Bae Yong Joon wants to get married in three years time

While promoting his “Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi” drama in Osaka, Japan last Sunday, Hallyu star Bae Yong Joon revealed his plan to shoot photos of scenic Korea which will be compiled into a book to promote Korea to the world. He also stated that he hopes to get married in three years time.

In an interview with Sports Chosun, “I want to show the world how Korea is like as a country so I am planning to start a expedition to take pictures of famous landscapes and attractions in Korea and compile them into a book for publishing. I’m now learning about photography techniques.” He added that everything was still in the planning stage and more will be revealed in due time.

Bae Yong Joon was also spotted taking pictures of his fans during the event which attracted attention as he expressed, “I always try my best to remember the faces of my family (fans) members, but I want to capture them on photos.”

Bae Yong Joon also answered a personal question with regards to marriage, “All my brothers, sisters, friends, everyone beside me are already married. I also want to get married but it’s just not happenning. My parents have been urging me to as well. I hope to get married in three years time though.”

63 thoughts on “Bae Yong Joon wants to get married in three years time

  1. lol… no ajummas in asia will allow him to be married. all his potentials wives will probably be hounded to death by his legions of rabid ajumma fans.

  2. No matter what he is, it is his personal life and everyone should respect that…
    As long as he still makes his fans happy, just do what he wants to do!

  3. i miss yah! the Legend is no longer on air here in philippines. it was also the story of the drama series that kept me home for such time. good for a change, thank so much! am actually asking my friends to plan a trip with me to korea to see your country, culture and the people . it’s also nice to know that you are putting together a book about your home town. am glad to hear that. hope to have a glimps of you when we get there. if not, Korea is fine too. cheers! all the best for you BYJ 😉


    does he get to read this. . . .

  4. great …! u must enjoyed life with ur family
    esp.ur wife n ur kids but dont forget to help the other people besides u. do many charity or something to help other people everywhere everytime so that u can always get good thing in ur lifes.

  5. Wow, I’m glad and happy to heard that you finally spoke out to get married in 3 years time(hope you can find a girl who is truly love and cares about you and not because you’re a Hallyu Star) and learning some techniques skill for your further.

    I’m not in your family(fans) members but i’m one who secertly supporting behind you since your first drama till now.

    I will continue my prayer to you hope everythings goes smoothly and fine on you.

    PS: I do not know wherethe this will reaches you not but till hope you will saw it one day.

  6. i’m glad he is planning to get married soon. i wish him everlasting happiness with someone whom he will choose to spend the rest of his life. what a lucky girl indeed. i hope she will love him unconditionally. and just because he is wealthy, famous and of course handsome. i hope she will love everything about him. whether it is good or bad. goodluck bae yong joon. saranghe

  7. ako rin, gusto ko na… sana tayo na lang…

    kaso hindi pwede, nag-iisa ka lang sa mundo &
    you’re a star.

    good luck na lang sa ating dalawa!

  8. @ me…

    he’s not ‘gay’. have you seen his sexual scenes in some of his films?

    you would have probably wished he’s doing it with you…

    he’s really passionate and also tender lover.

    (thanks to his directors who made it appear like that…)

  9. Probably he just look gay because of the way he carries himself with the long hair, and choice of some of his clothes. But I certainly hope not. I want to see some little yong juns in the future.

  10. Go figure why so many women fall all over themselves about this effeminate-looking guy. I’m sure he’s a prince of a fellow but he looks like a girl, girls. Love scenes notwithstanding, he looks like a girl. Freud said “What do women want?” for a reason. He couldn’t figure it out either.

  11. try watching Untold Scandal.

    his role there is bit different, but nevertheless daring and bold.

    see for yourself.

  12. hopefully BYJ meet a kind lady…..
    don’t care abt what others people gave u bad comments….
    No matter what BYJ, u must enjoy ur life with your own family…

    don’t forget your fans family…make them happy, too…

  13. I live to far away to be able to meet him. Lucky for the korean and japanese fans. I live in Malaysia. I doubt he even knows where is Malaysia. True love is always hard to find but once you find it, don’t ever let it go. If she belongs to you, she will come to you eventually. I am sure he is at a marriageble age already.
    But love cannot be rushed……who knows, what will hit you the next time you go out, Bae?
    Maybe when you least expects it, she will magically turn up in your life and fill up the loneliness in your life.
    Anyway, i hope you will come to Malaysia one day. At least. ONCE.

  14. hi I love watching Winter SONATA and it is the best drama that I really love the most. Guess what the girl in that movie is totally be the very nice girl for you coz she single. I knew for sure that you two are really meant for each other

  15. Hope your wishes can come true soon. But I hope to ask a favor from BYJ. Can you help in some charity work like helping the orphans around the world? I am into it and hope to get some ways or forms of support from you. Help these orphans…they really need our love and support!

  16. … Until now i have ben watch the film of Winter Sonata for 3 times already, but i donot know why i cry alot everytime i watch it…! So i believe that the first true love is not easy to forget, etc. I really fall in love with these two main characters in this movie because of their great romantic love… Wish someone’s first true love will always be ended happily as just like the end of this movie!!! By the way, thanks alot for everyone have been produced this love story drama, in particular in Bae Yong Joon actor and Choi Yi Woo actress, etc. I wish i would have Bae Yong Joon email address, so i could email to him… Anyway, i hope you will find your real love in the near future, as the characters this movie… Good Night to You

  17. like a shooting star
    you can go the distance you
    will search the
    world you face it harm
    you dont care how far you
    can go the distance
    till you find my heros welcome

    IM VERY HAPPY if you read this im only 13 yearz old i know how ta computer but only typing can i ask you?

  18. if i become like you someday i become happy or not tell me please. tell bae are you happy? many people told me yes they happy but why?????????????

  19. i
    dont like
    marry you
    i want to be your friend
    cause im to young
    i wish you see a girl that

  20. hello bae yong jun im angelica belizario i am your avid fan and i want to meet you someday there in korea so that we can keep in touch!!!!!!i love your the legend soap opera with kiha ang zhuzini!!!!!!keep up yor good hobby!!!actually i didnt know all about you but i think your ok and your so kind to others???maybe,?i am right in the way you talk to that interview????so just email me at am very wishful to see you someday??!!!!hope you can speak english so that we can make comfortable to each other,,,,,i hope you dont mind if i tell you that my heart pumps out the very first episode i saw your face and i never felt that way before?????my no.09238014391 hope you can call i am a filipina??!!!so thats all goodbye!!!1

  21. I don’t think so he will get married. I think he does not like a woman. He looks like a girl. So beautiful. Ha…ha…ha…

  22. We now live where you can be whatever you want. Leave Bae Yong Joon alone!

    I wish that he finds his soul mate and thats all we can wish for him.

  23. LOL. Interesting post. But oh my..! His suit is so GAY. His suit, yo. His suit. His image has been tailored for the so-called-ahjummas so hey, what the heck. Still good looking nonetheless.

  24. I live in the philippines unfortunately I can only see BYJ in movies & drama series which i buy in stores. I wish that before I get more older I can see BYJ in person & I wish also to have enough money to earn so that I can go to Korea and see all the places where BYJ shooting his movies & drama series. More power to him.

  25. BYJ….wish you all the luck……………i love you! i long to see you again in TV..what ever……….you’re such a winner BYJ…….

  26. Awww he wants to get married in three years? I would die.

    Lots of people asked me why I still single. I said because I’m so in love with BYJ.

  27. hi byj m totally mad after watching winter sonata itz a great drama i luv watching dis drama again n again . m an 18 years old indian gal. m ur avid fan. i wanna meet u somday der in seoul….i wish all ur dreamz comes true. tak care luv .

  28. BYJ’s agency/stylist/designer team should get blame that put him into that costume [gay look]. I don’t think that he have the chance to decide his own image. That’s all his custome team’s fault. He looks very good [manly] and naturally in Hotelier and April Snow. No doubt that he can not and will not marry within 3 years as he want to keep his popularity rating. Let’s see his next image as BYJ will not stand in this look, forever.

    I’m still be his big fan as I love BYJ’s performance.

    Wish you all the best, BAE YONG JUN,

  29. hey! mother is an avid fan of you,i rmembr wen we ar watchng the drama seris winter sonata i herd my mother cried she was vry touch,i hop and my mom hopes he wil mit u,and try to come and visit phillipines.

  30. BYJ does not look gay. He is handsome, that’s true, but more than that he is a truly kind and caring man who really does believe in “Humane Living”. There are some people on this forum who don’t seem to know what that means, or they would not say bad things about BYJ. He once said, in an interview, that his fans (family) would believe him and not the bad things some people say. He was right. I believe BYJ is sincere in his wish to marry, because he is not the kind of person who would just say something like that. He is too honest, and thoughtful of how much it would hurt the fans (family) if he did. Please, stop being mean to him. He would not be mean to you. (Best wishes, BYJ, in everything you do. With loving respect, Anna)

  31. Hi Bae Yong Joon Oppa, whoever you are and whatever you do, I will always support you, love you, adore you, and believe it is best for you, you always fascinated me ….. May God bless you always….

  32. (S)He looks like a really pretty lady to me. If you look only at his face on the picture you would surely mistake her for a man.

  33. Is it possible that he is dating someone? if he said that he needs a wife and he would like to get married within 3 year time frame, it means that he already has ‘someone’. It’s a way to give warning to his fans. That’s what JDG did! he claimed that he was lonely needing wife and BAM! he’s getting married now.

  34. Idol,what ever your plan in your private life,i’ll support you always,but hope if you found her,she can protect and support you by all means.she always there for you if you feel stress,sad,mad,afraid,tired,happy. that way, as an avid fan of yours,Im happy for you too….i pray always that she will come into you,if that 3 years come. i wish you to have a wife, friends,at the same time adviser,shoulder to crying on if you’ve feel the same to your friend PARK YONG HA.hope you will not do it the same. marami kaming masasaktan.GOD LOVES YOU….and me too..more power

  35. ba’t ganon???
    nag-aral naman ako ha??? ba’t di pa rin ako nakasagot???

    di bale na….bawi nalang ako next time^_^

  36. hi

    (( happy birth day dear bae))!!!!!!

    I hope you succeful and happy always

    and see you in Iran soon as soon.

    I love you



  37. hi

    (( happy birth day dear bae))!!!!!!

    I hope you successful and happy always

    and see you in Iran soon as soon.

    I love you


    ( 36 age) Tehran-Iran

  38. Dear Mr.Bae Yong Joon,happy 38th Birthday(belated).Mine is 28/9/75..yours is 29/8/72 right?Hope to see you more man-like in the future.You should change your hairstyle a bit.Do you know that the current Korean and Asian male celebities kind of looking up at your style..It is time for u to refresh the hairstyle again.You are the change and that wave of Asia.To me,you change our perception on man wearing pink.I guess you are pioneer and the person who is responsible to make us look at Korean talents and fashion and now Korean tourism.Winter Sonata makes us want to visit Korea.Now we are hooked to the internet to get the latest news on Korean latest drama, movies and celebs. Way to go…BYJ

  39. hi bae aneoyongsayo……………. my oppa and dearest bae hope yto see you her in makati i just dreaming about you saranghe bae im nice persin and thoughtful love you mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……………….

  40. BYJ i’m sorry to shock you ………..but realy i hate you…….. becuse your face rememered me the whole bad things happened to me in my life …….. why ???? please don’t ask me why?????
    please forgive me…. but this is my emotion.
    I think i’m the first girl declared about her honest feelings of hating you(((( have ever seen )))))
    i sorry i can’t i can’t explian the whole emotions in english language as well. it’s not my language.

  41. in occasion, i think you can’t speak english language very well. so you will never read all these replays…….. what a pity…!!!

  42. I’m writing because I was told it was Bae Yong-joon that suicided of, “Winter Sonata”after hardly a korean soap fan. I watched due to the attraction of Bae Yong-joon how he was alot like me. Anyway, may Park Yong-ha rest in peace. After looking into several of his websites I’m glad he is doing well and that he loves to take pictures of his home (landscaping). Please pursue your inner passion and live happy. For your decisions as partners it takes the right time and the right person that loves you more. * ; )

  43. I have been so busy all my life and never really sit down to watch TV, until a few weeks ago, I chanced upon Bae Yong Jun’s “The Legend” DVD boxset. Watching it really changed my life. I now really know what being restful and enjoying life is! This has also given me such wonderful sleep each night. I went on to watch his other drama series. He is so wonderful both on the outside and inside. I love his acting, he has real talent. His female lead in “Winter Sonata”, Choi Ji Woo is also such a lovely actress. I wonder if the two would eventually marry? If so, it would be a fairytale marriage, for sure 🙂

  44. Im a no 1 fan….Hope CHOI JI WOO…will win in Bae Yong Jun Heart…hope d wedding in winter sonata is real…. luv u so much..

  45. He is the lovliest man I’ve ever seen. Just like my dad 🙂
    He might be gay (see the picture of his right hand), but rather asexual, I think.
    His Moon is in Taurus, it might bring solitary life… what is the exact time of his birth?

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