Jang Dong Gun and Crown J films Max Beer CF together

Crown J who has been acting as a make-believe couple with Seo In Young in “We Got Married”, recently filmed a CF together with big star, Jang Dong Gun.

Jang Dong Gun and Crown J

The CF concept is about guys’ charisma and warmth. The CF was filmed on 8th May under a warmth atmosphere where Crown J dishes slices of watermelons to Jang Dong Gun while the latter returns the favor by introducing him Max Beer.

The production company expressed, “We showed Jang Dong Gun a list of artistes that could act opposite him (in the CF). He felt that Crown J’s passion on stage and his warmth shown in We Got Married fitted perfectly with our brand image. So we decided on using Crown J.”

This was Crown J’s first-ever CF since his debut. A clear indication of how “We Got Married” has helped raised his popularity and image.

Jang Dong Gun Max Beer CF feat. Crown J

10 thoughts on “Jang Dong Gun and Crown J films Max Beer CF together

  1. yay! i’m so happy for crown j! and he has his signature ‘a!’ shirt.

    he looks good, as always, along with his little facial expressions! love `em!
    thanks for posting it coolsmurf!

  2. A!

    lol he looked so cute in the end!!

    btw, its the soundtrack used in Yoon Eun Hye’s drama The Man in the Vineyard!!

  3. lol~ i like how jdg looks @ crown j’s necklace when he brings the watermelon to his table. total adlib! & i think the ending where crown j says, “max tastes good” was also adlib, since ppl were laughing.

  4. I’m EXTREMELY suprised that out of everyone JDG had to choose from, he chose Crown J. Congrats to Crown. I’ve adored him since “V.I.P.”

  5. I’m happy for Crown J. Our Kevin is movin’ on up…hahahaha. He is cute and funny lol.
    I’m glad WGM has opened a lot of doors for Crown J. Now I’m just waiting for his CF with Seo In Young.

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