Seo In Young confesses “I’ve grown fond of Crown J”

Seo In Young talked about her made-up partner Crown J from “We Got Married”.

Crown J and Seo In Young

On the 29th at the special “Manwon Happiness” issue between Jewelry and Epik High, Seo In Young faced a question from the new MC Yoo Se Yoon.

Jewelry were attached to a lie detector. Yoo Se Yoon asked Seo In Young “Are you dating Crown J?” Seo In Young answered truthfully, “I’m slowly becoming more fond of him. I still don’t know that (about dating him).”

While waiting to shoot his song, Crown J went to look for Seo In Young at the “Manwon Happiness” waiting room as they sang “Too Much” together while showing tight friendship between them.

Meanwhile, the other couple Andy and Solbi’s Everland Resort date is becoming a topic among netizens while Shin Ae and Alex will be making their return to “We Got Married” with their impressive Namsan reunion.

Alex and Shin Ae’s return will cause some reorganizing in “We Got Married”. They will no longer operate with a 4 couple setup and instead will have 5 couples. Starting in June, MBC “Sunday Sunday Night” will be divided into 1st and 2nd part making ‘We Got Married’ a standalone as a way to solve the issue.

“We Got Married” couples will also appear in the 16th June episode of “Come To Play”. They have already shot the program on 28th May. The couples invited to the show were Shin Ae/Alex, Crown J/Seo In Young, Andy/Solbi and Kim Hyun Joong/Hwang Bo. “Come To Play PD” said that originally, they were only going to have 3 couples but since Alex/Shin Ae were coming back, they decided to invited Al-Shin as well (no mention of Lee Hwi Jae/Jo Yeo Jeong couple).

Scenes that wasn’t shown on “We Got Married” will also be aired.

(translated by o-cha)

11 thoughts on “Seo In Young confesses “I’ve grown fond of Crown J”

  1. Yay i shall be eagerly anticipating the new format 🙂 It’s great seeing most of the couples becoming closer too!

  2. Just watched Kim Hyun Joong/Hwang Bo subbed by quainte501, and wow!, another cute couple.

  3. Hahahaha… So happy for Crown J. And I’m SURE Crown J will be arrogant about this and lie backward of his chair. Hahahahaha…

  4. I still can’t believe that this week only I’ve been reading goods regarding Al-Shin coming back to “We Got Married” programe.
    Very excited and looking forward to seeing them.
    Many thanks coolsmurf and o-cha for the fantastic news.
    Aja…..!!!!!!! Have a good weekend.

  5. i think they should just rid of Lee Hwi Jae/Jo Yeo Jeong couple. With Alex/Shin Ae coming back, i think there is a good variety of couples w/o Lee Hwi Jae/Jo Yeo Jeong.

  6. Eventhough I’m not their fan, Lee Hwi Jae/Jo Yeo Jeong is in this show too so it’d be so disappointing to not be invited to “come to play”…at least, give them faces…sigh..feel not good.

  7. I have a bad feeling that lee hwi jae/jo yeo jeong couple is next in line to be…chopped. Oh well…life goes on….ne? ^_^

  8. yeah I felt bad for Lee Hwi Jae-Jo Yeo Jeong couple. It seems like MBC isn’t taking this couple as ‘seriously’ as the other couples. To think that they are the only couple not invited to Come Play..that’s just like a mini slap on their faces.
    And I agree seems like they might be the ones to go next. Well come to think of it they were probably added abruptly as the replacement to Hyung Don-Saori….so well yeah…their stay might be abruptly ended too.

    As for Crown J and Seo In Young…I did notice that too in the last episode (eps 11) something felt different with the two. They’ve always had great chemistry even from the very beginning but something felt very different in eps 11….maybe the fact that SIY starts to appreciate Crown J more?

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