Jang Hyuk gets married with well-wishes from all

Actor Jang Hyuk got married yesterday in the presence of 600 friends and relatives with his bride, Kim Yuh Jin in a fairy-tale like marriage.

The marriage was held yesterday evening at Imperial Palace hotel in Nonhyon-dong, Seoul. Fellow celebrity friends, Cha Tae Hyun and Hong Kyung Min hosted the wedding while singer Kim Jong Kook sang his song, “Night, Wind, Sunlight, and Love” to congratulate them on their wedding.

Jang Hyuk gave his thoughts on getting married

This is a big event in my life and I’m excited yet nervous at the same time. It’s pretty embarassing to have our marriage ceremony after we had our baby. But it’s even more meaningful. As a husband, as a father, for my lovely wife and children, I truely understand that I have to work doubly hard to maintain this happy family.

Netizens congratulated him, “Hope that you have everlasting happiness.”

4 thoughts on “Jang Hyuk gets married with well-wishes from all

  1. whoaa! i didn’t even recognize that was kim jong kook. even though his face is partly covered, he looks mad good.

    and congrats to the couple! seems just like it was yesterday i was watching volcano high with him & his blonde hair.

  2. jang hyuk!!!
    ever since i watched “windstruck”, i really became your no.1 fan…u were really good in that movie, you even made me cry..the girl you worked with in that film was also really good! she was the one in sassy girl, right? wow…. korean movies really rock!!!

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