Ya Shim Man Man Season 2 coming soon

SBS popular talkshow “Ya Shim Man Man” ended its run earlier this year on 14th Jan after five long years. Many viewers are still pining for it and SBS has kept to its earlier promise and will release Season 2 very soon. It has also confirmed that the program’s iconic host Kang Ho Dong will continue hosting.

“Ya Shim Man Man” was a popular talkshow with viewers as many stars ranging from singers, actors/actress, host, etc would come onto the show and tell their personal life stories, trying to guess which answer was the No.1 choice of viewer votes. Many of them gave scoops through the program and enabled viewers to know them even better. In fact, many reporters get their scoops here following the broadcast showing how big of an influence the program has.

A SBS representative expressed, “We understand that the viewers wants us to keep some traditional segments but everything is still under discussion. The content won’t be drastically changed and we will add in some new elements. We have confirmed Kang Ho Dong as one of the hosts while we are still negotiating for the other hosts. The list will be released shortly and we hope to bring more joy to viewers with our new format.”

When news of Season 2 broke, netizens started leaving messages expressing their support and anticipation. Afterall, it’s a win-win situation for the viewers if the hugely successful show can come back with a bang with a new format.

10 thoughts on “Ya Shim Man Man Season 2 coming soon

  1. The best kentertainment news i’ve read today!!
    I can’t wait!! I just hope they won’t change it too much, like sang sang plus.. (THEY DON’T SIT ON THE FLOOR ANYMORE!!!lol)

  2. They were smart to discontinue this show while it was bad… I loved YSMM during its early days but with the switching of MCs, the show got extremely boring… Now, they have a chance to come back with a bang. And they still have Kang Ho Dong so they definitely have a chance…
    Please bring back the good ole days of YSMM!

    (And yes, Sang Sang Plus is dreadfully boring now… I miss when they used to do the game where they had to figure out the word that a certain age group used…Those days with Lee Hui Jae and Jung Hyung Don along with Tae Jae Hoon and Shin Jung Hwan were the best! Seriously, it was the best show… How do they expect to bring back their audiences with Lee Hyori? It’s slowly getting better, but not nearly as good as it was before…)

  3. YES! I’ve missed this show so much. The audience got to know their favorite singers and actors/actresses better through it than they could with just normal interviews, and I’m glad that they’re bringing the show back.

    Although, I hope they keep some of the same elements that made it YSMM, but just enough new stuff to make it fresh and new for everyone. I just hope there aren’t any dramatic changes.

  4. Yeaaah…I just hope they change some of the MCs. Kang Ho Dong is great but they should change Lee Hyuk Jae.
    Hopefully YSMM can come back strong.

  5. i know this may be a lot but can you please sub the new ysmm season 2 episodes? I really enjoyed the one with yunho but i’d also like to watch others like jang guen suk and bi rain. You’re just one of the greatest subbers ever and wanted to ask you but if its too much, its okay. Thanks anyways~!


    notify me of you’re subbing though! (:

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