We Got Married Episode 12 Summary

There was a lot of talking in this episode and so I felt that it was quite boring not understanding most parts while I was occupied with something else.

For Andy/Solbi, Chae Yeon and Kim Won Hee came together following by So Yoo Jin. Hyung Don had to leave soon because he had something on. Kang Soo Jung also came along slightly later making it four ladies and one guy in the house.

I really hate to say this but it’s probably just in jest on Chae Yeon’s part as she said some words that riled Solbi. Kim Won Hee had bought up to Chae Yeon, “It’s time that you consider getting married.” Chae Yeon immediate reply was, “If I’m going to get married, I must also meet someone like An-Seobang!”.

Solbi then asked Andy, “Do you keep in contact with her (Chae Yeon) normally?”. Andy’s immediate answer, “Of course.” Sadness surrounded Solbi’s face as she looked at Chae Yeon as she was almost preparing for a fight or something with Andy. But Chae Yeon immediately defused the situation, “This position is not suitable for me”, as Solbi forgave her.

But the real danger really arrived for Andy/Solbi after popped the question of the ring whereabouts which Andy had gave Solbi as an event last time. The ring never appeared again after that episode. Solbi tried to wriggle her way out saying, “I will only wear it when I’m alone with oppa.” Continous pressing by Kang Soo Jung and Chae Yeon only made her more flustered.

In his interview, “It’s not easy understanding someone. When the time comes when we truly understand each other, will Solbi then put on the ring?”, consoling himself that that was the reason. But it was another reason.

In Solbi’s interview, she admitted

I lost the ring. It feels desolate. I sincerely do like oppa and I feel like oppa won’t think of my heart as being sincere if he finds out that I lost the ring. It is so painful and difficult.

This was a shocking revelation and in the preview for next week, Andy said

The person I hate the most is someone who lies. I won’t even give that person a second glance.

(quotes translated by smr05)

Many viewers are concerned with how the seemingly always blissful Andy/Solbi couple will solve the first sign of conflict between them. Frankly, this sounds pretty ridiculous and I for one wonder if it’s a setup by the PD. He said 80% is not scripted so maybe this belongs to the 20%?

Summary of the guests for the other three couples

Lee Hwi Jae/Jo Yeo Jeong
Lee Hoon, Kim Hyun Chul, Shin Bong Seon

Kim Hyun Joong/Hwang Bo
Three SS501 members came minus Park Jung Min bringing their present which was a box full of comics!!!

Crown J/Seo In Young
only one more guy came, bringing some dogs.

In the preview shown, Alex and Shin Ae will be reunited in Namsan at the long flight of stairs as seen before in the drama, “My Lovely Kim Sam Soon”.

What will happen to Andy/Solbi? Plus the reunion scene of Alex/Shin Ae.

62 thoughts on “We Got Married Episode 12 Summary

  1. omg she really lost it?!?!? i was hoping that it’s just a rumour! aww i can understand how andy feel..

  2. But what ring?! Oh god, I’ve probably missed a lot of Andy&Solbi couple, cause I kinda stopped watching them lately.

  3. Im sure Solbi had a valid excuse… even if it’s really bad that she lost it, i just hope that Solbi can make it up to Andy and that they can get past this issue to remain friends and stay as close as they are now…

  4. ommo… she lost the ring? then the crying is about it then? oh dear…

    namsan… i love that flight of stairs its so samsoon…

    samshik heart samsoon…

    alex heart shin ae… fighting!!!

  5. omg ! she did lost the ring.. ahh this is so tensed. i want them to be happy (andy & solbi)

    nway, looking foward for alex & shin ae reunited bck,
    ahhh this is going to be funn 🙂 i miss this couple so much :))

    andy & solbi fightingg !!!

  6. at first I was worried, now I’m interested to see how andy reacts. by the way she was acting in the previous episode, it seemed like she kept it in a safe place or something.

    would be a miracle if she found it suddenly.

  7. Maybe she told everyone she lost the ring, but there’s a small pecentage that she’s actually keeping it. Well I just can’t believe that she lost such a valuable thing, that’s very careless of her!

  8. i really think solbi didn’t lost d ring. its 2 precious 2 her. maybe she just keep it somewhwere safe. right!! huhu3

  9. She lost it? how impossible? i know it can happen but not right after you received it.
    ooh! “hate”..did andy say that?…i’m sorry but i have a feeling like they’re going to leave so they make reasons for it….so sad…hope it’s not like i think
    Anyway, why preview has only two couples?

  10. that’s probably why she cried. I would to if i find out the guy I liked said he hates people who lies, and I just lied to him. ^_^ poor solbi..

  11. i am in shock that she lost the ring! there have to be a reason why though. you can’t just lose something that precious unless something happen. i really hope andy & solbi can overcome this. they have too. they are the only reason i am watching “we got married”. one of their friends that came to the housewarming party say something right though. they should just go out with each other because anyone that have been watching them can tell they are really meant to be. i hope nothing happen to them. i would cry if they broke up. 😦 andy & solbi fighting!

  12. Solbi lost the ring. Part of the 20% acting?? She should tell the truth in the first place rather than ignoring Andy’s question on the where about of the ring. I’m sure Andy will understand.
    Will wait for her explanation next week.
    Looking forward to AlShin returns. Yeah…..
    Thanks coolsmurf for your summary of ep. 12.

  13. awww. poor solbi. i think after hearing what andy oppa said she’ll be even more devastated. its not like lost the ring on purpose. there are just time where white lies should be told. she can’t just possibily go up to andy oppa and tell him i lost your ring fullstop. she’s just mindful of hurting his feeling then again showing how much andy oppa is to her. poor solbi~

  14. i think andy and solbi are finished, because it kinda suits the story. he gets upset because she lost the ring, they split and ,therefore, there will be only 4 couples left, like in the beginning.

  15. alvin, some said tht andy & solbi couple r leaving.. is it true ?
    i hope it’s not.. please reply bck if u noe something..

  16. i’ve just watched ep12 – raw tho i hardly understand a word they’re saying, LOL… the party at all 4 residence was quite amusing but i, ofcourse, was more interested abt the anbi couple. i was looking at andy’s reaction (in studio) when solbi admitted abt the lost ring. to me, he was almost impassive.

  17. yeah.. i think the ANBI’s ‘conflict’ part belongs to 20%. If they wont have conflict then it wont look real marriage. Every marriage has it’s own conflict.

  18. coolsmurf when u gonna upload the new ep ^^;;
    and she lost the ring……. or is she acting o_O hmm if they (andy and solbi) do leave then lol the show is going to lose alot of viewers and besides wasnt andy and solbi supposed to go to the amusement park seoul land or lotte world i forget for ep 13

  19. I lost the first ring my boyfriend gave me for my first birthday with him. I was scared at first how upset would he be becuase I lost it the next day at school while washing my hands and totally forgot about it. After a week trying to avoid meeting him, I got a gut to tell him. It turned out not just no anger, he said he relief that it was not becuase I freaked out he got me the ring too soon. Then he bought me a new one even more expensive. So I don’t think it is that serious.

  20. It’s not like she did it on purpose!! Of course, its valuable and its weird if she loses it so quickly but accidents do happen!
    Andy now says he hates people who lie? Everybody lies. And even though we love Solbi because she’s very cute and nice to him, he already went through moments where she lied.. (that she made the food for shinhwa, that she knew how to do kimchi)
    I just feel sad if they go off the show. I saw it mostly because of them. I like Alex/Shinae but they’re just toooo much shy/lovey-dovey and so for my style..hehe.. I like the teasing and butt tapping with solbi/andy.
    But wont they be fine with the trip to that amusement park?
    I guess we have to wait to see. One thing that is true is that feelings cannot be pushed.. :S

  21. OMG! Solbi and Andy seems like they’re going downhill! I hope they stay together ; _ ;

    I’m so excited about Alex and Shin ae though!

  22. i think it’s case to case basis depending on the degree of relationship one have to the other when it comes to giving gifts such as ring.. we all know that solbi likes andy a lot and in my opinion loosing the ring is a major blow!.. i mean that ring is special to both of them, andy bought that in china when he had a concert there as a gift (i believe giving that ring is not scripted) and solbi for the first time received a ring from a guy (especially that it come from somebody you like, that is precious) but she lost it???… i don’t blame andy for saying those words plus i just can’t imagine how in the world did she lost it??????????…. oh my… this is not good…

  23. does anybody know if episode 12 is up at youtube already?.. raw vids will do even i don’t understand korean…

    can somebody please tell me… thanks in advance..

  24. It is easy to lose a ring if you are not used to it.
    Plus it appears to me that Andy is using Solbi’s feelings for his career. I do not feel sorry for him at all.
    If he really likes her he would be disappointed but will forgive her.

  25. I can`t believe she lost it…when I first heard the rumor I told myself it wasn`t true because she told him she was keeping it safely in a case…so not only did she lose it but she lied….

    I hope he forgives her….although seeing the pictures at the amusement park, it most likely is so…

  26. I don’t think she lost the ring, Andy means too much to her, and she wouldn’t loose it.

    I read somewhere this theory, Solbi is testing out Andy and she wants to figure out his true intentions.

    I feel sorry for her, She doesn’t know if he likes her or not…

  27. how the heck can a person lose a ring? is she dumb? we’re not dumb either… losing a ring is unbelievable..
    it has got to be the SCRIPT!!! or maybe like Hind says.. she’s trying to test Andy out.. that makes more sense to me…

  28. Yeah, how could she lose it? Maybe it has gone to well for the PD to let them be 😮 But I can’t really believe that either 😦

  29. i cant believe shelost the ring i hope that was the 20% because i doubt anyone would lose something precious to them just like that….wow andy sounds very unhappy.

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  31. Guys, I think we have to be patient,

    I do not think she lost that ring, Andy means wayy to much to her, Its like a promise ring for her 😛

  32. lylpinay,
    i watched it on dabdate last night – connection was supergood. on youtube, search for gomdorri – uploaded into 6 parts.



  34. She… SHE LOST IT?! NOOOO! OH MY GOODNESS. I can’t believe this! I gave her the benefit of the doubt. This really makes me sad. =( I hope this really belongs to the 20%, but I feel like she really did lose it. T.T That’s horrible. =(

  35. I’m surprised Solbi lost the ring but hey she’s human right. I don’t think that lying about it was the right thing to do. She probably been better off telling Andy the truth and he would understand. But she wants to make a good impression on him so she won’t tell him. Yet she tells the camera…yeah. Regardless I also fear what path they’re taking but hopefully things patch up. Everyone goes through their up and downs, they should be no exception.

    Alex and Shin Ae though! It’s almost like a fairy tale with those two and I’m so excited to see what happens when they come back on the show. I can’t predict anything but I’m hoping everything goes well.

  36. Losing a ring is a major faux pas but it is not a deal-breaker. If a guy truly loves you, he will feel sad, get mad and eventually forgive you. No man in love would be willing to give up a GF just because she lost a ring. I should know – I lost the first ring I ever got (like Solbi) but in the end I was forgiven.

    Losing a ring does not make you dumb, it just means s**t somtimes happens in life. Believe me, the one who lost the ring feels far worse than the giver. You feel all the feelings humanly possible all at the same time – remorse, guilt, self-reproach, self-pity, fear, shame, sorrow, regret, numbness.

    Put your shoes in Solbi’s shoes and emphatize. Give the girl a break!

  37. Who’s Chae Yeon? hahah Sorry, I seem completely oblivious to their situation at the moment…

  38. everyone has been writing this, but I just have to write it again….. SHE LOST IT??????
    I heard Solbi has bee crying alot, mayb she’s thinking about the ring and she feels like she has betrayed an-seobang??
    but seriously, if she cries like crazy in front of him and tell him the truth, could he hate her??

  39. Hm, somehow knowing that 20% of it is scripted, or at least coordinated, makes me feel that this is the “conflict” they are building. It’s believable, and then hardly believable as well.

    I mean, Andy paid a LOT for the ring. Although I can’t understand much Korean, Solbi was describing that it was white gold and everything. It’s hardly something I think she would just lose. While a lot of us are thinking it’s scripted, a big part of me is just hoping it’s scripted because I want them to work out nicely. They’re such a cute couple.

    Obviously though, every episode is like a cut of one day from two weeks before, so this has all probably already resolved in real life. At least, I’m hoping it resolved. I don’t want them to leave! Andy and Solbi have really grown on me! ❤ I’m not sure how I feel about Alex and Shinae coming back. I liked them a lot, but a lot of it is just for publicity, at least on Alex’s part.

  40. Ah, just thought of something, sorry… but something worth mentioning is the fact that Solbi can make herself cry. She’s a pretty good actress. I mean, on Sang Sang Plus, she could cry on cue while everyone was laughing around her. This was the episode with Yuna from SNSD guest starring. And with the “heightened” situation, I’m sure it’s pretty easy to just cry.

  41. No si es parte del libreto o no pero veo que todos lo comentarios son sobre el anillo, PERO ES QUE NADIE SE DIOS CUENTA DE QUE ANDY LE DIO DE COMER A CHAE YON EN LUGAR DE DARSELO A SOLBI!!! no se esos dos me perecen muy sospechoso ademas para colmo ella va ayudarlo en la cocina no se en Korea pero en mi pais es una falta respeto, y mas dando muestra sinceras de estar celosa de Solbi, la pobre Solbi esta que reventaba aunque en varias ocaciones se mantuvo en calma, Chae yon siempre causando discordias primero fue con KJK y YEH ahora con Andy y Solbi, no se pero aqui algo me huele mal, y lo del anillo no creo que lo haya perdido, quizas haya algo mas detras de eso o quizas es puro libreto, ahoa bien si Solbi realmente lo perdio pues nada que busque la manera de compensar su error y en cuanto a Andy pues si la quiere la va a perdonar y si no lo hace, sintiendolo por lo Solbi nada como dice por ahi hay mas peces en mar… y Andy solo esta haciendo un papel y nada mas…

  42. I honestly doubt she lost it. Maybe it was just necessary to add in some conflict, since they almost never had a huge quarrel.

  43. i am so excited for the alex and shinae reunion hope it turns out good cant wait
    as for solbi and andy i can see y andy would be mad its simple dont lie lying solves nothing

  44. If it were me, I’d really get pissed… Not only because she lost it but because she couldn’t trust the other person and tell him the truth. Solbi lives saying that Andy doesn’t do enough but then he gives her a precious ring for her to keep and she loses it. I just can’t understand why she hid it from him and kept on lying. If I were Andy, I’d be completely disappointed… I’m sorry guys, but that is my point of view. And with regards to Shin Ae and Alex, I love this couple. I think they’re romantic and yet a bit childish so I’m looking forward to next week’s episode. Thanks coolsmurf for the news and for subbing the episodes.

  45. I’m hoping that she didn’t lose it but hid it somewhere, where she can’t really remember….lol.
    I just don’t want to believe that she’ll lose something important like that.
    I still like Solbi I feel bad for her more because she seems like she is giving up now. She’s getting too much heat from friends that she tries to hard but get nothing in return so she’s probably giving it up now but Andy on the other hand seems like he is finally giving her a chance.

    Totally sucks because at the moment she seems like she is giving up, Andy seems like his opening his heart.

    Why oh why couldn’t they just meet up halfway.

    I hope she finds the ring….

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