Solbi cries suddenly during “We Got Married” studio recording

“Why did Solbi suddenly cry in the middle of the studio recording?”, that’s the burning question that everyone wants to know.

What\'s going on between Andy and Solbi?

During the studio recording this week for “We Got Married”, Solbi’s sudden crying caught the production unawares and shocked at her actions.

Since the first episode, the make-believe couple of Andy and Solbi had been enjoying immensely high popularity. The intimate interactions between Andy and Solbi mirrored what a real-life couple would do and let to many fans speculating whether were they really dating on and off the show.

But with Solbi seemingly unable to control her emotions and crying in the midst of interview during the studio recording, it seems to be foreshadowing that their relationship might be heading another direction instead.

In an interview with Jung Sun Ho PD on 30th May, he expressed, “Solbi cried a lot during the interview and it pains my heart to see her like this. Somehow it felt like her relationship with Andy has deepened.”

“All along, Andy and Solbi has always shown their usual emotions/feelings. Now it seems like they have mixed feelings and something strange is aroused.”

Solbi has always give an impression that she is a very cheerful person so many viewers are concerned and curious what had actually happened.

translated by o-cha

32 thoughts on “Solbi cries suddenly during “We Got Married” studio recording

  1. can’t wait to watch it today…i will definitely watch even if i can’t understand yet….hahahaha!!!! solbi ya ULJIMA

  2. meh..thinking inside is 1 thing, showing ppl at offscreen is another thing, showing public in front of camera is another thing.

    Of course this kind of triple character life will make 1 crazy especially when the heart is long for only 1 of em.

  3. maybe she just can’t keep it in anymore.. shes been longing for this guys since the second episode or third…and he never shoed any signs of wanting to really date her… his answers are always vague.. i think she probably feels like nobody is taking her seriously.. thats why if he wants to date her he should step up tp the plate and not let her do all the work…


    this show isn’t a matchmaking business either…i think she didn’t come there prepared… they should approach it like a job… because thats what it is.. they are being paid to act like couple, not be couples…

    i see both their sides… so its sad

  4. poor solbi šŸ˜¦ she must be dealing with so much stress from the public about this relationship. I hope she is okay ā¤

    keep hwaiting Solib-shi!!!

  5. emm, i never liked solbi that much i feel she’s putting pressure on andy to accept her (in a real relationship i mean) while andy doesn’t seem to have real feelings (love) for her
    anyway, we’ll wait what will happen in the next episodes ^^

  6. Alvin….awww I didn’t do the translation. You did like 99% of it. I only helped with a couple words. Your translation is great already. The translation props for this one goes to you…you are the man! hehehe.

    I hope Solbi isn’t feeling too stressed or hurt. Hopefully she’ll keep her spirits up.

  7. where can i see ‘we got married’? is it a drama? or a variety show? im really blank rite now. im not korean,so i don’t know wht show is this.anyone can answer me? pleaseeeeee.

  8. I think the reason why Solbi cried is either of these three things:

    1. She is overwhelmed by how deep her feelings have grown since the show has started… As someone mentioned, they come to the show professionally not expecting to really fall in love… maybe Solbi had that mindset at first too, but the more she got to know Andy the more she started to like/love him and now she’s crying because she can’t believe that she’s starting to feel that way…

    2. She’s having such a great time pretending to be Andy’s wife and knowing that they’re only married in the show, she’s scared and dreading the moment when they would have to stop and quit the show…(It’s logical right? When you’re too happy with something and you know that you like someone and you only get to see that person on a routinary basis whenever you do the show, of course, you’d miss that person when you don’t get to meet anymore)

    3. She is disappointed that after all the efforts she’s shown, Andy might really not just be into her or he might be into her but have a different set of priorities than she has right now making a relationship impossible…(which she is longing for)

    It can also be that all the negative and demeaning comments are just getting to her at this point when she’s really not doing anything wrong and is just being true to her real feelings…

  9. how does we got married work?

    i know the show airs on sunday nights. in two parts?
    both airing on sunday?

    is the aired show on sunday a result of that week’s taping?

    so if the article is written about something that is happened just recently during taping, then it will air this sunday? or next sunday?

  10. i wonder if they had a fight… it would be their first… it’s weird hearing that she cried. She’s always so cheerful and so full of energy. I hope that whatever upset her , will be fixed. I’m starting to grow fond of her now. She’s so nice. And had so many things to deal with because of her honesty… i can’t wait now for this episode or for news about what happened

  11. maybe because he called the other’s wife?^___^
    sorry just want to brighten up the mood..let’s hope that it’s nothing to do with their relationship

  12. i wonder what was the conversation/questions before she cried…
    maybe she found herself caught, and she can’t help it herself.
    especially knowing that everything is all for show but eventually found herself falling in love for real.

  13. In a way i kinda understand both of their point of views (cus i watch the show) i understand dat solbi is disappointed in andy since he doesn’t really completely show out wuh his feelings are towards if he does like her for real..buh i wudn’t blame it on andy..cus first, it’s a reality show so things can’t be takin in for real..and second, i feel dat andy jus don’t want to hurt solbi if dey do go out for real..cus he says dat he still has so many things dat he wants to do and accomplish dat if dey do go out den dey wudn’t have much time with each den both of dem wud jus be hurt at the same time..

  14. Erm… maybe she’s just emotionally tired.
    It’s true, she’s always SO cheerful, so positive, laughing and smiling all the time, but sometimes even persons like that break down.
    Once I thought if it’s possible that Andy had offended her somehow, but since he’s a nice guy that probably isn’t possible.

  15. I suppose you have seen this, so can’t you tell how see seemed when crying? Did she actually look very sad when crying?

  16. You know what? I think she is really starting to have feelings towards Andy and she may know that it’s one sided. She doesn’t want to get hurt in the end and possibly considering leaving the show so they can hopefully only remain as friends.

  17. what is this tvshow about?
    everyone is talking about it but i havent been able to see it, so im lost!

  18. hey coolsmurf.. i was just wondering when u are gonna add the new episode from today… i can’t wait! :D:D and i hope andy and solbi dnt leave the show.. i just love them

  19. yeah good question i x3 shinhwa lol i hope he does it fast ^^;; and andy and solbi are they really gonna break up o_O??

  20. T.T trouble in paradise! this is only an obstacle for them! they must overcome it! it can’t be happy all the time, and i think this is the time that something should arise, but they must be able to through it. =/ ANBI COUPLE FIGHTING!

  21. Solbi seems like she’s under so much stress. By the time the Amusement Park episode airs I noticed just by the pictures she looks like she’s lost some weight. Her cheeks aren’t as full as they were before and her tummy is gone. šŸ˜¦

  22. i hope that andy will forgive solbi if that ring is really lost
    but i think this all is just been planing.. i think
    this really really disspointed me if both of them leave ‘we got married’ such as Alex n Shin Ae……….

    hearing that Solbi had been crying during recording make me cry
    i really love her, even though i knew and loved Andy before her but she made fell in love with her.

    Don’t cry Solbi everything will be alright

  24. it gets hard being “happy” all the time. often the happy seeming people are the saddest. if it has to do with Andy or the crap antifans say about her she is long overdue for a breakdown.


  25. hey…c’mon…

    I like Solbi and Andy too
    I think they were a couple that came from paradise


    a reality show is only

    a reality show

    isn’t it ??

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