Park Hae Jin and Park Shin Hye dating scandal denied

Korean netizens are at it again and this time, they think that actor Park Hae Jin and actress Park Shin Hye are an item apparently basing it on evidence from their respective Cyworld entries that links them together indirectly.

One Korean netizen posted on a forum yesterday, recent photos from Park Hae Jin’s Cyworld and a recent diary entry from Park Shin Hye’s Cyworld, sharing with the world the possibility that they might be dating.

In the 24th May diary entry on Park Shin Hye’s Cyworld, it wrote

must take many photos tomorrow at Seoul Forest and bring it back ♡

Although there weren’t any photos of them being pictured together, several photos that were taken at Seoul Forest on 25th May were posted on Park Hae Jin’s Cyworld. The venue and dates were totally identical and thus raising the suspicion of whether they were dating at Seoul Forest on that day.

Park Shin Hye’s Cloudfish management denied the scandal, “According to what we know, Park Shin Hye and Park Hae Jin are members of a fitness club near Seoul Forest. And what we understand is, many people went on the outing to Seoul Forest including their fitness trainers, etc.”

5 thoughts on “Park Hae Jin and Park Shin Hye dating scandal denied

  1. That would be a seven year diff. wouldn’t it?
    Too much of a coincidence that they would be there on the same day, same time, etc. Hmm..Suspicious…

  2. you can see white shoe (probably the one that taken the pic) at park shin hye pic…erm same as Park Hae Jin white shoe( what i see in his pic next to her pic )…dont u think so..????

  3. The shoes are similar but the size of the shoes are different. the size of the shoe with Park Shin Hye is smaller than the shoes HJ wored. Even if deducing (because photographer had to stand up to take photo of Park Shin Hye and the distance from camera to the shoes is longer which can make the shoes looks smaller but it cant be that much small. comparing the line of the stone (area that Park Shin Hye sitting on and the line of the wooden under HJ’s feet) to guess the shoes size. they are not there in the same day at the same time.

  4. hmm… the shadow of the photographer on HJ’s blue t-shirt seems suspicious… isn’t it?

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