The One Man, Kim Jong Kook is released from the military

After more than two years in the military since 2006, singer Kim Jong Kook more affectionally known as the “One Man” was released from service this morning. Sorely missed for his songs on stage and his appearances on variety shows, he was welcomed by legions of media and fans who had been waiting for his release for the past 26 months in military civil service.

Kim Jong Kook released from military

Kim Jong Kook gave a quick interview to waiting reporters upon his release, “I feel really great now. I’m going to meet my parents first and hope to go on a trip with them.” He then expressed his thanks to his fans who had come to receive him, “I’m really thankful to everyone who has waited a long time for me, really thank you all for coming.” As for singer Jo Sung Mo who was released on the same day as him, “We are colleagues not rivals. I hope that we can present even better music together for fans in future.”

He was also asked about his opinion of Yoon Eun Hye by a concerned reporter

I have always been supportive of her. Seeing how successful she is now, I’m really very happy.

You can view his video interview with translation over at angelyrique’s lj.

Rest well, recharge your vocals and muscles and looking forward to your comeback this Autumn. More pictures of his release here.

And please do something with regards to the “One Woman”.

27 thoughts on “The One Man, Kim Jong Kook is released from the military

  1. HELLL YEAHHH!! He’s the only male singer that I follow lol… FTTS is a duo so they don’t count lol

    I hope he goes back to variety shows..

  2. OMG I’m so happy KJK is back. I hope we can see him on the screens soon. He’s one of my favorite Korean singers so I’m very glad to know he’s been released from the MS. It’d also be awesome to see if he is gonna get married soon lol.

  3. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. KJK oppa is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t believe it’s been 2 yrs already… Imagine if we could see the one woman on We got married along with KJK, it’d be so exciting. Thanx coolsmurf for the news and yeah, I also hope to see him getting married with the one woman haha. Just a dream… Oppa fighting! We are looking forward to ur new songs!!!!!!!!

    He’s back… FINALLY!
    I don’t know how long I’ve waited!
    Can’t wait until he starts his music activities!
    Hopefully, no more with YEH.. Sry Alvin and all other KJK & YEH fans but I don’t really like YEH much…at all. Haha but hey, whatever makes him happy I guess.
    He looks wonderful! ^^

  5. emm, i am really glad he’s back

    and i hope see him soon on screens again

    and i was thinking how would it be if he gets in we got married with YEH??

    that would be great, the WGM show would become so hot with this couple in it lol

  6. How awesome! It’s really nice to have KJK back and I really wonder what hits he’s going to bring us next. Now abot YEH, with her busy schedule how is this going to work out?

  7. And please do something with regards to the “One Woman”.

    lol..the best line of the whole article!!

  8. More muscles i think hehe
    i love him..i mean i love his sense of humors!
    Welcome back KJK ^___^

  9. nice! this is the day that i’ve been waiting for!!!!!
    hope to hear more on jong kook oppa..
    but i guess, i’ll have to wait more, like months…hahhaha but it’s ok
    tnx coolsmurf!

  10. OMG YESSSSSSSS!!!!! MANSEH!!!!!! SOO HAPPY! I hope there is an interview of famcam of him coming out soon

  11. aish! i did it again. i jumped the gun. thanks for the link on the interview coolsmurf.

  12. wow…I’m super happy now that KIM JONG KOOK is back…

    and i want to see you both kim jong kook and yoon eun hye together…

    God bless you…

    We are looking forward to ur new songs….

  13. I m so happy to see him again! he still so lovely and polite man .. I hope see kjk and yoon eun hye on show or interviews again,, and to be get marry if its possible.

  14. Thank you for uploading more deatils about KJK.. Hope someday Yoon Eun hye ang KJK can be together in movie or concert ..thanks

  15. i like how KJK shyly reacted when he was asked about
    YEH….naughty reporters. welcome KJK oppa!

  16. is yeh really that busy?i miss her…im so glad kjk is back i miss him…i really like him…give me some news about them please

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