Alex and Shin Ae confirms their return to We Got Married

After all the hoo-ha of are they coming back being played out over the past few days, the romantic couple comprising of Alex Chu and Shin Ae has confirmed their return to MBC star wedding variety “We Got Married”.

Alex and Shin Ae are coming back!!!

Alex who had no choice but to leave the show last month to record his solo album filmed their reunion scene two days earlier on 26th May in Namsan, Seoul. Fans had been clamouring for their return since they left the show with netizens constantly posting messages on the official site message board saying, “Please come back to the show”. Their return had been highly anticipated since then with negotiations taking place between their management and MBC.

Alex and Shin Ae Namsan reunion scene will be broadcast on 8th June (two weeks time) and it will be interesting to see how the PDs fit them into the show which is pretty congested with four couples right now.

51 thoughts on “Alex and Shin Ae confirms their return to We Got Married

  1. w000000000000000t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the show got along fine without them. but that was like taking away the ESSENCE!! now that they’re gonna be back on, alshin will hopefully show us what a happy ending is all about.. =)


    =) this is fantastic news!!!!

    it’ll be very interesting to watch all of them now. =)

    it’ll be like a competition between all the couples for different titles now:

    most romantic, most funny, most cute… hahahaha. =)


    *thank you coolsmurf for posting the news! hee.

  3. thx soooo much coolsmurf 4 tis great news bout Alex and Shin Ae…i’m a bit worried bout the news tat ShinAe would not coming back….wah!!! it feel like heaven XDD…

  4. im so happy to hear that… i wonder how it’ll be.. looking forward to the reunion episode

    thanks coolsmurf fr sharing the news..

  5. CONFIRMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!! can’t wait for june 8th!! anyways, its 1 more sunday and thats it!! i am just so happy now!!

    Thanks coolsmurf for the news!! i bet your happy too??


  6. Wow…Thank you so much…that’s the best news I’ve heard in a long time…
    I’m so happy & excited…can’t wait to see the reunion scene…actually I’m excited to see any scene that has Alex & Shin Ae in it…hehe…I just feel so happy after reading this post. Thank you.

  7. Thanks for the news Alvin…… spazing like a fangirl now… hahaha… I am so glad… gosh.. only bright spark in my otherwise gloomy rainy day…

    Namsan… do I forsee some cable car ride? ho ho ho…

  8. Thanks for the info Coolsmurf but i’m a bit confused. I read @ Soompi that Al-Shin couple are only back for the reunion episode which is a one time special episode. Does it mean that after that particular episode they will become regulars again on the show ?

  9. This is amazing news!

    I can’t wait tell June!! I’m so excited!!!.. Thanks for the info!!!!

  10. best news..and finally the confirmation in English. I have been waiting for the translation of the news. Thank you Alvin. I hope you don’t mind me posting this news over at AlShin’s soompi thread because I went there a few minutes ago and no one has posted anything regarding this news that you had shared with us. I’m sure the fans there would love to read this. Thanks again!

  11. They are actually coming back!! COMING BACK!! Well, they are my favourite couple ever since i watch the show… Without them, its like, i can’t feel any of the romantic and caring atmosphere at all in ‘We Got married’. Not saying that Solbi and Andy are not doing well enough, but i just don’t prefer a relationship like them, so enthusiastic already in the beginning. I am more prefering the way Alex and Shin Ae does, slowly and gradually they develop their feelings into each other’s heart, day by day, and they are actually doing very well!!! And i think Alex’s singing ability makes them look more romantic and dreamy, he is kinda a romantic person and knows well how to get along with girls, he is charming though. We can see that his feelings towards Shin Ae is true and sincere. Alex is a nice guy. And for Shin Ae, she is a very tough girl. Remember when Alex told her about his leaving, we can see tears glittered in her eyes, but she can controlled and halted the tears, this is very difficult for many women to hold on their tears in such situation. I hope that Alex oppa this time can truly open her heart, letting the confession and passion enter them.

    By the way, really really thankful that they are coming back!!!

    Eager to watch the show dude! I am counting down from now!

    AleX and SHiN aE 4eva!!

  12. Wow!! This is good news MAN!!!! Now looking forward to Sunday even more again. After they left i only watch Crown J and In Young’s / Solbi and Andy’s cut, now i’ve 1 more to watch, so…….so COOL. Thank You COOLSMURF-Alvin.

  13. thx for the great news coolsmurf.
    woah look at all the hype hope in fans about the news of their comeback, ehehheheh but for me this reunion eps wont be as pretty as everyone expected. I dont know, but I have bad feeling abt the outcomes between ALShin. let hope NOT…..finger cross

  14. Hi spuddevaughn,

    You mentioned about “AlShinโ€™s soompi thread”, can you tell me how to get there? I am a member but just can’t find it

    Sorry i am new to this thing so please pardon me, have been trying to search but in vain, even the WGM thread. Please help!!!

    Or anyone knows, please help!!!!

    Thank You Very Much in advance!!!!

  15. Hi spuddevaughn,

    You mentioned about “AlShinโ€™s soompi thread”, can you tell me how to get there? I am a member there but just can’t find it

    Sorry i am new to this thing so please pardon me, have been trying to search but in vain, even the WGM thread. Please help!!!

    Or anyone knows, please help!!!!

    Thank You Very Much in advance!!!!

    it’s AlShin’s photo thread.

    so are they coming back for every week or its just a one episode reunion? I think we put a lot of pressures onto them since everyone so anticipated for them to come back, espescially Alex cuz he’s always the one that came up with the ideas. Thanx for the great news though cant wait for their return!!!!

  17. kekekekek i’m been waiting for you to confirm the news nwo you have i’m so happy i could cry!!! KEKEKEKEK lalalalala I know they are gonna be so entertaining but on the other hand i’m a bit worried since they haven’t seen each other since april probably!! I hope they get a realli good mission!!! i bet the ratings are gonna TRIPLE for this epi that should make the PD happy ๐Ÿ˜€

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  19. B A N Z A I !!!!! They are back! Komapsumnida.
    Thanks Coolsmurf for this fantastic and exciting NEWS.
    Is party time!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. yay for AlShin and AlShin fans!Good to finally see the translation of this particular news at your blog Alvin!^__^

  21. I’m over the moon about this. Sundays will be exciting again! Oh my goodness, just totally excited!

    I hope that the two won’t be all awkward during the reunion but then I have a feeling that it’ll be like they never left cause I’m hoping that they still kept in touch even off air and away.

    Still, so happy about this bit of news! June 8th! Hurry up already!!!

    Thanks, Alvin!

  22. Glad, but wondering how this can turn out good if they don’t add more time to the show! It feels a little hurried already.

  23. OMG, THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!! i was so bummed when shin ae said that she might not come back, but YAY!!!
    im glad we finally got an official conformation =]

    thanks for the great news, coolsmurf~

  24. Five couples? That would mean less time for each couples, or worst one of the couples! That wouldn’t be fair then.

    Their comeback seems sooner than expected ..what about his album? Did he even get a chance to work on it without all the pressure? I hope it goes okay.

  25. wowwwwwwwwww yeahhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m happy!!!! I’m very happy!!!!!!!

    Shinae & Alex best couple!!!

  26. I am SO happy. At first I didn’t really like the couple (they seemed too…cheesy? something like that) but they grew on me really quickly and soon became my favorite part of the show. It really wasn’t the same without them. ๐Ÿ™‚

    But where will they stay? Don’t Hwangbo and the ss501 kid live in their old house?

  27. WOW!!! Everyone is OVER THE MOON!!!! YUP so excited, can’t wait for Sunday again!!

    A BIG Thank You minshoo and dihei, YES!! I’ll definitely enjoy it.

    THANK YOU AGAIN!!! ^_^

  28. Hey all,

    I just read a piece of news about SS501 from DSP Entertainment. (I hope I haven’t made their company name wrong.) They have a notice that their promotion period for their album will end in June. And they will go to Japan again. So…does it mean that Hwangbo couple will leave? So short? I have just saw the EP11. They’re really funny. I laughed a lot. Of coz, my favourite Crown J was funny also. Hehehe…

  29. What!!!!!!! I’m so happy to hear that! I hope it will come true.
    I love alex and shinae too much!
    I was very disappointed when i hear alex and shinae are not in the next episode coz of his album. But Now! I really happy to watch and see them again in We Just Married on June 2008. I always watch the show at coz I can see the english subtitles.
    Thanks a lot MBC!!!. I hope your shows will always be no.1 in future!

  30. oh my god crying of joy i dont know why but this effects me so much man its a show but i love them so much so glad cant wait for the reunion

  31. WoW!!!

    I thought i going to fly to the sky..

    I just watch We Got Married until episode 8 last night and didnt have a sleep while ironing my clothes after heard about the show for long time..

    The chemistry between both of them is just sizzling. They are like match made from heaven. It was like they are fated to be together in the show to learn how to love again.

    For both of them it is a journey and not a show. Wether it is a show or about a popularity or not for them it is not likely not because of that.

    I pray they will be together.

  32. at the end, Shin ae and Alex will actually getting married.
    hehehe… but is it true?
    i read it from newspaper recently.

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