Alex and Shin Ae might return in June

After seeing Alex and Shin Ae making an emotional departure from MBC “We Got Married” in May due to Alex leaving to produce his solo album, it was announced yesterday that they might be making a swift return to our screens.

Shin Ae and Alex in blissful times

If negotiations go well, Alex and Shin Ae will make their return on 8th June (episode after the house-warming party mission in the next 2 weeks). And this will mean that MBC “We Got Married” will consist of five couples then, Alex/Shin Ae, Lee Hwi Jae/Jo Yeo Jeong, Kim Hyun Joong/Hwang Bo, Andy/Solbi and finally Crown J/Seo In Young. This also means that “We Got Married” might stay at 100 mins or more in future. This was a great post-birthday present.

41 thoughts on “Alex and Shin Ae might return in June

  1. OMG IoI That’s the best news of the day! Anyway, aren’t five couple too many? Frankly, I thought that they put Lee Hwi Jae/Jo Yeo Jeong just temporarily till the return of Alshin.

  2. that is awesome!!! =) i look more and more foward to the show…aww..but i wish they could do a alex-shinae house warming party too. that would be nice to see =)

  3. Alvin, you totally made my day! Oh my gosh! I’m so excited! That’s two weeks away! Fellow Al-Shin fans, our couple will be back!!!!

  4. Woooo! *does the cabbage patch* sorry had to do it old school. Thank you coolsmurf!

    Omg wait a minute! Alvin it was your birthday?!?!?! Dude you didn’t even blog about it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALVIN!!! I hope you had an awesome bday. ❤

    “we got married” has gotten really dull w/o them…
    im so excited…June isnt that far away =D

  6. YYYYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’ve been waiting for this!!!! OMG!!!!…. so happy now!!

  7. wait was it your bday recently??? then happy birthday.. you rock man :P…

    they will be back? nice… does that mean you will stop subbing crown j couple?? nooooo!!!!

  8. OMG the best news EVER ❤ thanks so much !!! happy b-day ~!!!! OMG SO happy…kekekekeke i can’t wait !!!

  9. happy happy happy…anyway…i heard SS501 is having a concert this june and it’s overseas…i just think maybe one couple are out again..
    can’t wait for june…

  10. This is the best news I’ve seen in a week. Thank God they brought them back. Now I can look forward to watching them again. AlShin Fighting!!!

  11. I hope you don’t mind if I post this news in AlShin’s thread in soompi because I just went there and they already know the news but no one has posted the translation of the news. I really hope you don’t mind because I’m certain their fans, me included, will be excited and delighted to read this news.

  12. @spuddevaughn, of course i don’t mind. it’s good to make it known than keep it in one place.

    thanks to everyone for the b-day wishes. didn’t blog about it since it’s nothing really special.

  13. Thats nice to hear for the alex shinae fans.
    I think Hyunjoong is going to leave soon though. SS501 is going back to Japan for a album and do a concert there. Next year each of them is planning to go solo though.

    So I guess it’ll be 4 couples maybe?

  14. Alvin u made my day here!!!!!!!!first thing in the morning and i read about this…u’ll make me smile all day!!!!!*hug*
    BTW, even it’s late but HAPPY BELATED BDAY TO YOU!!!!!!!

  15. OMG! OMG! (*jumps up and down in glee)

    This is like one of the best birthday presents ever!

    Thanks Alvin for the heartwarming news. I’ll be waiting patiently……

  16. horaaaayyyy !!!!!!!!! horrraaaayyyyyy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations and celebrations la la la la la la (does anyone know how is it in korean ?)

    2 week after this sunday episode rite ??? is it the airing comeback date or the filming date for them?? WHOAH my hearts goes thump thump thump….. will wait for them anxiously !

  17. 8th JUNE??????????????? OMG!!! spazzing like a fangirl does…….. come back soon!!! I am so deliriously happy!!!

    Thats the best news I heard this week, from a whole sucky week of work…

    Thanks for the news Alvin… and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  18. Banzai!!! Double happiness……… 🙂

    What great news, thank you so much dongsaeng.


  19. YAAAAAYYYYY!!! Go ALEX! GO SHINAE! hahaha… personally, i lost interest in we got married cuz alex n shinae is gone… even andy n solbi couple din manage to grab my attention dat much… i only watch it for crown j n in young hilarious selfish bickering. ^^

  20. ohh..i’m so excited!!!
    this romantic couple make me smile always….
    for Alvin TQVM and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  21. IF they do comeback-I hope they won’t kick-off HwangBo & Kim Hyun Joong…they’re really fun to watch.!..I’m wondering though, is Shin-Ae willing to return?? I read somewhere she has commercial and drama offers now..How can she leave that behind and return just because Alex is (if he is that is lol)..I mean, he did leave her for the sake of HIS career..right?? Seems like everyone is assuming she’ll return just because he is.
    I got waaaay too emotional w/ this couple (I know, its just a freakin’ show LOL-but still) was days before I could just go online w/out having to watch their episodes over and over…and now I read they..hmmm or should I say he may return..not much being said about Shin-Ae besides her saying somethin’ like if the fans want her back she’ll consider it or something. But, other than that its all about Alex.
    But IF he does return to WGM-and she doesn’t …..then what???–new “wife” for him???? That won’t sit well for the Al-Shin fans ..wasn’t that the whole point of all the hoopla (lack for a better word lol sorry)??
    Okay its 3:33 am-sorry if im rambling im just saying whatevers coming to mind

  22. yay thank god they are coming back they are my favorite couple when they left i missed them so much on screen yay i cant wait!!!

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