MBC Come to Play featuring We Got Married couples Preview

As reported earlier, the four couples from MBC “We Got Married”, Andy/Solbi, Alex/Shin Ae, Crown J/Seo In Young and Hwang Bo/Kim Hyun Joong will appear on MBC “Come to Play” talkshow on 9th June. The following is a preview and a taste of what is to come. There’s a scandalous kissing scene to dispel all the talk of a Andy/Solbi split as the “peppero game” makes its return.

credit: coffinhouse

37 thoughts on “MBC Come to Play featuring We Got Married couples Preview

  1. coolsmurf are you going to be subbing this?? i hope that you would sub this… great too see Alex and Shinae back together again..

  2. i cant wait to see this
    i love 놀러와
    and 우리 결혼했어요
    its mad funny
    especially since mc 유재석 is mcing
    him and his funny behavior

  3. I am so glad to see AlShin together again…
    Can’t wait to see the peppero game specially for the AnBi Couple!!!
    Thanks for uploading ‘We Got Married’ epi 12 already.
    You are the best!

  4. Yeeey!! 😀 Looks exciting!
    Gotta watch this, can’t wait for it 😀 It’s gonna be interesting. But I’m very happy mostly because of Alex&Shin Ae, they’re my favourite couple as well 😀

  5. ahhh i cant wait to see this actually im really looking forward nxt weeek a lot of things are happenin alshin and also this^__^ are u planning on subbing this eP? if yes are u doin the whole show or just cuts?

  6. It feels like AlShin has been gone for too long, doesn’t it?
    Just seeing the two together again makes me smile.
    Gosh can’t next Sunday come sooner?

  7. Coolsmurf, you are so good at worrying us all the time 🙂 Or so it feels, but then you come and reassure us that in the end everything will be ok lol 😀

  8. wow everyone is rather talkin bout alex and shinae couple..
    buh i’m more excited over anbi’s couple!!! xD

  9. I am so excited… I am like out of breath… is it me or what, but everyone seems to look incredibly good in this program… AND its just a trailer but its enough to make me nuts! ooh… pocky/peppero kiss… i like!

    Alex & Shin Ae

    Andy & Solbi…

    Coolsmurf, please sub this program!!!

    Can I just spaz one more time? Alex looks so darn good in black…yummy!!!!!!!!!!

  10. ALVIN:
    can you sub the whole shows pleaasassseeeee. not cut
    pllleaaassse with cherry on top 🙂

    I really want to see Alshin & HyunBo couples. they’re the best and dang Alex looking hot in that clip and Shinae looking pretty

  11. I just noticed..something…: Alex scream realli LOUDLY “YAAAAA!” after Andy kiss solbi heheheheh

    OMG…i have a feeling Shin ae is not quite comfortable with this game..she might not even do it … and alex being understanding wont force her :(…but i have a small hope that she might do it *crosses fingers*

    sorrie coolsmurf i’m filling up ur blog commenting page with random comments 😦

  12. o-cha: indeed it felt like they’ve been away too long..watching them in the preview made me smile too. 🙂

    and finally a real Peppero game for AnBi.

  13. me too… sorry for clogging up ur blog Alvin…

    but it seems that Andy & Solbi is so familar with each other, its like they are like so use to it… the butt slap and the kissingssss….

    and the “westernized” couple… Crown J & In Young, I dun think they are shy to do that, I remember in the sauna, there was a scene where Crown feeds In Young and his mom saw, it was like awkward, but his mom was so cool to give space to the youngsters… I didnt see wrongly aight?

    I am quite curious how the General Hwang Bo and the pretty boy groom though…

    aw… I just hope Shin Ae is game enough to play the game… stop being shy!!!

  14. Porcelain, just like u, i’m hoping against hope that Shinae would do the peppero game with Alex too. I dun think Alex would have any qualms about doing it as i’ve seen him do so in “Star Golden Bell”.

    Anyway, we got our wish and AlShin are back on the show. Can i invite u and anybody else who’s interested to drop by AlShin’s official thread at http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=219143&st=220

    That is, if u haven’t been there already… ): And no, we don’t bash people there…LOL!

  15. OMG ALEX SHINAE. Everyone is liking ANbi but im with my own opinion I think Alex Shinae is the best … my fave couple.. please sub this ok !! love you coolsmurf!!

  16. I’m overhelm with happiness with news that Alex and ShinAe is coming back to the show “We Got Married” and now with news that they’re on the game show “Come to Play”. So…so… happy! Keep press the replay key to watch Alex and Shin on the preview of Come to Play. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….excited!
    Many thanks coolsmurf, you’re fantastic.

  17. can you PLEASE SUB this. or at least the parts with Alex&ShinAe. it would be much appreciated for all the non-Korean speakers. thanks for your youtube videos.

  18. Hi dhei. Thanks for the invite… I had popped by… now, I forgot what is my past word over at soompi… let me find it and I will sure to post comments over there.

    Alex in Star Golden Bell? He peppero-ed with who? oh that cheeky boy…

  19. i am not sure whether is the ANBI couple alright anot as the timings for the recording of the shows are not in the right order.what do you guys think?

  20. hye coolsmurf,
    i love to hear spoilers from u!haha..
    can u do me a favor plis?
    hehe..can u subbed for anbi parts (come to play)?
    at least when they did the pepero game part?
    shorter the video, easy for me to watch~haha..
    i’m dying to watch them!

  21. yeah.. I look for the english sub everywhere and I couldn’t find it..

    I’m really hopeless now.. T.T

    please sub it, coolsmurf..
    I know.. you’ve done a lot of nice job in subbed we got married every episode.. But it’s really interesting to watch too..
    i’m dying to know, what they are talking about.. LOL

    Please sub it, at least ANBI part.. hahaha

  22. Alex and Shin Ae said that they have their own homepages? Do they mean like cyworld or what :S?

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