Shin Ae not coming back to We Got Married?

News was mooted earlier about Alex and Shin Ae coming back on 8th June. Well, that has been temporarily shelved now. Although Alex has said that he is available to come back following the completion of his album production, it appears that it’s Shin Ae now who has problems returning.

Shin Ae expressed that she really enjoyed being on “We Got Married”. She gave her thoughts on their much talked about romantic pairing.

This program has been the only one that has managed to get me really emotional with regards to my feelings. Although I have left the program, but viewers have been constantly asking for my return, so there’s a possibility of me coming back. 

Shin Ae’s management has stated that it would be difficult now as she is focusing on her acting career and anything else including “We Got Married” is of lesser priority unless it can fit it with her schedule. She has apparently been casted for an unnamed drama scheduled for the latter part of 2008. Besides that, she has also received movie and CF offers adding to the difficulty.

Alex wants to redeem himself following that rather tearful “termination” while Shin Ae is probably hurting from the fact that she was the last one to know about his departure. But will Alex get the chance you wonder? It looks like Shin Ae aren’t bearing any grudges judging from her words above.

Shin Ae and Alex reunion looking bleak...

Nevertheless, the three parties are still involved in negotiations and we should keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best if you love the couple. But whatever decision is made in the end, we can do nothing really but just accept it and move along. The haters would probably be jumping in joy at this.

27 thoughts on “Shin Ae not coming back to We Got Married?

  1. I heard that she got casted for a drama on Naver… Hmm… Aside from the fact that she is busy, I’d also be reluctant to return I think. It seemed like she was really emotionally hurt even before Alex, but then he kinda sprang his departure on her with no warnings. It surprised me that he did that considering she had told him she was reluctant to opening up to guys because they always hurt her. Not that I resent Alex for that or anything, but I can kinda understand her.

    I don’t know… I mean, sometimes, some things are better left alone. I think maybe they should make their comeback later, not 2 or 3 months after they left. It’ll be that much more of a good reunion, when they’ve had time to do their own things and move on.

  2. I don’t know if I can watch Alex with another girl.I think it’s worse than the both of them leave.
    Shin Ae please come back!

  3. Oh, boy! I do hope they can work something out over this. I do so want to see Alex being given a chance to redeem himself here. As it is, he has been receiving a lot of flak over his “grand exit” from the show at the expense of Shinae. At the same time, their comeback to the show would allow us to gauge Shinae’s true feelings for Alex.

    If not, as u say, coolsmurf, we’ll just have to move on albeit reluctantly. (sigh!)

    As for the Al-Shin haters – well, let them hate all they want as long as we, the Al-Shin lovers, continue to love and support them. ):

  4. ooo drama!

    I still think this is marketing and publicity at its best.

    hmm… I still love them the most. hopefully we’ll see them again soon. =)

  5. Aigoo… I was just like just rewatching the older episodes to relive the memories… and now… aish…

    Its really one post that made me tongue tied, or more like finger tied… but thanks Alvin for the update…

    Well, if they come back… I will be so glad… if they don’t, well it just wasn’t mean to be on air I guess… we’ll move on…

    I agree with dihei, maybe we just want a closure of Alex “redeeming” himself and us supporters, gauging how Shin Ae really feels for Alex…

    But other than that, I am really happy that their career are really blossoming….

  6. Theres no problem on them coming back. Problem is that they intend to return all of the sudden, right after the show replaced them with another couple on which is just starting out.

  7. i just hope their return doesn’t mean we have to give up one of the current couples… hope Shin Ae comes back though.. because their couple was very sweet…

  8. honestly, it seems a little too over-dramatized..
    as much as other people are staged going into this show.. we have to remember this also includes Alex and ShinAe.
    It got a little fake afterwards.. the reason why I think Andy and Solbi is one of my favorites.. to see loveydovey 24/7 is for one thing repetitive but also very unrealistic. I’m not saying other couples ARE realistic, but I easily got sick of this couple because of the lack of conflict? character? of this couple. i think drama couples are more realistic than them.

  9. Oh c’mon, We Got Married made her more well known, rather than just being “one of Minwoo’s ex-gfs”. She should be back on the show, her new drama will probably flop. I know, harsh, but it’s somewhat true. Can she act anyway?

  10. I would prefer Alex and Shin Ae not to come back to the show. It is better to have new couples on the show. Plus, if they do have feelings for each other, just leave them alone, why do they have to go on a TV show to show their affection for each other?

  11. I am still hoping that they will come back. Whether the delay in their comeback is a publicity stunt..we won’t really know but fans of the couple should just keep a positive attitude. I think if it was all up to the two of them, Alex and Shin Ae would want to come back. As for the haters, what to expect from them but a bunch of crap. Let’s just drown out their mean comments with the mantra “AlShin come back!”

  12. I totally agreed with commenter no. 1 (sorry don’t read Korean words).

    We should leave them alone and let carry on with their lives. All the best to both of them.


  13. hmmm….as much as I want to see ALex redeem himself, part of me strongly think that the timing isnt right for him now. and the reasons why everyone eager for their comeback is becos their love story was about to start but STOP so sudden. and we’re all want to know how Shinae responses to Al….

    now that ShinAe busy with her career in acting, the chances for her to comeback is very slim and I dont think she held any grudge toward Alex becos of his “grand-exit”. Eitherway she’s still leave the show anyway becos she has drama,movie,CF that need her more. (sooner or later, sooner than we’re all expected)
    ALSHIN story aint fake as some of you said and it isnt tiring to watch compare to the others couple. AnBi are way too much of loveydovey and Solbi “wanting-more” behaviour is tiring. I feel like Solbi do all the work while Andy taken his time to show his affections. Same as CJ & IY, and all of them at some point mentions/or comparing to AlShin.

    anyway, let just wait and see how the negotiation process going

    PS: Hater are LOSERS so just let them be, hate all you wants

  14. I agree with #4… best publicity EVER.

    I mean besides the fact that I have no Korean Pop Culture in me, I didn’t know who the heck Shin Ae was before We Got Married. Let’s be frank, she should consider how much this show has made her more popular. If she stays on this show, she will garner enough attention to be more of a household name and when everyone eventually roots for her or knows who she is.. she can gain many more endorsements or be on more dramas; whatever she claims to prioritize.

    She/her management should really consider this before backing down. On another note, I love Alex and ShinAe and their drama-free bubble for warming the heart 24/7.

  15. I Believe in shin ae and alex ! even if they dont come back now…they will come back later 😀


  16. awwwww… i secretly wish for them to make another appearance of WGM. but then even if they do not it’s ok.

  17. i wanted alex to come back ONLY with shin and nobody else… to be honest, before WGM i did’nt know that she exist as an actress.. i’ve been watching first few episodes before and one of the comments stated that she was hurt because of minwoo, so that is basically how i got to really know her.. she became a household name because of WGM and i think it is just appropriate to come back (since she told alex that she will wait for him) and in a way show appreciation because all of us will admit that she became more popular now.If she comes back, that is like hitting two birds with one stone, publicity plus alex (hehehe..wishful thinking on the latter part).. …

    for those haters.. if you can’t join us for our love for the couple.. get lost..

  18. I am torn!

    On one hand, I would love to see them back again. On the other, I am happy that Shin Ae’s career is starting to pick up.


  19. I am reminded of Yoon Eun Hye’s case when she left XMAN–here she was a variety show regular who has somewhat created a character for herself and has created similar speculations regarding her “love team” with KJK. But she left the variety show, much to the dismay of YEH-KJK fans, to film a drama. Because of her departure, many fans also felt a void in the show, yet the drama became the breakthrough of her career and her now tremendous popularity.

    I’m not saying that Shin Ae will become as popular YEH (but it’s a possibility), however you can understand why a part of me also wants her to pursue whatever opportunity that comes her way.

    But a larger part of me still wants them to come back!
    By the power of the thousands of netizens who support them:

  20. ‘우리 결혼했어요’의 신애-알렉스 커플이 비밀리에 재회했다. 26일 알렉스 신애 커플은 서울 남산과 용인에 위치한 세트장에서 복귀 첫촬영을 마쳤다.

    알렉스-신애 커플의 남산 재회 장면은 ‘우리 결혼했어요’를 통해 6월 8일 방송된다.

    If i am not wrong, they started filming the reunion epi on 26th at Namsan and schedule to showcase on the 8th June.

    Weeeeee !!!!

  21. Hi kfanatics,

    Thanks a million! You are cool. Looking forward to the episode.


  22. I heard that they filmed yesterday ~~~ so i think they will show up in june 1 preview for june 8 epi!!! OMG O zEXCITEDDD gakakakak

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