Foreshadowing of a split between Andy and Solbi?

note: This is the latest news regarding Andy/Solbi and nothing has been confirmed about the ring whereabouts, so don’t feel too upset about it.

The conclusion of the 25th May episode of “We Got Married” has led to viewers feeling uneasy and worried for Andy and Solbi couple.

Andy and Solbi has always been the most loved and popular couple but there appears to be cracks forming despite their numerous show of affection for each other. Many are wondering if they are the next couple to go their separate ways following the conclusion of episode 11 yesterday.

The main target here is the ring that Andy gave Solbi in Episode 10. Solbi had accidentally lost (??) the ring that her “husband” gave her. Although she tried to cover it up by not answering his question directly on where it is, Andy seems to have suspected something. The both of them have rarely squabbled with each other since the start and this first sign of ominous danger is looming ever closer.

Solbi’s attitude towards explaining her actions for not answering Andy about the ring made viewers felt uneasy. Especially, when Solbi’s attitude reminds one of what Alex exhibited right before he announced his departure.

Viewers expressed their uneasiness, “Where Solbi and Andy is heading now is exactly like what Alex and Shin Ae did earlier.” Others said, “The possibility of having five couples isn’t that feasible, does that mean Andy and Solbi will be exiting?”, “Their duration was pretty short this week, this is really suspicious”, “The preview shows Andy being “scolded” for being blunt and dull. Could he be feeling the strain and pressure?”, “Just overanalyzing”.

36 thoughts on “Foreshadowing of a split between Andy and Solbi?

  1. tsk..tsk.. solbi lost the ring? omo..omo.. she should tell the truth and explain.. andy will be disappointed, of course, but i’m sure he will understand it. everyone makes mistakes.

  2. it was kind of strange how she kept ignoring his questions, and how she said she has a secret that only she knows o_o *sigh* first alex and shinae, next andy and solbi:( woah, i just realized both couples have the same first intials lol

    and in the preview, andy looks sad:((( as much as i dont want it to happen, it HAS been 11 episodes, and maybe it’s time for them to go…

  3. perhaps solbi has her own reason for not wearing it, e.g. haven’t confirmed andy’s feelings, etc. *optimistic*

  4. Thanks for the news coolsmurf… I would not really be that much worried about the ring… I have a feeling that this article is another press release to get people to tune in even more to We Got Married since people would be curious to see where the ring really is…

    I know Solbi has her reasons for not wearing the ring… I think at this point what she wants is an assurance coming from Andy that indeed the ring means something special and not just something given to her as a token of friendship or what not…

    I don’t think Solbi and Andy will be leaving anytime soon… after all they are the shows main attraction whether or not we want to admit it…

  5. i saw both the cuts( thanks coolsmurf for translating them) and the preview and i can’t see why anyone would say that they are going to leave. I guess andy is not gonna be very happy next episode, but i think that solbi is only testing him. If a fight would make a couple break, then seo in young and crown j would have broken up since episode 1. I think that the story is getting really interesting now, for up until now, solbi was the one that gave and andy received. i guess now it’s starting to be the other way. And it can never be a perfect relationship, even a made up one. I t would be to boring, so i think that the PD is just making everything more entertaining.

  6. just a question… do you guys really think that even when it comes to the “ring issue” that is still scripted yo make the show more interesting esp anbi couple??…..

  7. There can’t be a serious problem, since they seem to get along well today.. and this is recorded a while ago!

  8. Komapsumnida, for the news. I tried not to dwell too much into the issue. The PR of MCB is doing a wonderful job. Let’s wait and see how things develop.

  9. i don’t think solbi lost that ring!!!
    she treasured it..because it came from andy..that’s why that ring is very special!^^

    by the way thanks ccolsmurf…for the eng. sub. and uploading the WGM episodes..also to SuhHyunmine,….thank you so much guys!!!


  10. oh really? she said to andy that she lost it? well in this case if she keeps it well then she should say it straight and i don’t think she lost it since he just gave it and next few days she lost it? how impossible! but again this might be just a part of the show

  11. bet there will be a twist and solbi had a reason why she didn’t wear the ring and when Andy know the reason he’ll fall in love even more with her..MAYBE?Idk, i don’t want them to split, they’re so cute together..

  12. well in my opinion i don’t think she lost the rung. i think she just wanted to find out some answer for herself before she can wear the ring. i believe andy & solbi can withstand anything. there not going to break up over a ring. a ring is precious and solbi losing the first ring she ever got and plus it from the person she like is very unlikely. if they cut anbi couple from we got married the rating will go down. anbi is the only couple that i watch and if they are not on it anymore i will not watch it anymore. like i say before i trust andy & solbi! maybe she will tell the reason why in the next episode! andy & solbi fighting!

  13. I’m pretty sure she didn’t lose it because when Andy asks where the ring is, she says it is in a case. If she actually lost it, that would be a pretty big lie so there must be another reason for her not to wear it…

  14. haha. (1) its very unlikely that she lost the ring. (2) many fans will be upset, me included.

    solbi didn’t lose the ring. she’s just holding out on Andy. Ever since the show started, she’s been the one giving. And its time now that she recieves. In love, you gotta give and take. its not fair that she’s always giving.

    If you watch this eppy closely, their roles are reverse. He’s the one who is “pulling”. and she’s not paying attention to him as much. then, she does that perfume thing on Andy, making him shocked. she has the upper hand. hehe. she’s learning. she’s playing her cards right. ^^

  15. Maybe Solbi is trying to get a ring with a similar design made for Andy, and thats why she does not have the ring with her now. Plus she keeps trying to change the subject which may imply that she is hiding something from him, like maybe a surprise? Can you imagine matching rings???

  16. Yo coolsmurf, I think it’s a little bit on the “over analyzing” side. ^_^ Isn’t the basic idea of this show is to present to the viewer a somewhat realistic portrayal of a newly we marriage?
    If that is the case then arguments need to be a part of it. They can’t just continuously show all the sweets and caramels. Plus the argument that they had about the ring, I see it as 2 things:
    (1) PD needs a good “start” to head into an argument
    (2) This two people are really “trapped” in their own feelings and it can get confusing after awhile. 🙂 I honestly think that they really like each other in reality. ^_^

    Anyhoo…that’s just my two cents. I don’t want any of the latest combos to end. 🙂 I am not a big Alex and Shinae supporter because, well, mostly I don’t care for that kind of mushy, scary goosebump relationship (plenty exposure already from the dramas, thank you very much). I think the others are more light hearted or I should say…there are components from each of the current five couples that make my own marriage (I am very fortunate to have a fun and loving hubby 🙂 ) and that’s why I really enjoy the show cuz I know they can exist in real life. 🙂

  17. I think it’s pretty obvious they’re trying to swerve the audience with that article. I guess I’m the only one but didn’t anyone else think the reason Solbi doesn’t have the ring right now is because she’s getting a “coupling” ring made for Andy and they need it for the design?

  18. I was wondering…did the Music Core with Andy and Solbi happened before or after they started shooting for ep. 11 and 12?

  19. Solbi did not lose the ring. I believe she is keeping it until it is appropriate for her to wear it. They’re not officially a couple yet in real life and I think that ring will represent that bond when they become official. Of course she can wear it anytime, but like she said duing her personal interview in episode 11, it is very percious and she needs a percious reason to wear it. Andy thinks the same too during his interview as well.

    So AnBi supporters, DO NOT FREAK OUT!!!

  20. I agree with the majority of commenters here. I doubt she lost it. Probably truly keeping it safe “in the case” as she says. She might have doubts about wearing it because wearing such a ring would indicate a great importance to her. And I don’t think she’d want to wear it if Andy meant to give it to her merely as a friendship or on-tape/show item. She did mention that this the first time a guy has ever given her a ring, so maybe she only wants to wear it when the feelings and situation is real-life, and not just on-show.

  21. Offtopic but I was wondering about Andy’s other romances. I’m watching the older Xman episodes and watching the interaction between Andy and Lee Jin. While their “romance” was not really one, they seemed to have decent chemistry and it made me start wondering about what kind of woman is Andy’s actual “ideal” woman. I think I could deal with Andy dumping Solbi only if it was for someone like Lee Jin with whom he had a connection before.

  22. I am getting worried.. Just read a news this morning…

    솔비 “앤디오빠 결혼상대 최고, 지금 사귈 마음은 없어”

    Hope this is not saying she is leaving the show…

  23. gyopolife, It’s just becuase Andy and Lee Jin was paired in a drama. That’s why they were close. Anyway that Xman episode was like from a few years back, around 2005, I guess. And on other episodes of Xman Lee Jin clearly showed her interest on Shin Hye Soong another member of Shinhwa.

  24. well im not really worried about the ring and such
    what im worried about is that because of andy`s hectic schedule he has to leave the show..
    he said it himself that after his album he has a musical and then a movie
    that would probably overlap his schedules..i dont know maybe im thinking too much….
    but seriously watching this couple leave *if it ever happen* will be a shame the show will lose more than half of the meaning since alshin left already

  25. thanks for the news! i thought solbi acted weird in the last episode, she wasn’t as lovey as before and appeared cold… it seems like andy’s da one who was trying to get her affection =/ hmmm i doubt that they wud be taken off the show because the ratings would definitely drop…

  26. I think that Solbi is just testing Andy. Remember in the first episodes she acted like she liked Eric. Now she’s just acting a bit reserved to see what Andy’s true feelings are. I highly doubt she lost the ring, when I saw the episode (thanks coolsmurf) the first thought that came to mind was she’s probably making a matching ring for Andy as a surprise. Well we’ll see.

  27. I don’t know why people take this show so seriously?! It’s not real!!!! From what I’ve seen, Solbi is more into Andy than he is into her.

  28. I think Solbi didn’t lose the ring as well. Why would she lose a ring from ANDY?! That’s the first thing he has basically ever given her. I really doubt she would lose it; instead, I think she’s keeping it safe somewhere. I bet we’ll see the ring again later.

    However, I also see the rift between them a bit. I think this was the first episode where Solbi was in a bad mood and even had a mini spat with Andy. Despiter this, I don’t think they would leave the show. Solbi’s popularity has soared because of WGM, and so has Andy’s. I mean, Andy’s always been popular, but he’s even more popular as a soloist now. Speaking of soloist, he also uses the show alot to promote his songs like “Love Song” and “Propose”, which if I did not constantly hear in the show, I would think they are mediocre and somewhat of stupid songs. (No offense, Andy fans.)

  29. no way in heck are Andy and Solbi leaving the show. They got really popular because of We Got Married. Andy was popular as Shinhwa member but never got this much attention for being himself before WGM.

    I’m not an Andy-Solbi fan at all but even I can see how viewers would go up in arms if they leave the show. I think one of the newer couples would leave first before Andy-Solbi. Hwi Jae-Yeo Jeong might be the ones to go first considering they didn’t even get to record the ‘We Got Married’ Nolrawa/ Come To Play episode.

  30. If she has lost the ring Im disappointed because she whines he didnt do anything for her and then he gives her that and she loses it. :/

  31. I an Andy latest fan.
    i juz noe tat Solbi and him are the coupl in the programme “we got married”
    Solbo lost the ring!?
    Did she found?
    Did my Andy oppa angry wif tat?
    Hope tat he wont…
    Solbi really very anxious…
    I really hope tat they are real couple..
    Although this is very uneasy for me to accept that my Andy oppa had wife…
    Hope tat they r real
    Andy oppa…
    Although wat happen, plz dont scold Solbi, and i LOVE U ALWAYS!!!!!

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