Goo Hye Sun being chased by horses

KBS “Strongest Chilwoo” has been filming in the mountains recently with all the cast having to live together with the horses. As the show has many scenes involving horses, the main cast like Eric, Lee Un, Goo Hye Sun, etc has to continously learn to communicate with the horses. Goo Hye Sun has the worst deal of them all, having to learn horse riding and being chased by horses.

Not just the main leads, many of the supporting cast are acting in a period drama for the first time. So it’s pretty tough on those who doesn’t have any horse riding experience. Even while resting, they have to do it on the horses so that they can adapt to their temperament. Goo Hye Sun has had a really tough time of being chased by several men on horses while wearing hanbok under extremely stiffling conditions. She also has to run faster than normal so that she would not be overtaken by the horses. These was filmed over and over again, resulting in Goo Hye Sun’s energy being depleted really fast.

According to production staff, “It’s really tough for Eric and Goo Hye Sun to film the scenes where they ride horses and running away from them. It’s very touching to see them making so much effort under extremely hot conditions.”

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