Solbi quits Life Special Investigation Team citing “Marriage”

Solbi recently “tendered” her resignation and left the filming of MBC drama, “Life Special Investigation Team” citing that she couldn’t handle the heavy workload. After being plagued by news about her role being superfluous and overlapping scheduling conflicts, Solbi decided to solve all that by walking out of the drama.

Solbi\'s character tenders her resignation

The episode shown on 25th May caught the attention of Solbi fans. On this day, Solbi’s character, Jung Ju Ri was unusually in a happy mood for any special reason as she greeted everyone before entering the office. This was followed by her dishing out wedding invitations to her colleagues.

Inside the wedding invitation, it wrote

Groom Andy Lee
Bride Jung Ju Ri (Solbi’s character name)

Andy and Solbi had amassed quite a following and immense popularity from playing a make-believe couple on MBC Sunday Sunday Night “We Got Married”. So when viewers of both shows saw the invitation, they understood the meaning behind it and the links, a smile inevitably formed on their faces.

Her team leader the asked Ju Ri, “Andy Lee. Is his last name DLee?”, invoking lots of laughter. Ju Ri replied, “He is my dream lover”, handing in her resignation letter. The letter confirmed that Solbi would leave the drama.

Viewers reactions was generally positive, “I really laughed hard when I saw the wedding invitation scene”, “Solbi’s departure is really a pity”.

18 thoughts on “Solbi quits Life Special Investigation Team citing “Marriage”

  1. Aww that’s so cute! It kinda reminds me of On Air.. They brought real life situations to the drama too… Haha..

  2. i thought WGM only doing shooting 2/wk, what will she do during other freetime?
    however that was very cute and obvious. WGM like a reality show with less script so less pressure on her i guess

  3. Solbi is very popular as she said on WGM. She is super crazy busy. Beside, this drama, she is a co host or permanent guest on other five weekly programs: Sang Sang Plus Season 2, Six Sense, Battle 8vs1, MBC Music Core and WGM. They must take a least six out of seven days a week already.

    And just in May, she was a guest on many other shows like Star King, Entertainment Rely (Street Interview), Line Up, and etc.

    She just debuted in 2006 as a female vocal singer of Typhoon. She already has two albums in 2006 and 2007. And boy! She is great. She is like a different person on stage, very stunning with her voice and moves. (I am hoping the third coming out soon.)

    Beside performing as a singer on many music shows and concerts, she has been a regular guest in a lot of programs, beside the ones I mentioned above, like New Xman, Star Golden Bell, Yashimmanman, Are you ready?, Happy Share Company, Love Letter, Mighty Mouth, Miraculous Victory & Defeat, Old Time TV, Happy Together Let’s go to school, Jiwhaza, MBC Nothing Impossible, and etc.

    She is also popular as a photo model, especially sexy posting. There are tons of her pictures on various magazines. She was the Maxim Cover for last September too.

    I think she made right decision quitting the drama ’cause it’s time consume and this one is too similar to her personality. It must be boring for her being herself even on drama. Ha Ha Ha

  4. Oh…so cute! And very smart of the script writers. Wow! Solbi and Andy are really gaining in popularity. I recently went and purchased Typhoon’s first and second album and they are awesome! Check out the song “So” on YouTube – One of my favs.

    And Andy! When I first heard Love Song, my initial reaction was…”hmm”; it’s ok. But after hearing him sing it a few times to Solbi and their duet a few weeks back, I’m totally addicted to it now.

    Go AnBi!

  5. haha read this ytd at soompi already. but still ur version more detailed.


    shing lang – Andy Lee
    shin bu – Jung Ju Ri [solbi]

    the sweetest part of the whole ep of the day!!

  6. So cool.. they linked the drama with we got married ^_^

    Btw, does it means that the earlier news about anbi leaving we got married is just a false alarm?
    Anbi would still be in we got married right? 🙂

  7. lol the screencap looks soo funny!
    Never even watched the drama, but i think i’ll try
    watching that scene at least… Andy must’ve been grinning like

  8. “so his last name is di lee?” lol!!
    and soo cute!
    oooh shilla andy, i bet his mom would push him to another matchmaking session after watching this eps,

  9. Aww, although it kindof makes me sad since this was her acting debut, I’m happy for her, and I think it was really clever and cute for the writers to include Andy there. Haha! But I’ve always wondered how she could stay chirpy and fun on WGM and other shows she’s in because she’s everywhere nowadays! I watch Sang Sang Plus, too, and she’s a host there, and I watch Music Core, too because she, DaeSung, and SeungRi host it, and she’s always smiling and beautiful. I think it was inevitable for her to leave one of her projects. It’s just too much, and I’m sure the drama is the most stressful, for in the other shows she’s in, she doesn’t really have to act, and she can be herself.

  10. bwahahha… thats funny xD
    i can imagine how the audiences laughing after saw that invitation xDDDDDD

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  12. I just started watching ‘We Got Married’ and I have to say that AnBi is my favorite couple (along with the AlShin). Solbi is just really bubbly and she has such a cute personality. I hate the thought of the two leaving (in MUCH later episodes, though) and I will definitely be looking out for her other projects!

  13. I think Alex n Sinae is the sweeter couple but Andy n Solbi is the sweetest couple in the world…i am not kidding…i am serious.Solbi n Andy look likes the real married.AnBi is the most beautiful couple i’ve ever seen.So,goodluck… (^_^)

  14. Oh… I’m not the only one wondering what they are felling like being apart after living together for so long…
    Although my favourite was the Lettuce Couple! How much I wished they wouldn’t part ever!!!

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