Korean artistes lend their voices for the I L♥ve Asia project

Top-notch Korean artistes and sports star gathered together yesterday to lend their voices for the I Lve Asia project.

Yesterday morning, famous Korean figure skater Kim Yuna, biggest valued blue chip stock Wonder Girls, 200 Pounds Beauty movie star Kim Ah Joong plus other top stars gathered together at Louis Studio in Samsungdong.

They were gathered here to lend their voices to the I Lve Asia project, conceptualized by action star Jackie Chan, producer Park Jin Young and director Kang Je Kyu to help victims from the devastating Sichuan earthquake in China.

For this track called “We are the Asia” (korean version of “We Are the World”), Park Jin Young, Jackie Chan, Wonder Girls, Wheesung, Chae Yeon, Brown Eyed Girls, Kim Dong Wan, Kan Mi Yeon, Hong Rok Ki, Ko Jun Yup, Kang Rae Won, Alex, Horan, Jeon Hye Bin, Kim Ah Joong, Kim Yuna, Yoo Seung Ho, Han Hye Jin, etc, numbering 30 over stars took part in the recording.

Various Artistes recording for I Lve Asia 080529 (credit to ahboo)

Due to scheduling conflicts, many other stars couldn’t make it for yesterday recording. But a second recording has been scheduled for 5th June.

Park Jin Young was very enthusiastic about this project as he composed the track “We are the Asia”. He had just flown in from America a few hours earlier and then immediately headed for the recording studio to direct proceedings.

The stars who lend their voices all wore t-shirts with the I Lve Asia logo and started recording from 11am without even stopping for lunch until finally ending it at 3pm in the afternoon. Figure skater Kim Yuna had some trouble initially since it was her first collaboration with so many artistes. But she was soon able to adapt and resumed her cheerfulness.

Park Jin Young expressed, “To be able to cast their busy schedules to one side, every artiste beautiful and lovely hearts to want to do something for the victims of the earthquake has really touched me. I hope that our little effort will bring hope to all Asians who are suffering and in pain.”

The track “We Are the Asia” will be recorded and made into a digital single, DVD, Making film and shown during performances in China. It will also be released in Korea, China, Japan plus other Asian countries. All proceeds received for this I Lve Asia project will be donated to the Sichuan earthquake relief efforts.

6 thoughts on “Korean artistes lend their voices for the I L♥ve Asia project

  1. I’m curious as to what “all other Asian countries” really means since I have found that the majority of Asia is left out of the term “Asia”. People typically ignore anything that is not far-East Asia as Asia. I am all for coming together for a cause that extends a helping hand to our fellow human beings, but that doesn’t mean it should be done at the expense of isolating certain groups from their entitlement of such a project. I don’t know much about this project but I really hope they are talking about ALL of Asia.

  2. I’m a recent Chae Yeon fan. I found out from Youtube that she went to HKG by herself to take part in the fund-raising concert held there. She flew 4 hours n went straight to the venue for just a 1-minute brief talk (with the help of Master Jackie Chan as her translator). She was the only Korean artist to go there. She has such a big heart and for that I
    love her n support her! CY-ssi, hwaiting!

    JYP is so very talented in making this collaboration. He may not be a good singer but he excells in being a mentor, talent-scouter & producer! Good job, JYP-ssi!

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