Unstoppable Marriage ends its run with 4.7% rating

There aren’t going to be spoilers because KBS World isn’t done with airing it.

After a long eight months of airing on KBS 2TV, the sitcom ended it’s run of 140 episodes on 30th May with a rating of just 4.7%, the finale not even seeing an increase. The average rating never once got pass the 5% mark.

Unstoppable Marriage was a spinoff from the movie of the same title retaining Kim Soo Mi and Im Chae Moo. It also starred Seo Do Young (Spring Waltz), Lee Jung, Kim Dong Wook (Coffee Shop 1st Prince), Soo Young and Yuri (So Nyeo Shi Dae), Lee Jae Jin (F.T Island), etc including several new faces.

Many netizens were noticeably disappointed with the ending, claiming it did not meet their expectations, “This is it? they are ending it just like this?”, “This is not the final episode right?”, “It’s really lacking and inconclusive…”.

14 thoughts on “Unstoppable Marriage ends its run with 4.7% rating

  1. Yes, the ending definitely did not live up to expectations, especially since they spent a long time focusing on a few things whose results viewers were anxious to see, e.g. the love triangle.

  2. Oh my, I thought daily dramas are ratings magnet, what happened? The corny laugh track? At least to me, it got so annoying I didn’t want to keep watching.

  3. so the conclusion is that this series is not good??
    i watch likeable or not right now. im on episode 155.

  4. Wow.. 4.7? That’s way low…
    But it was an alright sitcom… Not like a must watch or anything…but I’ll miss it!
    (Haven’t watched the last ep. though…)

  5. really?4.7%??i tot this sitcom is good.atleast it is cute and funny.im quit upset aftr reading this post and the comments.but,i STILL love it!really!X)
    Thanx fr these info(s) anyway.

  6. maybe people in korea like heavy drama/romance sitcoms more than comedy sitcoms like this one. I watch this almost every weekday. I’m past episode 130, it’s almost ending, and I still like it so much. I feel bad when I miss a single episode.

  7. i’ve watched till ep53 so far but stopped ever since the subbers stopped their tracks too…. darn. i actually kinda enjoyed it! if only i knew where to find it with subs.

  8. where can I watch this with subs? I watched up to like ep 14 but stopped cause I couldn’t find it with subs. it’s really funny.

  9. aaaaaaaaaah where do i watch this subbed without cuts i miss it i couldnt find the rest of the dvds in my place. i love it i dont understand why ppl dont. or the ratings dropped

  10. Does anyone know what happened about yuri and sooyoung after jaejin left? I couldn’t watch because the subbers stopped or something.. Someone please!! I want to know if jaejin liked one of them or something!

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