Lee Jun Ki shows his professionalism in Iljimae

Lee Jun Ki “Iljimae” drama continues to set a new rating high with its 4th episode last Thursday obtaining 18.9%, with the 20% mark in its sight.

In the episode, Ryung (Lee Jun Ki) was beaten to a pulp by his half-brother Shi Hoo (Park Shi Hoo) in the ring but the latter gives up the fight upon realizing his real identity. The fight scene was really exciting and shocking (just look at Jun Ki’s bloodied face). Another scene sees Ryung being dragged on the ground by an assassin on horseback through the woods for quite a distance which made the viewers cringe. Both scenes were filmed without any stunt doubles, showing Lee Jun Ki’s professionalism towards acting.

Many netziens praised Lee Jun Ki for his acting on the official website saying, “Once again, we can see that Lee Jun Ki popularity comes from his dedication and hardwork”, “No one is more suitable than Lee Jun Ki for the Iljimae role after this”, “What an elegant fighting scene!”, etc.

Another highlight was the scene where Ryung goes under the cherry blossom trees in his old home, after having been whacked earlier, he finally regains all his painful childhood memories and cried his heart out. Coupled with the sad music playing in the background (화신 by Park Hyo Shin), the viewers felt his pain and anguish as well. (Youtube clip from the scene)

Netizens gave their highest compliments, “Hope that the Iljimae OST can be released soon”, “Please play this song more often in the drama”, etc.

SBS must be very happy since “Iljimae” has managed to keep the momentum going following the success of “On Air” previously.

15 thoughts on “Lee Jun Ki shows his professionalism in Iljimae

  1. well i didn’t watch the third episode yet, but after reading what you wrote it looks pretty exciting
    even though while watching ep2 i felt the story was slow a little bit but i think this drama is worth continuing watching it, especially because lee jun ki is acting in it , since he didn’t disappoint me in any previous drama or movie am willing to see this one till the end or till i get bored enough lol
    i read in many blogs that ilmjiae is just another copy of hong gil dong, but since i didn’t watch the last one then iljimae’s story should be pretty exciting for me ^_^

  2. I don’t think it’s another copy of hong gil dong. there’s no techno music or modern stuff. It’s plain old standard period fare about revenge. I’m just amazed that Lee Jun Ki character is still alive and kicking after all that emotional and physical battering.

  3. The drama till now is well scripted and good pace.

    I do agree that Lee Jun Ki is the right choice for the role, and the helm of the drama. He is really a talented actor, though I had never found him handsome but pretty, yet masculine.

  4. Thank you for the news coolsmurf ^^

    this episode is so exciting ! Junki works really hard for this drama… I love the scene he met Eun Chae..it’s funny and little romantic at the same time ^^

    The OST of Park Hyo Shin is really touching although i dont know the meaning of any words… can’t wait for the full album of Iljimae OST

  5. I’ve been trying to find this drama with subs! I wanna watch it really badly especially with all the good reviews you’ve been writing…..

  6. can’t wait to check out this drama too.

    I can’t figure out the torrent downloading process so I’ll have to wait until some kind soul puts it up on the streaming sites.

    soon i hope.

  7. i love junki!! i noe this drama will do well, cause he’s the best actor, most dedicated one i’ve seen

  8. Really, the first 4 episodes did not disappoint me at all. Lee Jun Ki’s acting was amazing. The storyline is very touching and exciting as well. I can’t wait for the next episodes!

  9. It’s subbed up to ep. 2 on youtube and you can watch up to ep. 4 nonsubbed.

    So far, despite the “draggy” parts, I’m stll along for the ride.

  10. Yes I finally finished this movie and it is nothing compared to Hong gil dong. Lee Jun Ki’s performance was spectacular. From acting like a little kid too emotional breakdowns awesome!!!

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