Andy and Solbi filming We Got Married at Everland Resort

Dreams really do come true in “We Got Married”. Andy had said before on KBS “Star Golden Bell” that he hope that he wanted to go to an amusement park and his wish has been granted by the show PDs. In his capacity as an idol star, he would not be able to enjoy himself fully. But with “We Got Married”, he gets to enjoy himself with a barricade and what more with his make-believe wife, Solbi. Reminds you of Rain and Song Hae Gyo in “Full House” isn’t it?

This was taken by a fan at Everland Resort where Andy and Solbi was filming and would probably be shown in Episode 13 of “We Got Married” on 8th June.

credit: daum

11 thoughts on “Andy and Solbi filming We Got Married at Everland Resort

  1. Wow~~~~ Thank you for all the GREAT news!!!! I have just read them one by one. First it’s the comeback news. It’s superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And congratulations to Pak Ajessi for his coming baby. Hope the baby won’t resemble him. And now, Andy!!! Great! Thanks a lot.

  2. waaa… andy is giving a hint… happy for them.. thankx coolsmurf 4 this best ever info.. yeayy~

  3. i read a comment saying that andy and solbi are going to quit we are married to make way for shin ae and alex couple..i just hope its not true..

  4. Hahaha yeah but in FH they talked about Magic Land is it the same ? It’s Lotte World right ??

  5. ruthaifruteesan,

    Don’t believe everything you hear unless it’s plasted in lights or unless Alvin posts it up, hehe.

    I dont think that AnBi will be leaving due to their immense popularity on the show and just because Al-Shin is coming back doesn’t mean there isn’t room for all of them. The more the merrier, right?

    Now about the eppie on June 8th – I can’t wait! Al-Shin’s return, AnBi’s date, and more moments with the other couples! Definitely anticipating that very episode.

  6. Funny, I was also thinking about Full House. And even funnier, I saw it for just some days ago!

  7. eeek! ^^ ❤ looks so happy! i cant wait for that episode to broadcast.. i wud soo download the whole thing and watch it raw(even tho i have no idea wut they’re saying)… but i have no idea where to get it from but yeaaaa ^^ love ANBI!

  8. don’t you think Andy is treating Solbi better? Like Solbi is no longer that attached to him, but now Andy is really opening his heart to her. x)

  9. OHHH!! i’m so excited! that’s also the episode where shin ae and alex come back! WOOHOO!!

    i agree!! i so so SO agree! i think now that solbi’s not as attached to andy, andy then tries to become closer to solbi. it’s like a reversal in the couple!

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