Andy hosts Music Core together with Solbi

The make-believe couple of Andy and Solbi from MBC “We Got Married” wedding variety continued their fantasy-like pairing on yesterday’s MBC Music Core.

Andy and Solbi hosts Music Core

Regular MCs, Seung Ri and Dae Sung was unable to host yesterday’s Music Core because of Big Bang’s Global Warning Tour in Daegu on the same day. So Andy was drafted in to replace them as a one episode MC with Solbi.

Andy and Solbi gave a steady and natural performance as MCs, accumulated from weeks of “living” together as a make-believe couple on “We Got Married”.

Solbi in the midst of broadcast praised Andy for his humorous way of talking, “You really can pick up from where I left off easily”. When Son Dam Bi was performing, Andy said in amazement, “She is really very beautiful and also can dance so well”, as a pair of jealous eyes (Solbi) shot back at him. Nevertheless, this showed up the make-believe couple blissfulness.

And for the benefit of those who didn’t know, the four couples will be receiving a housewarming party mission in today’s episode of MBC “We Got Married”. While we don’t really know who they will be inviting for their own parties, we do know that So Yoo Jin and Chae Yeon will be guests at Andy/Solbi’s house.

11 thoughts on “Andy hosts Music Core together with Solbi

  1. Nice, I look forward to it! Btw, are you going to sub any other parts than Andy and Solbi’s?

  2. I LOVE THEM!! Coolsmurf, you don’t understand how I LOVE your blog! I check it almost 8-10 times a day! HUAHAHAHA!!! You are the best!

  3. Now i wanna see this episode so badly, unnie Chae Yeon will be in the party. Andy & Solbi best couple ever! and best blog ever!

  4. Im so excited that Chae Yeon onnie will be on this week!! I cant wait for the episode!! Your great!!

  5. actually, don’t get your hopes too high, their guests might only come out next week, cue the Shinhwa episode. left with crown j/seo in young part for ep 10.

  6. ohmygosh, i just watched the cuts. they’re adorable together, and they move so naturally with each other. solbi seems more in her zone with andy then dae dae and seungri.

  7. thanks for the update. whew!! it is already an addiction. hahaha can’t wait for more ANBI cuts.

    (you translate this stuff better. i appreciate the effort) cheers ^-^

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