Kim Jong Wook performs Only You with Jin Bora

Kim Jong Wook must be like pretty sick of performing this song right? Yesterday, he performed this song for the 11th time on SBS Inkigayo. After trying out duets in his last three performances, he tried out something new as he performed together with jazz pianist, Jin Bora. It was quite interesting until she started singing but can’t really fault her since her strength is not singing.

Since debuting by singing solo, Kim Jong Wook has had variations to his performances by inviting celebrities like Hong Suh Yeon, Hwang Jung Eum (twice), Nam Gyu Ri (twice), Lee Young Eun and Hong Suh Yeon as he serenaded them during his stage. He then tried out dueting it with Lee Bo Ram (twice) and Han Ye Won. I do think it’s time for him to try singing another song.

6 thoughts on “Kim Jong Wook performs Only You with Jin Bora

  1. I don’t she was too bad for not being a singer. Her voice wasn’t the greatest, but she carried the tune fine.

  2. jin bora!!! omo!! haven’t seen her since Anyband!! *-*
    her piano skills rocked!!! XD
    yeah.. i was surprised to hear her sing too.. but it wasn’t that bad.

  3. How long does an artist promote his or her song anyway? I dunno about them, but I’m really tired of this song already.

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