V.O.S Beautiful Life

Heard about this from recent episodes of “We Got Married” and didn’t really notice it until someone pointed it out. Went to check it out and I’m hooked. I just love songs that has a tune like this. Makes your day feel great!

Written by Lee Min Woo of Shinhwa and composed by Roz, the lightbeat uplifting tune tells about the beauty of life due to the love between man and woman. Guest starring Jewelry member, Kim Eun Jung.

8 thoughts on “V.O.S Beautiful Life

  1. I love this song too.. Sry, Alvin, to ask you on this but I didn’t see a place where we could email or anything… What’s all this about Park Yong Ha’s minihompy? (And also Lee Junki, Kim Hye Soo, Yoon Do Hyun, Kim Jang Hoon, etc. but mainly Park Yong Ha…) I heard something about it in passing but I didn’t hear the whole story…Know anything on it? Thanks, and again sry to put this on here…

  2. they are protesting against the government for lifting the ban and allowing the import of US beef again. It was stopped earlier following the outbreak of mad cow disease. Although the US has promised stringent checks, most Koreans except the government aren’t buying into it.

  3. haha yes! i love this song too. makes me feel light and happy when i listen to it.
    im so glad it was played on WGM cos i accidentally ‘discovered’ this song about a week before it was on WGM and its good that alot of people can benefit from the chirpyness and happiness of the music now 🙂
    dont know the meaning of the song though…. heh, would you like to consider this as my proposition alvin?

  4. I have changed to a new video that has subs but it’s quite hard to read but better than nothing.

  5. thx for sharing ^_^ the song stuck in my head already XD~ the lyric is really cute ❤

  6. Ah I see.. Saw the protest on the news.. It seemed pretty bad. Anyway, thank you for the news…Appreciate it.

  7. ahh, thanks. i notice this song from hyunjoong hwangbo breakfast part during their honeymoon, ep10. not sure bout other couples. i like the song too. n that scene was my fav from the episode.

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