We Got Married Episode 11 Summary

This was a pretty duh episode in that nothing BIG really happened. I have been spoiled by them too much but next week would probably be better. They film one day which is then edited to be shown in two parts with the latter usually being more interesting. They then take another day to do the studio recording.

Kim Hyun Joong piano playing got viewers attention following today’s broadcast. I think they got a lot of airtime today. Kim Hyun Joong was actually sorting their luggage in one corner as they moved into their new 2-storey apartment following their Jeju Island honeymoon when he suddenly said he only know how to play one song and started playing “I Miss You” by Kim Bum Soo.

Hwang Bo was feeling more happy than any other time after listening to her little groom playing for her. But her happiness was shortlived as Hyun Joong suddenly stopped saying, “I only practised till here…”, ending his piano recital.

Hwang Bo gave Hyun Joong a knitted sweater saying, “This knitted sweater is for you”. Hyun Joong replied, “I promise you that I will play you that song again once I finished learning it.” His words grabbing the attention of viewers.

Andy/Solbi part was pretty short this week and I won’t say much except that Solbi talked with Andy’s mother and grandmother on the phone. Short doesn’t necessary mean bad since more could come in other parts. For example, co-hosting Music Core last Saturday. Judging from clips for next week’s preview, the invited guests to their home are Chae Yeon, Kim Won Hee and So Yoo Jin.

Crown J said something interesting while preparing for their house-warming party, saying that he had just filmed a CF with Jang Dong Gun.

Jang Dong Gun Max Beer CF feat. Crown J

As for Lee Hwi Jae/Jo Yeo Jeong, it was pretty boring watching them last week save for the pasta part so I am not subbing that. Hopefully it would be better this week. Their invited guests include Park Ye Jin and Ock Ju Hyun.

14 thoughts on “We Got Married Episode 11 Summary

  1. Yay for Crown J and his CF with JDG! Crown J and SIY were hilarious this week. loved the way he looked at her sniveling with his mouth full of food. haha

  2. Aw, that CF with JDG is adorable! Crown J is adorable at end with his little puppy face. So cute.

    It looks like HB & KHJ is living a luxurious life… than the others?

  3. Lee Hwi Jae couple is really dull though….you can’t blame coolsmurf for subbing something that’s NOT remotely interesting. i rather he take the time to sub the interesting couples/parts instead.

  4. I have just read another piece of news saying that Solbi lost the ring Andy gave her. And it underlies the danger of this couple leaving. Is it true? T_T

  5. omg. i am very happy because Solbi is holding out on Andy with the ring. YAY. Go Solbi! she can’t always give and give. its nice that she didn’t wear it. ^^ but she will later on.
    now. im just waiting for them to have some petty fight because making up will be soo cute. hehe.

  6. yeah today’s was pretty disappointing…mebbe cuz I looked so forward to it ! >____<;;;
    looking forward to next week though

    I want Kim jong kook and yoon eun hye in this program!!!!

  7. alvin, could you please eng subbed the hwijae couple episode 10?
    and crown j couple and hwijae couple on episode 11?
    no one is subbing this variety show, excep you..
    im sorry for nagging you..
    thank youuuuuuuuu.
    will really appreciate it 🙂

  8. thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!
    cant thank you enough for subbing crown j and hwi jae couplaes :):):):)
    alvin! saranghanta!!!!!!

  9. Hwi Jae and Yeo Jeong are actually my new fav couple! She is so adorable!!! Please continue subbing them! I also can’t wait to see Ock Ju Hyun! She’s such funny person!

  10. Do you know if Lee Hwi Jae dated OCk Ju Hyun before ?
    I don’t get why he’s so scared of her !!
    Thanks =)

  11. hyun joong and hwang bo got a HUGE house with a indoor poor
    while other’s house… small

  12. Hi Alvin!

    Wow, I got so surprised to see you here after watching most of your videos in Youtube!

    Just to say, GREAT JOB & THANKS for your hard work!

    Keep up the good works ^_^v

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