

  1. JunJin Oppa doesn’t do anything but music and variety shows. I think only Andy Oppa does MCing and DJing in Shinhwa. Dong Wan used to bu doesn’t anymore.

    The 1st names that came to my mind were members of SuJu. They do everything. MCing and DJing. So KangIn, EeTuek, ShinDong, EunHyuk, YeSung. Didn’t YeSung breakdown awhile back on MC Mong’s radio show?

    (All speculation)

    Whomever it is, I hope he is getting the help he needs ^_^

  2. shinhwa doesn’t live together anymore, so i don’t think it was him. i’m guessing someone in super junior who doesn’t get a lot of attention, ’cause in suju, everyone wants attention.
    all i know is, if they aren’t happy in show-biz, they should find something else to do (and not kill themselves).

  3. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    Thats very very sad!!!!!!!
    whoever he is I hope his gonna be ok
    He needs help!!!!

  4. the first names that came to my mind are also super junior members’ names.. i am guessing yesung too, since he has the history of breakdown about his past and also his stand as a SUJU member..

    but it is still so sad to hear this.. 😦

  5. How did Yesung breakdown at mc Mong’s show? never heard that story before?
    What exactly happened?

  6. I think if dey do find out who Mr A is it’ll jus make it harder for him n he’ll prob attempt suicide agen. sad.

  7. As soon as I read this Leeteuk of Super Junior popped into my head……ah my stomach hurts now. 😦

    Obviously we don’t know WHO it was, but even thinking that it might have been him makes me want to cry.

  8. Woooooow Teuki???????
    Oooooooooooooh No ……I hope not
    everybody’s thinking someone from Suju?? hun ??
    SM is crazy company/Personally I don’t like SM at all!!!!! That grandpa LSM all he seees is $$$$$$
    Work their artists like a DOG

  9. I talked to Leeteuk on May 16th at LAX and he seemed to be in good spirits… I did not, however, see Yesung even though he had come in with them… I didn’t see him around the hotel either. Leeteuk was everywhere, so I’d say Yesung over Leeteuk. Just my opinion though, I really have no idea.

  10. But it says “he is also one that is involved in many other areas like radio dj, etc.” I don’t think Yesung works as a DJ for any radio station ………

  11. @ amy: Yeah, but Leeteuk is always in good spirits…in-front of the cameras/fans. The Suju boys have said, several times, that he is completely different off-cam (they’ve said that he is the moodiest, the first to cry, and the most easily hurt). Yesung…he does get the shit-end-of-the-stick most of the time but he seems to be a pretty strong guy (again going by what the other members have said: That he is sensitive but is good-humored and takes care of them in the way a father would).

    But like I said, I don’t really know. He may be a moody cry-baby but that doesn’t necessarily mean he wants to kill himself.

  12. Also (sorry I feel like I’m spamming >.<), he’s the only one I can think of that still lives with his members AND does all the dj, radio, etc. stuff……argh, I hope it wasn’t him. Not that I would hope it was someone else because that’s sick, but….idk.

  13. hahaha. i was thinking of suju, but his name starts with an A. I dont think suju members has a name starts with an A.
    I think probably it’s someone from a new boyband that tries TOO hard to be famous or someone from a boyband that tries everything, but still cant be famous. hehehe.

    well, dont be depressed. if you kill yourself, what would your family live from? think about them. kk.

    life’s hard, dont make it harder.

    think wise.

  14. @ miumiu I don’t think his name starts with an A, they don’t know his name so they just used the first letter of the alphabet.

  15. eeteuk of suju came to mind when i read this bit of news cause he’s always bit a bit emo. for a while last year he had some really sad cyworld entries. but yeah i bet its one of the suju boys. its really sad.

  16. i think its andy.. i heard that he used to commit suicide before.. because of the break up ( i think) thats what i heard so i dont knw.

  17. andy lives by himself, i think. so it wouldnt make sense for his bandmates to save him.

    please dont let it be super junior *crosses fingers*

  18. Leeteuk was super nice when I met him!! Heechul and Shindong tried to slink away from me (hahahaha) and Eunhyuk was hanging close to Junsu (who was surrounded by DBSK fans) and Kangin looked tired. Actually, Kangin looked tired the 3 times I saw him that weekend. He’s nice too… I held the elevator door for him at the hotel and he said “thank you” in English and nodded politely (Leeteuk, Eunhyuk and someone else were in the elevator too, but only Kangin said thank you).

    The only time I saw Yesung was at the Hollywood Bowl when he was on stage. I saw Leeteuk so many times at the hotel and I was in the elevator with him a few times, I swear he was wandering around with everyone (Junsu a few times, SuJu guys too) just to be out and about. And Leeteuk wasn’t being goofy or smiling, he appeared tired like all the other guys (by the way he has gorgeous skin and I really looked to see if you could see scarring on his face but I didn’t see anything).

    I would GUESS that if it was a SuJu guy, it would be one of the guys who was in that car accident last year, because that can mess with someone’s head. But again, I have no idea! I’m just saying that Yesung was MIA at the hotel and I saw all the other guys multiple times going to eat and shopping and what not. And I don’t remember seeing Sungmin, but I really wasn’t looking for him so… I was looking for Yesung though, I think he’s adorable. 🙂

    Junsu was in a really good mood the few times I saw him, so I doubt it would be Eunhyuk because of how close they are.

    So, is that other sub-group of Super Junior with Shiwon in China right now? I don’t keep up with them much.

    So, I’m not saying it was Leeteuk or Yesung or anyone else for that matter… just that if I had to go on what I saw, I’d say it’s probably NOT Leeteuk. But who knows… *shrugs*

  19. You know who pops on my mind? SUPER JUNIOR.
    I often see them in radio and almost half of them are radio deejays. well.. Mr. A dont waste your life, ok? it’s so precious!

  20. What’s the source for this article?

    Just curious.

    Wow. The response to this is like seriously wildfire.

    Whoever it is, I wish them the best recovery…

  21. @ Amy

    Thank U ………Thats very cool U get to see them in a person

    Somehow Sungmin just pops up my head ………………..just a thought

  22. i thought of the Suju boys first too.
    then i cancelled it out because its Mr A..
    apparently A doesnt matter.

    what other idol boy bands are there? big bang? ss501? SuJu? DBSG?

    the one idol group that best fits all description is SuJu.

  23. OMG. i thought someone in suju too T_T

    my first guess was yesung since his status has been kind of iffy since sjm came out (im not a sjm anti, im just stating a fact since is fellow KRY members were pulled out for that.

    leeteuk is not so far behind since i heard he had thought about committing suicide before? and really even if he has a lot of activities the pressure from all sides must get to him. and he really does cry easily.

    i really hope they dont reveal the identity of the person though. or if ever not now. it would just seem like unwanted publicity and im sure that person has enough to cope with right now.

    (really good at covering it up though, since it wasnt publicized)

  24. ^ yes, because of the radio deejays. there aren’t really radio deejays from Big Bang, SS501, DBSK… though, SS501 had one.. but I think it’s not running anymore.. (radio show)

  25. Like many of you guessed I think that it’s someone from SuJu too,because Lee Soo Man tortures all of his stars with busy schedules.Is that old chap ever gonna stop and think what he is doing? Or just he loves his money? Duh.
    But damn it, does suicide solves anything? We have lost so many amazing korean stars who commited suicides. Thank God,that mysterious person didn’t succeeded in killing himself.
    May God help them all to find the other way out of difficult situations.

  26. i’m on the same page with everybody and thought about Suju first. and then i thought about yesung because a majority of the time i see him he just doesn’t look that giddy. then i thought of kangin because of the radio thing.

    i was thinking about big bang’s TOP maybe for some reason too. just totally out of randomness.

    who else would there be? SuJu seems like number one right now.

    i hope everything looks up for Mr. A after this incident. the aftermath of attempted suicides leave a really bad feeling in the person as well. i wouldn’t know but i’ve just read.

  27. its so distressing to think it could be someone from suju, but why would i not be surprised if it was? 😡 i hope this is cos i’ve just been reading way to many angsty fics.

    i really hope im wrong.

    but i guess we can also pray for that person and be glad he has good members/friends who found him just in time.

  28. That’s terrible..i guess the entertainment industry isn’t all glamour after all. Anyway, I really hope this news doesn’t get any bigger (even though i’m curious who) because the person might be even more stressed out about the unwanted attention and might actually attempt suicide again and who knows how extreme he might go this time..

    poor guy….= (

    btw coolsmurf, I’ve found a great liking for your articles, you’ve managed to report news objectively and unlike popseoul and some other gossip sites out there, you don’t blindly bash and degrade artists because of personal biases. keep up the good work!!

  29. I don’t think its Andy because Andy is happy with Solbi and his career is doing good so he doesn’t have any reason to do that.

  30. PLEASE DON”T SAY SUJU!! they have been busy right now, with the release of sub-group with Yesung in it, and dream concert…
    they are supporting each other, i don’t think the members would be stupid to suicide!!
    I’ll start crying if it the suju members!!

  31. hmmm publicity stunt?? if it was true, they’d cover it instead, isn’t it??
    well, if it isn’t, it’s quite sad, they sould stop exhausting those poor people, most of suju and ss501 look quite unhealthy, really =(

  32. i thought of suju too!
    it’ll come out in the open in time…
    whether its accident or intentional, it still is a pretty bad call!
    tsk! tsk!

  33. I honestly don’t think it is anyone from SUJU at all. Leetuek’s CY comments is not something I would worry about because everyone feels sad some days but that doesn’y mean they are suicidal. Leeteuk said after he and his girlfriend broke up he felt depressed and felt like he was dying because of the pain. He or anyone else never mentioned he tried to comment suicide.

    Besides, I think all of this is a RUMOR and not true at all.

  34. @38 Canelle
    It can’t be a publicity stunt if we don’t know who this person is. When the identity of this person gets leaked, THEN you can speculate that, but publicity stunt for something as serious as this? Quite unlikely.

  35. we all know its Super junior… though they are always in good spirits these boys also seem like the most depression prone group out of the bunch…they are EVERYWHERE!! even in china!! so i think one of their members is Mr.A….i feel bad though, how hard does it have to get to want to take your life away…in my prayers you will be mr. anonymous..

  36. wat makes u think its a boybands??maybe ‘a’ band..girlbands??
    erm i think big bang live together in a same dorm..

  37. u know who I think it might be is………….Heechul
    Cause wasn’t he absent for awhile b/c he injured his nose or whatever
    it could be him cause his DJ everywhere
    and SM can do anything to cover that is wasnt any of the artist from SM cause they know that SM schedule all the artists like a slave
    But please dont freak out i just though it might be him but I hope not

  38. The first thing that came to my mind are the suju boys also because of the “idol group being popular and that they live together” and that most of them are DJ’s.. sungmin, kangin, eeteuk, eunhyuk and yesung was a DJ before so it pains me a lot because i am a solid suju fan though i am not a member of ELF ( it was them that started my fascination about korean artist until it branched out to alex and ss501 boys and other artists as well)…. my guess would be yesung because it made me wonder why is he included in the hollywood festival at LA, the performers as being advertised before was only SUPER JUNIOR-T and during those times, it made me think yesung will be left behind in korea by himself in the dorm because the rest are in china and kibum does’nt leave in the dorm and i was surprised to see him at the festival then… oh well but i really hope it is just a rumor, but if it is true then they made a good news blackout about it and i really hope it will remind a blind item for the media not to make stories about it and make it more difficult to the one involve…

  39. Oh my goodness. If you’re that depressed, get out of the industry. Sometimes, what you want isn’t right for you, so you have to learn to move on and do something else. I’m actually surprised the netizens have not cracked this case. I will patiently wait until the crazy netizens find who “Mr. A” is.

  40. Funny… but sad… The first group I thought about was DBSK / TVXQ which ever you call them. I’m a fan myself, but for some reason they were the first group I thought about. I can’t really think of which member it would be.

  41. SM Entertainment has a special department which liaises with their trainees’ and younger artists’ parents. They’ve been known to lean hard on parents, who may be dependent on the income their children bring in.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if some idols feel trapped by circumstances and unhappy indeed. It’s also telling that so many past idol groups have opted to leave SM altogether at the end of their contract.

  42. i think its not one of any suju members. they are still perfectly fine no right? no one is hospitalised as they have radio everyday and theres no news of sungmin, leeteuk, eunhyuk or yesung to be absent. so i think its not one of the suju member(:

  43. i hope that it is none of the sj members!! i would cry my lungs out if i find out that it is them!! i trust all suju members!! surely not them!!

  44. I just hope they don’t reveal the identity of Mr. A. It’s bad enough they have no private lives. I certainly hope its not one of the SuJu members as well. I think its time for Korea to change its industry. SM and other management companies practically own their stars. They take them on at a young age and “train” them. They tell them what to do, what to wear, how to look, etc. And they all do it, in pursuit of a dream. But they certainly pay the price for it. They all work so hard; you can see how tired they look sometimes. My heart and prayer goes out to Mr. A and anybody else who feels their life is not worth living. I hope Mr. A finds out that is not true regardless of their situation. Mr. A “FIGHTING!”

  45. not eeteuk.. cos ysterday he was on Sukira, not hospital.. yesung? nahhh.. he’s getting a lot more attention now, plus he dont do dj anymore right?

  46. If it is attempted Suicide then we shouldn’t be looking for the member (of whatever group you are thinking of) that was sad.

    Most of the time, you find the member is gloomy a lot but before suicide (can be a month or a week time) they suddenly become mr. sunshine and is so happy. This is because a decision has been made and every thing. Also, when they are that depressed it is common for them to look older than they really are. They should be at least one of these: more quiet, unsure about decisions, unsure about themselves, overly modest, low self esteem, forgetful, lethargic, has aches and pains, easily irritated, always bored, nothing makes them interested but that doesn’t mean they don’t have fun.

    My idea is to look for the one that is very shy most of the time, unsure, and such and suddenly became very talkative and happy.

    Any one that fits the bill could be Mr. A

  47. Omg third post XD But it can’t be Heechul because apparently he has high self esteem and is very full of himself. This is something chronically depressed people at a suicidal range don’t normally exhibit. Now I am saying normally. There could be an oddity here or there but Heechul has a strong possibility to NOT be the one.

  48. This is serious guys, I don’t know how some people can even joke about this. I mean, the level of pressure that these youngsters deal with is incredibly amazing. We can see smiley artists on stage, but you never know how they may be truly feeling, we don’t know how hard it is to go on with their daily lives. I seriously thought of Yesung because he really seemed depressed when he went to MC Mong’s show and even the MCs tried to cheer him up. It really broke down my heart to hear how he truly felt about himself and other members. I hope he can get tons of love and support from fans more often. I am praying it was not him because he is such a talented guy and has an astounding voice. He should be more appreciated by the entertainment world. Everyone should, after all every single person is special, unique, and has its own magnificent talents. Whoever it was, I hope he can overcome this and continue fighting to achieve his dream.

  49. But really I am always worrying about Leeteuk. Most of time his Cyworld updates or when he appears on shows he shows the other side (depressed) of himself.
    Like his new cyworld update which he didn’t sleep or the one about rain which gives the feeling of him being depressed. Also in 3 CWS when he says “most time I think there is no love in this world”. And also his ex-girlfriend which braked up with him and he felt like dying. He still hasn’t forgotten about his girlfriend after 6 years. Hes a radio DJ as well.

    I hope anyone who has done it get better soon because committing suicide wont solve anything.

  50. BTW, the adding the new member caused a lot of trouble for SuJu by the anti-fans. It was like adding members was great subject for anti-fans to go against SuJu.

  51. As I think throughly it doesnt seem like it was a SJ member. Heechul has taken a rest because of his injury and also he love his life more than anything. Leeteuk till now he hasnt taken a break so now Im sure it not Eeteuk. I dont think its a SJ member.

  52. sad =[[

    i wonder if that picture is really the silhouette of Mr. A? if it is…i guess u can go through pictures to see if it matches?

  53. Erh.. The first band that popped in my head was DBSK & SuJu since they’re so popular.. XD Buut I don’t think they ‘attempted’ suicide. It was probably an accident by overusing sleeping pills.. I know people have been saying Leeteuk & Yesung but they wouldn’t probably suicide. Leeteuk is really popular & Yesung is gaining popularity right now.. So.. Fans don’t worry.. It’s probably from some other band.. But that picturee looks like some guy from Shinhwa.. o-o Alsoo, doo you guys know that SM ENTERTAINMENT created another suju sub-group called “Super Junior Happy”.. -___-;; The people in it are Lee Teuk, Yesung, Kangin, Shindong, Sungmin and Eun Hyuk.. I guess they put in Yesung to give him more popularity? Or is it Father SM is money crazy.. -__- What is wrong with this guy O_O.. Here look at thiss sitee it tells you about SUJUHAPPY. o-o


  55. @shirley, you guessed right i heard that it was actually
    kimkibum…but i wish those rumors were not true..

  56. I don’t know why but I thought I saw somewhere, someone said it could be HeeChul oppa, cause he has been depressed or something and the page showed pictures of HeeChul looking a little sick.. Idk.. or maybe IF it’s HeeChul oppa it’s because he had to do an nose job?? Why am I the last one to comment.. if somebody already knows who mr. A is ..
    PLEAAAASSSEE TELL ME !! please? 😦

    PS: It better not be KiBum 😥

  57. okay i was going to leave it alone until i read he was from an idol group. I tot it was Andy shinhwa..cos he was outcasted in 2001..altho he mentioned abt his citizenship difficulty..i remembered watching or reading abt someone mentioned abt him eating the sleeping pills. sound so coincidence isnt it? but then it says last May so im not sure.

    hey u guys tot of suju..yesung could be true in fact i had really pity him cos he’s always seems like an always look like extra u noe…even in suju happy..i tot the subgroup was formed cos yesung didnt really have any role to play(half in SJM, kibum in acting, heechul n kangin in musical)..yesung have none. so i guess it seems yesung more prone to depression. but who knows right its scary to think that he was the

    and i was thinking of Tablo too? he used to suffer from depression in younger days when his friend died. Mr A maybe just an initial to mislead ppl…so ppl wont be able to guess the right person haha.

    but then again sooner or later the truth will come out. Just look at andy shinhwa…it was only years later that we found out his real situation in 2001. but we didnt know what truly happen in 2001 itself cos it was all covered up.

    coincidentally…SHINHWA was still under SM at that makes me think that it could be someone from SM. cos only most idol group come from SM and only most of the idol group in SM did radioing and DJing. i dont see any members of big bangs ss501 doing it yeah?

  58. It’s funny how people assume the A in ‘Mr. A’ is the beginning letter of the person. I mean, to protect their identity, I presume they are smarter than that to just take the first letter of the person’s name.

  59. omg….its heechul from suju
    i read a n article saying he tried to commit suicide…
    awwww if any member of suju died
    people please attend my funeral too
    if they die so do i

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