We Got Married is 80% Reality

PD Jeon Seong Ho revealed the story behind MBC “We Got Married”

(The celebs) are showing their real selves not set roles.

Nocut News met PD Jeon on 30th May at Kyeonggi-do, Ilsan MBC drama set. He said, “We’ve never tried to conceptualize how the program goes at all”, “The couples naturally come into their own character with their own individuality.”

Because of that, there are couples that don’t match (Saori/Hyung Don)and couples that match (the rest) in “We Got Married”. The answer was unexpectedly simple. People that convey similar feelings will be paired.

PD Jeon said, “There is clearly a difference between someone who has dated for a while and someone who hasn’t. Therefore after we examined them, we decided to pair people that were similar.”

He added, “In the beginning, they acted like couples in front of the camera with some difficulty. But after a while, we see them becoming natural. In this sense, we can have a program “We Got Married” that is 80% reality.”

With that, PD Jeon has hit the mark. The program’s reality lives on without the need for scripting and viewers’ reaction to the show are explosive.

Viewers have the impression that Jung Hyung Don/Saori is like a real couple, and they are wildly excited over the drama-like feeling of Alex/Shin Ae.

PD Jeon is also thankful towards the performers.

PD Jeon said. “Andy really prepared food for Solbi’s parents, and I never expected Crown J to prepare a shoe cake to extinguish Seo In Young’s anger.” He also said, “I’m thankful for all the couples that participated in the program.”

Currently, ‘We Got Married’ has Andy/Solbi, Crown J/Seo In Young, Lee Hwi Jae/Jo Yeo Jeong, Kim Hyun Joong/Hwang Bo couples. But from 8th June, Alex/Shin Ae will return and they plan on developing the stories for all 5 couples.

translated by o-cha

13 thoughts on “We Got Married is 80% Reality

  1. thanks for subbing the article
    well, i was thinking about this question before, is it real or are they just acting… because sometimes i feel it’s really strange how they act and i ask myself would ppl act that way in real life (for exemple how crwon j got yelled at by his wife)
    or how can Solbi have feelings for andy while she lives with him just one day a week…… so i feel sometimes like if it’s scripted
    emm, maybe now after i read this official announcement i’ll stop wondering if it’s reality or not
    but the other 20% of the show, it must be scripted lol, wonder which parts ~~
    the only couple that seemed real for me was Alex and Shinee (although it’s not easy to find such a romantic man as Alex lol)
    can’t wait for them to come back

  2. every show must have a schedule in order to be able to follow a logical story. I’m honestly very surprised that it’s only 20% directed. i thought it was more. That means that every reaction, every surprise and fight we see, they are all real. That makes me an even bigger fan of this show then i was already

  3. i think the 20% is like the places thay went, the event etc. but all the reaction and drama is 100% true. hi3. anbi fighting

  4. I think it’s kind of obvious what’s in the script and what’s not. That little is decided for them is obvious, and if they “play” it is because they want to. And how much reality there is is just as hard to tell as in a normal couple! I mean, is a dating at a bar 100% truthful and so on? Nah, I wouldn’t think so. And everyone wants to look their best on TV or when coupled, don’t they? Except that guy of course, lol.

  5. It was always kinda weird for me to think that it was all scripted since all looks so natural! I thought that probably the romantic things they do are given like ideas from the producers, but now seems that they made them up by themselves! Wow!
    Can’t wait for Alex and Shin-Ae to come back, wish that happened faster and I wish they’d become a real real couple 🙂

  6. 80% is a good number. The other 20% is probably where they live and the mission they have to complete. ^_^

  7. I always wonder if Don Don being himself or not, how can he be so insensitive and act so bad to Saori. I think he’s acting more. However, every other couples are real to me. and the 20% is their missions.
    cant wait for Alshin to comeback, wonder how it will turn out

    ps: why do couples have to sit in the studio to watch the clips. less interaction between the hosts and guests. anyone can tell me

  8. With 80% being real the feeling for each other has already set in especially Andy/Solbi an AlShin. The 20% acting looks real. Overall, the PD did a good job and that’s why “We Got Married” is a success.
    Ah….AlShin is on next week, can’t wait.
    Once again, thanks for the summary Coollsmurf.

  9. Sometimes I can’t help but feel that the couples are showing their true emotions and feelings about eachother. The 80% reality I can believe in, but then the question become what about out the other 20% right? You can’t help but wonder if some of these couples maybe falling for each other for real. If it’s just for the ratings and popularity, so be it. But I wonder if the couple think about what they’re getting into.

  10. Reblogged this on 나만의 사랑 빛 ♥ and commented:
    “80% is a good number. The other 20% is probably where they live and the mission they have to complete. ^_^” – Sammi510
    “the 20% is their missions.” – omni

    and of course it is directed, do you think they’d leave two celebrities alone with the camera man without being directed? every TV shows need to be directed. if its not, the TV show would turn out to be bad.

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