Song Il Gook to play Jumong’s Grandson

According to, Song Il Gook best remembered for his role as Jumong in 2006 will soon take on the role as Jumong’s grandson, Moo Hyul.

Song Il Kook as Jumong in 2006

The KBS drama “Kingdom of the Winds” is a remake of a manga by Kim Jin in 1999 which centers on on the third king of Goguryeo, Daemusin (Moo Hyul) who strengthened central rule of Goguryeo and expanded its territory by annexing Dongbuyeo and killing its king Daeso (funny if you think that Song Il Gook is settling unfinished business from Jumong) in 22. Along the Amnok River, he conquered Gaema-guk in 26 and later conquered Guda-guk.

After fending off China’s attack in 28, he sends his son, Prince Hodong, to attack the Nangnang Commandery in northwestern Korea in 32. He destroyed Nangnang in 37. The legendary love story of Prince Hodong and Princess of Nangnang, recorded in the Samguk Sagi, is well known in Korea to this day. The princess is said to have torn the war drums of her castle, so that Goguryeo could attack without warning. Looks like many war scenes isn’t it?

I absolutely love saeguks that has plenty of war scenes. That’s why Jumong, Ballad of Seodong and Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi will always hold a spot in my heart.

“Kingdom of the Winds” starts filming in China starting mid-June.

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21 thoughts on “Song Il Gook to play Jumong’s Grandson

  1. wow…the sageuk sounds great. Hopefully it’ll be as good as Jumong (that was one great sageuk).
    Definitely will be looking forward to this.

  2. I can think of no other person for Daemusin than SIG. I know he will be very suitable for this role. Remember his earlier days as Jumong the younger and how he grew into a fantastic leader. People, give SIG a well-earn applause

  3. anticipate! anticipate!! i love song il gook..but it’s a little weird that he’ll be playing his own grandson…hah.. 😀

  4. i’m so gonna watch this…love love love Jumong..i still cant believe i watched 81 episodes in 4 days…got me so addicted..cant wait..oh and SIG is h0t!!!lol

  5. Perfect role for him!! Undoubtedly he’ll be giving a magnificent performance… as always… And he is soooooo goodlooking 8)

  6. song ll gook u are really emperor of korean actors i loooooooooooooooove u sooooooooooooooooooo much u are the best of the best i love korea just for your eyes goooooo

  7. with sig starring, and the director from IYSS, it will probably go longer than expected!!! i can’t wait for it to get to WYBE!!

  8. of course there is no other person who can act as jumong’s
    grandson than song il gook. He is a terrific actor and a good looking guy to be a king. Korea is lucky to have an actor like SIG. He is an actor’s actor. Good luck to your new TV series and for sure it’ going to be a blockbuster series.

  9. i watched this movie abit late, bt i swear its one of the best movies i ever watched in my life. and to think there is another one coming…omg! i jst cant wait to watch it. song il gook is the best star
    to play the hero, i love the guy.

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