Eric takes on Lee Dong Gun and Kim Rae Won in drama competition

KBS drama “Strongest Chilwoo” starring Eric, Goo Hye Sun and Lee Un will start its broadcast in two weeks time on 9th June. This also means that it will be in direct competition with Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Gun’s MBC “When It’s At Night” and Kim Rae Won and Nam Sang Mi SBS “Gourmet” dramas in the Mon/Tues timeslot which starts one week later than them on 16th June.

All three dramas has been receiving lots of attention with their casts comparable to each other. Despite all three stories being totally different genres, “Strongest Chilwoo” revolves around an assassin, “When It’s At Night” is about relic hunters while “Gourmet” is about food, they will inevitably be compared by the media and viewers on all areas. Already, “Strongest Chilwoo” is already being compared with SBS “Iljimae” which is currently showing.

According to the production team of “Strongest Chilwoo”, the first two episodes will be focusing on the childhood of the main protagonists and will seek to lead in to the story of the adult characters thereafter. Some viewers however felt that it was a waste to use two episodes to tell the story of their childhood.

Posters like the one above for “Strongest Chilwoo” has received the support of fans and anticipating the eventual broadcast of the drama.

3 thoughts on “Eric takes on Lee Dong Gun and Kim Rae Won in drama competition

  1. I think I’m probably going to check out “When It’s at Night.” I’m getting kinda sick of historical dramas personally… Other than the big ones like “Dae Jang Geum” or “Joomong,” I don’t really watch them anymore so I don’t really know about “Strongest Chil Woo.”

  2. “Strongest Chil Woo” is being compared to “Iljimae”, while it is being compared to “Hong Gil Dong”, lol. Please do not let there be a forth one. 1 is enough for me.

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