Iljimae ushers in romantic plum blossom bliss

Korean dramas always fare well in drawing out the romantic element when the male and female lead meet for the first time. This was evidently shown in the opening episode of SBS “Iljimae”. The meeting between the child characters of young Ryung/Iljimae and young Eun Chae under a plum tree covered with blossoms was like poetry in motion, attracting the viewers attention.

To apologise for her brother’s impudence, young Eun Chae makes the trip to Lee Won Ho’s residence together with her father. After making the apology, she wonders to the courtyard and is attracted to the sounds of birds chirping. To listen better, young Eun Chae attempts climbing the plum tree but is startled by approaching footsteps as she falls. As she looks up with the sun shining down, the face of young Ryung, son of Lee Won Ho looks down on her.

Young Eun Chae starts explaining, “I only wanted to listen to the birds chirping, so…”. Young Ryung sees her desire and climbs onto the tree with ease before extending his hand to young Eun Chae. As the both of them sits on the tree happily, their eyes meet with each other as their hearts starts to accelerates.

Just at this moment, young Eun Chae has to leave. This is perhaps fate, as young Eun Chae keeps looking back at young Ryung, unwilling to leave. Young Ryung can only watch in silence as she disappears from his sight. Their parting is marked by blossoms falling, making the scene extra beautiful.

Viewers remarked, “The scene where the blossoms fall were simply beautiful!”, “That scene makes me want to see how the story progress.” The adult Ryung will be played by Lee Jun Ki while adult Eun Chae is played by Han Hyo Joo. What will be their romance like for the two adult characters?

3 thoughts on “Iljimae ushers in romantic plum blossom bliss

  1. While that scene was cute and romantic (even for kids), I still can’t help but root for Lee Young Ah’s character. I just love Bong Soon’s spunkiness!

  2. omgosh!!!!
    this calls for excitement
    lee jun ki and han hyo joo?????
    my dream couple!!!!
    i can’t waitttt

  3. i watched 2 episodes of Iljimae and it’s really interesting !!

    the scene where Kyum explain to Eun chae about the bird’s story give us a hint that their future’s love will be tragic i think.

    can’t wait to see upcoming episodes !!

    Thanks for the news coolsmurf ^^ i really enjoy reading Iljimae’s news

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