Crown J & Seo In Young parody on MBC Gag Ya program

Crown J and Seo In Young has become really iconic figures with their language, behavior that it’s become possible to just ape them. Well, the squabbling couple has been parodied recently on a MBC Gag show, “Gag Ya” (It’s Gag) to hilarious effect. Everything about that couple is summarised neatly into this. Even the black room interview scene is shown! A! A! Double A! Man, that’s so addictive.

7 thoughts on “Crown J & Seo In Young parody on MBC Gag Ya program

  1. that’s really funny..even though i couldn’t understand what they saying…but, their body language n behavior saying it all…

  2. i do not understand a thing from what they said, BUT IT WAS HILARIOUS! I have to say, this is priceless…=0D

  3. hahaha this was hilarious. she sounds just like her 😛
    i love how they changed her name 😀

  4. i remember reading some comment and someone was really offended, but dang…this parody was soooooooo funny! i really, really couldn’t stop laughing. and they both have got the characters down pat!

  5. I just died…. it is super funny but then I dunno what they were talking about but gosh… the got the characteristic all right! and yeah double A!!!

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