Lee Jun Ki slams the Korean government over resuming US beef imports

Actor Lee Jun Ki recently gave his opinion on the candle-lit vigil by Koreans against the government for agreeing to resume US beef imports which got tremendous support from netizens. In his Cyworld entry on 28th May, he wrote, “You aren’t willing to even take care of your own citizens?”, as he slammed the riot police for their overzealous clampdown on protestors who held daily street demonstrations. The US beef import ban was made in 2003 over fears of mad cow disease but was lifted on 18th April 2008 by president Lee Myung Bak.

He defended the protestors, “The people in Korea are struggling to make ends meet everyday and have been getting by through their patriotism and confidence towards the nation. But they really can’t tolerate any longer with this decision and so this is the result (demonstrations). They have no choice but to take to the steets in peaceful demonstrations to state their point.

He also chastised the riot police for their overzealous clampdown on peaceful demonstrators, “I find it really incredible while watching the news on tv after filming my drama. Perhaps they would only wake up their ideas if we give up on demonstrating in peace, wielding batons ourselves and going up against them.”

The Korean governement has since then backed down in news announced today, asking the US not to export cattle over 30 years old to Korea (younger cattle are less susceptible to mad cow disease).

4 thoughts on “Lee Jun Ki slams the Korean government over resuming US beef imports

  1. the whole thing with mad cow disease is kind of overrated. i think they should protest something else more useful, like their domestic problems.

  2. Sigh…I live in Korea now and I hear the protests in my area. I honestly don’t get it. it was 5 years ago. They’re being a little excessive. I mean – no one is protesting the sale of chickens even though they found bird flu here.
    My two cents.

  3. the problem is they’re pissed their new president choose to lift the ban because of politics,
    even if they’re able to choose not to buy US beef, there will be always some people who sell US beef as local to gain profit,
    what makes people mad is police (read: goverment’s) over-react toward protests

  4. i think this is kinda interesting to me. i’m currently taking a geography course on food. i think the only way that the government can keep the Korean citizens happy is if they ban US beef in favour of local beef or beef that can be imported closer to home, like Australia. not only is it cost effective, but it’s also going to help the Korean economy if they buy from their own farmers for locally grown foods and meats. i think you can pretty much say that for a lot of countries. whatever happened to being self-sufficient?

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