Why isn’t Spotlight appealing to viewers?

Even though things appear to be looking up for MBC “Spotlight” after finally managing to hit a double-digit rating of 11% for it’s 3rd episode the day before, there are worrying signs ahead for the drama.

“Spotlight” revolves around the lives of television news reporters and brings to screen their passion for news gathering and the problematic process. It’s a pretty professional drama as it mirrors the problems that reporters face in real life and also reveals the high tension inside a television station. Judging from the material, it does appear to be pretty similar to SBS “On Air”. But why does it not get a favourable reaction from the viewers?

First, the timeslot that it started in wasn’t ideal at all. The first two episodes were placed in the same week where “On Air” was ending and viewers are definitely not going to switch channels. SBS then subsequently used “Iljimae” starring Lee Jun Ki as the follow-up drama, not giving any leeway to MBC at all. Compared to “Iljimae”, “Spotlight” is profound and confusing and it ain’t an easy task to tell the story of reporters in detail on screen. It’s a particularly taxing task for the screenwriter to merge all that together for an entertaining drama.

Then again, the leader isn’t determined in just one or 2 weeks. “Iljimae” and “Spotlight” boasts star-studded casts and totally different story genres. Although “Iljimae” is currently leading now, things could change in future. Unless “Spotlight” loosen up and be not so professional, it would alienate viewers definitely. But it’s difficult if they want to mirror reporters’ lifestyles in reality. It’s a catch-22 situation for the screenwriter to balance things out.

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