Nam Gyu Ri possessed by the supernatural?

It was reported earlier that Nam Gyu Ri had been filming her debut horror movie “Gosa” with her new cropped hair. In the movie, she is constantly running from zombies but something eerie has been happenning to her on the movie set.

Three days earlier, Nam Gyu Ri was filming as per schedule when suddenly she just lost control and started slapping her co-star Lee Bum Soo (acting as her teacher). Her actions scared the hell out of everyone watching as filming halted. 30 minutes later, Nam Gyu Ri went over to Lee Bum Soo in tears and apologised for her actions. She said that she had no idea why she did that.

Eye-witnesses suspect that she might have been possessed by the supernatural for an instant or too into her role and lost control of her emotions.

15 thoughts on “Nam Gyu Ri possessed by the supernatural?

  1. I feel sorry for Lee Bum Soo!!! I bet he scares of her now, and not thinking twice of how pretty she looks anymore!!! hahaha

  2. That’s just creepy.
    Then again, some people can be too into their role. I hope it’s nothing too serious.. or suicidal.

  3. lmao,she probably just really wanted to slap Lee Bum Soo ,and used that as an excuse….or she got too into character!:p

  4. i couldn’t help but laugh a little….though i feel sorry for lee bum soo. i love the guy!

  5. Probably too much NEGETIVE vibes on the set.
    Had an effect on her psychologically, that she did that. LOL

    Anyway, that pic looks funny and creepy at the same time.

  6. Haha.. Sry, but I laughed when I first read this… Haha…Kimchikimi, your comment also made me laugh.

    There are always funny things going on Korean horror movie sets and such… Irks me.

    Anna, it’s just the angle that’s making her hand look small.

  7. hehe… as much as I like LBS, I just couldn’t help laughing ^^

    Hmm.. I hope it’s a Commercial trick (or how you call it). I Hope they are just trying to gather as much attention as possible before airing.
    (otherwise it’s just creepy… and poor LBS ^^)

  8. if its just a commercial tactics then its pretty lame,
    i wonder why there no news from the studio or the person themselves if it really happened?
    free advertisement, who wouldnt love that
    lol in the pic she looks really happy and playing

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