Kimutaku Change finally overtakes Gokusen 3

Japanese drama king Kimura Takuya’s “Change” drama has finally made it!

According to the latest ratings, “Gokusen 3” got 21.1% on 24th May, losing to “Change” which had 23.0%. This was the first time Kimura Takuya had trumphed Nakama Yukie and the media predicts an intense battle ahead.

“Change” had a rough start and although its average rating was over 23%, it still lost by a bit to “Gokusen 3”. But things seems to have changed as the rating of only 21.1% for “Gokusen 3” was it’s lowest thus far. Everyone is concerned whether “Change” is able to break the 30% barrier.

8 thoughts on “Kimutaku Change finally overtakes Gokusen 3

  1. i havent watch change, but i really doubt gokusen’s high rating,
    i mean, come on the show is plain boredom,
    same story, same teacher, same problem, different faces

  2. i’m so bitter at gokusen ratings…lolol! the jin-wannabe make me wanna slap him hard.

    change is actually a v. typical kimura dorama. but heck, at least it’s entertaining and no eyesores…

  3. U know, no offense i just don’t see the attraction over Kimura Takuya. he is not that great of an actor, or singer, or that good looking, but everyone loves him.

    i just don’t see it, sorry.

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  5. ^c!! we’ll agree to disagree. kimura rocks (although i give you the ups on his singing being pretty average. sorry KT, still love ya.)

    i like yukie nakama but you’ve already had 2 seasons of gokusen pride!!

    ganbatte kimura!!!!!

  6. Takuya’s not good looking? Come on, the man is gonna be 36 yrs old this year. regardless of that, he still looks good. try watching his earlier series, n you will know why he is voted as the sexiest actor in Japan for years. Don’t compare his looks with the newbies, that’s not fair, if you want, try to compare young Kimura with those young actors. Even kamenashi Kazuya looks up to him.

  7. well, CHANGE is a great drama and once again we all must admit that kimura takuya never fails. hurray!!

    (we also have to admit that gokusen 3 is nothing new, really)

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