9 thoughts on “Say It Again by Marie Digby

  1. It wasn’t like blowing-my-mind, jaw-dropping, Charice Pempengco good but it was just a good, sweet, melodic, and soothing cover.
    And yes, she is pretty. ^^

  2. Whoa.. I just got on Youtube and she happened to be one of the “currently watched videos”… And she has an official mv for this song if you didn’t know, Alvin…

    (Just in case you didn’t know…^^)

  3. Try listening to her rendition of Like A Star by Corinne Bailey Rae. It’s a great song and she sang it well.

  4. you are way overdue on Marie’ Digby!! I bought her album like 2 months ago. her album is spectacular. now she’s on tour. i can’t wait till she gains that popularity she deserves.

  5. Marié !! She was known thanks to her cover for Umbrella by Rihanna !

    She has her own album now, this is all about Youtube lol

  6. Wow! She is really an awesome singer! I actually preferred her version of “Umbrella” better than Rhianna’s!

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