Infinity Challenge reaching its bottleneck

Infinity Challenge has been suffering drastic declining ratings for the past month and their 24th May episode only obtained 14.35% of viewers.

Infinity Challenge was once heralded as the program that shook and bought about a big change in the variety show realm. It managed to notch consistent ratings of 30% and above at it’s peak. But since April this year, the ratings has been drastically declining and hovering in the 10s percentile.

Some say that the departure of former host, Haha to the military is leaving behind a far bigger void than anticipated. The emergence and popularity of KBS “1N2D”, similar in concept to Infinity Challenge has also been a factor.

14 thoughts on “Infinity Challenge reaching its bottleneck

  1. Oh no! I hope they don’t get rid of it! man but can they hold out until HaHa comes back? They need to have a new concept or something.

  2. same here! i love that show!!
    maybe what they need is to have new character to temporarily replace ‘Haha’.

  3. I still LOVE this show. Maybe Jo In Sung SHOULD become a regular to replace HaHa for the time being. That episode was hilarious. Or maybe So Ji Sup can come on… ^_^

  4. ooh man i just got into this show. i hope that they do something. just dont get axed.

    come on pdnims. find a good 6th person! ^^

  5. Never thought about it before, but KJK WOULD be a GREAT choice. It would actually give them a chance to win competitions ^_^

  6. yeah its getting bad because of shows that are more popular, 1 night 2 days, we got married, etc.

  7. I love infinity challenge!

    1n2d copied most of the concepts that infinity challenge used to do, like that thing where there’s 6 bowls and only 3 of them have water and 3 of them have vinegar or whatever.

    The PD for infinity challenge is a genius, coming up with all these ideas for each episode!

  8. OMO!!!

    I really love this show, but because they stopped subbing it I’m starting to love 1D2N, although these guys are funny but with HAHA not around they need help.LOL

    I guess to make a twist they should add a female host or something. or maybe that funny radio host who danced to So Hot Kim Shin young(?)

    Infinity Challenge! Hwaiting! ~hana mana ….LOL

    Lovin it from Philippines

  9. i liked IC but i must admit,after Haha left.. i kinda stopped watching it. it looks really incomplete w/out him.

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