Son Ye Jin “It’s tough being a reporter” + Spotlight First Impression

MBC “Spotlight” recently filmed at MBC TV station located in Gyeonggi-do where Son Ye Jin, Ji Jin Hee among other casts were involved on 27th May.

Following the completion of her filming, Son Ye Jin gave her thoughts, “Through the drama, I have developed a better understanding of what a reporter does and the industry. Especially for female reporters, the sacrifices and effort that they have to make is simply enormous. If I really have to go and become a reporter, I will definitely become very tired and end up in hosptal.”

First Impression of Spotlight

Spotlight Promotional Poster #3

Granted that it was hard to digest watching “Spotlight” after “On Air” and the first two episodes was long prodding and serious, episode 3, 4 last week ending in a cliffhanger has changed things around for me. The behind the scenes backstabbing between news tv stations, newspaper for the first news scoop and the politics were interesting. The extreme ways that reporters go to dig out news stories is rather like the police. The things I yet to get used to is how serious most if not all characters are which made it look way too professional. Plus the police in the drama are really incompetent to the max.

It’s like a carbon copy of “On Air” but without the star cameos, the glam and a serious lack of any romance at all, taking place in a news tv station. It will be interesting to see where the drama is heading following the Jang Jin Gyu story.

3 thoughts on “Son Ye Jin “It’s tough being a reporter” + Spotlight First Impression

  1. I feel that its not really carbon copy of On Air. I like both On Air and Spotlight. Though the background of the two drama is on the entertainment industry but on air is on tv production while spotlight shows the scene of what is going on behind the newsroom. Its draggy in the beginning but it just kept getting better. I have not watched the 5th episode but the end of episode 4 just leaves me wanting more. Btw, I’m from Singapore too!


  2. yeah, it’s true what you said, hopefully it can keep it up with interesting news stories otherwises it’s a bummer.

  3. son ye jin is a great actress.

    i remember her performance in april snow. who would have thought that she could have done such a sex scene with bae yong joon?

    she’s meek but very daring and brave…

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