Jun Jin Raunchy Music Video Banned

Jun Jin from Shinhwa has met with some trouble over his “Wa” music video. Due to it’s overly raunchy concept, it has been slapped with a “ban”.

The Korean Censorship Board had deemed Jun Jin “Wa” music video as being too raunchy and classified it as restricted, only for view for 19 years and above viewers. It will thus be banned from airing on free-to-air tv like KBS, MBC, SBS, etc. The only way to catch the MV is through cable channels and internet.

The MV talks about a guy and girl who meets in a club and rapidly falls heads over heels over each other. To reflect the explosive passion of the lyrics, the MV scenes was filmed as real as possible with scenes of two girls moving their hands all over a seated Jun Jin. The latter also engages in some sexy time with the object of his affection in a secluded spot. (I find it pretty normal)

With Jun Jin having just released his album and needing to find outlets to promote it, this was no doubt a big blow to his plans. JF Story Entertainment expressed, “Our promotion plans will be severely affected if we can’t broadcast this on free-to-air television. As this is his first album after 10 years of being in the business, we tried persuading him to cut out the objectionable scenes to solve this issue. But he refused claiming that it will deviate from the original concept of the MV and won’t be able to reflect what the song really meant.”

“Jun Jin New Decade” was Jun Jin first studio album since his debut in 1998 as Shinhwa so it’s particularly meaningful. He had released a mini album in 2006 “Love Doesn’t Come”. Two years later, Jun Jin had hoped to show fans his new music concept but never did he expect to meet with this setback.

22 thoughts on “Jun Jin Raunchy Music Video Banned

  1. that mv was ok..i think one of M’s mv was even worse.. there’s some scene of the girl looking like having orgasm.. -.-”

  2. nothing raunchy about that…
    but then again the us entertainment placed my tolerance bar very high…

  3. I don’t remember the mv being too bad, even by Korean standards, but maybe I wasn’t really paying attention. All those flashing lights in the club were hurting my eyes so I didn’t really even see much of JJ.

  4. Yay, Jinnie!!! You got banned! Lol! I, as a Shinhwa fan, just find this so funny. There really isn’t anything bad about it, so they’re touching him…that’s it. Oh wells, Jinnie, better luck next time.

  5. I don’t find that video is sexy at all, but that’s mostly because I think JunJin’s really cheesy. Still the video is really tame compared to some other Korean one’s I’ve seen.

  6. there’s nothing wrong with it. whatever—the ban will make ppl want to see it more. lol—made me curious enough to watch it

  7. Ooooooooooooooooh come on
    well………………I don’t know about the lyrics cause I dont understand MV is not that racy
    Actually I really liked it I even downloaded it !
    He looked fine on the MV

  8. WHAT>???!!!!!

    what’s wrong with the clip?
    those who banned this clip must be from 1000 BC.

    love’s the beats and the part where they girls touching/rubbing him all over just almost like Pak Myung Soo video. ^_^… and that one should be banned. 🙂

  9. Not sexy enough to be banned.

    I can’t feel the sensual vibes, JunJin seems very uptight. x.x

  10. minwoo’s done the same thing. probably even more raunchy too. why not junjin?

    yeah, i get the sexyback vibe too of following her around the club.

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  12. I don’t really like the mv that much but I don’t think it should be banned. It’s just pretty normal to me.

    I feel bad for JunJin but if a video is banned, it means people will want to watch it more. 🙂

  13. i just watched the MV a few days ago..
    haha.. at first, i was like ahh!!!! and then lol and then ahh he’s hot.. lol… i thought those girls made him look all the more sexy. but i liked the video.. i appreciate the internet so much more now haha ^^

  14. What’s wrong with them? There was no kiss. No one was naked! No boobs jumping around …what’s so raunchy about that? It’s no different than any other club-based MV. sigh. Silly people.

  15. that was raunchy…?


    That’s just bad judgement pfft. Poor Jun Jin, that was like the cleanest sexy video I’ve ever seen lol. I like the song though and the camera shots are pretty nice

  16. The Wa video must have been banned due to Junjin’s massive overdosing of smexiness. Woman would go nuts everytime they see him in it! Lol, I joke. After reading this, I realized that Korea’s tolerance for such things must be very low.

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