Xiah Junsu and Tae Yeon scandal @ 2008 Hollywood Bowl

DBSK member Xiah Junsu (23) are rumoured to be an item with Tae Yeon of So Nyeo Shi Dae after footage of them holding hands together were revealed at the recently concluded 2008 Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles

Screencaps from footage showing them holding hands together were posted on the internet yesterday which spread like wildfire and led to netizens speculating the possibility of them dating. In the screencaps, both were both secretly holding hands during DBSK and So Nyeo Shi Dae joint performance.

Some netizens immediately jumped to conclusions, “Xiah Junsu might be dating Tae Yeon”, “They belong to the same company and are now dating”, etc rumours are being floated around. Others defended them saying, “It’s only natural for a guy and girl”, “It’s like a form of encouragement”, etc.

Another photo posted by another netizen of them walking closely together while overseas has also lend credibility to the scandal of being a reality. Xiah Junsu and his DBSK group was involved with Anycall Haptic CF filming together with Tae Yeon and So Nyeo Shi Dae recently. Bollocks I would say.

62 thoughts on “Xiah Junsu and Tae Yeon scandal @ 2008 Hollywood Bowl

  1. ah come on they’re tegether for many years since training days
    now why they will pick that day as the best time to show some affection?
    in usa, in front of thousand hungry cameras?
    i’d say just friend!
    my friends and i will pat each other back’s too
    and hold hand so what? people do it all the time

  2. I don’t know that just by holding hands or a pat at the back you’re officially a couple.. It is so funny when the fans started to exaggerate this kind of thing^o^

  3. well. as from i see from the fancam.. the what so called by holding hand lasted no more than 1 sec. lol.

    it’s more like a gesture to show their happiness of successful performance..? and that’s not holding hand.

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  5. this is funny haha
    I doubt they’re really dating.
    I mean look how busy DBSK is, I don’t think he has time to anyways.

    But if they are, I support all the way.

  6. it looks really dubious from the pics. i’m not the usual believer in rumors myself but i heard from a reliable source and there does seem to be some truth behind this. idk, don’t take my word for it.

  7. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! well, i’m more of jaejoong’s fan… but junsu n tae yeon?! uh~ >< def. no!
    personally i hate any girls who got close 2 dbsk… haha… but yeah well, its their life. if its true, then…. GO JUNSU! bwahahahhaha…
    But then again, celebrity owes holds hand with each other, even if they’re not gf-bf… whats d big deal anyway? ^^

  8. I was in the elevator with Junsu and Taeyeon right before they were spotted shopping and here’s my take on it ~

    When I got in the elevator, Taeyeon was already inside, standing in the corner. Then we dropped a floor and Eetuek from Super Junior got on. Then we dropped another floor and Junsu and his manager/backup dancer?? got on.

    Junsu seemed surprised to see Eetuek and as he came into the elevator, he greeted Taeyeon with a polite “hello” and a smile then turned his back on her and started chatting with Eetuek and the manager/backup dancer (whoever that guy is that is in the pics with them while they were shopping).

    Junsu got out of the elevator before both me and Taeyeon.
    He made for the door with that guy and then shortly after he was spotted with Taeyeon and the shopping pictures were taken (not by me, I w

    asn’t there).

    He didn’t seem interested in her while we were in the elevator, but maybe he was playing it cool since there were 3 other non-celebs riding along. I don’t know, but there’s some dirt or lack of dirt for you.

    By the way, Junsu was very adorable in the elevator and spoke normally until the doors opened and he heard the fangirls. Then he became quiet and that was that.


    Key point, he greeted her politely then had his back to her the entire ride down. Since I didn’t know about any scandal then, I assumed at that moment that he was just being nice since he knew her but he was much more interested in talking to the guys.

  9. BiG DeaL!!!~
    If they were an item it wouldn’t be anything bad.
    Don’t call this a scandal!!~lol
    Also understand that everyone in sm entertainment
    knows each other so its natural to show some affection!!~

  10. It’s not only this, I think.
    They were also wandering the mall by themselves. TaeYeon had her arm around his waist and his arm around her shoulder. And normally couples walk around like that. So, that’s not really and exaggeration.

  11. I don’t understand that whenever celebrities are caught touching
    someone of the opposite sex, it’s called a scandal. I mean
    come on you don’t expect for celebrities to stay single all their
    lives do u? I will admit I’m also a Junsu fan and frankly i would be
    over the moon if this were true. It is obvious to everyone that the
    DBSK boys are busy with promotions and stuff to even think
    about being in a relationship. As for the evidence given i believe
    that in the first photo there is a little sign of a relationship, but in
    saying that, it could be just a little squeeze of the hand to say
    “nice job”. In the 2nd photo i just purely think Tae Yeon is just
    giving him a pat on the back.

  12. i think there just friends because i hug my friend all the time for like two or three minutes and he knos that its a cute friendly hug and that we r really close friends

  13. whatever! they are human beings.
    people should just let them be.
    seriously, if they weren’t even celebrities
    and they were dating, who the hell
    would care anyways!

  14. If Amy spoke the truth, then…i agree 100% with Amy!

    Junsu Xiah is well known for his kindness and supportive values apart from his great voice. as human, we have to give supports to our friends right? through good words, holding hands, patting back etc…right?

    Thus for Junsu, keep spreading your kindness! yeay!!!
    DBSK rocks! 9(^,^)P

  15. Now… i am head over heels over junsu oppah…

    BUT… everyone deserves love.

    Why should ppl get mad if he has a girlfriend?!
    Those who are his true fans should wish happiness upon him
    Even… no.. ESPECIALLY xiah junsu deserves to find true love.

    Now if it was a like a nasty girl… then i would be like “oh hecks naw!!” BUT i hear she is a pretty nice girl… and she sings amazingly… (unlike the rest of her group) haha

    its no wonder he would like a girl like that.. Shes cute and sings welll. ^.^

    i love junsu!! Find true love oppah!

  16. omg! Evendoh they luk sweet together but i bet they will break up in a few months, and its taeyeon tat dump xiah! cuz no one in SNSD are gud girls, SO Xiah shuld sump her b4 she dump him!

    SOME Examples:girl generation scandal with…
    1. Xiah(Taeyeon)
    4.Eunhyuk(If i’m not wrong:Tiffany or tae yeon)
    5.Heechul(I can’t remember)

    AND MORE~~~!


  17. OMFG!!! xiah is off limits, THEY”RE NOT DATING!!! along w/ the rest of DBSK!!! to “girl generation hater”, lee donghae or micky yoochun’s scandal w/ jessica was cuz of pix dat looked like them making out….actually, all the guys, xcept 4 eunhyuk, dat u listed had scandal w/ jessica…she even had scandal w/ shindong, shiwon, leeteuk, and kangin…..jessica is such a player…. i dont have a prob w/ the other members though, just not jessica…..taeyeon is fine too…..there not an item…phew!!

  18. ok..

    i so love xiah junsu. he is so cute.
    i so so like him. but, he is an entertaint, he is a man, need a girl, right?
    so…. no problem.

  19. I think they would be SOOO CUTE together XD
    TaeSu sounds nice =D
    If it is real then YAY!
    But if it Isn’t

  20. IF these rumors are true, and they are dating there’s nothing anyone can do about it. IF it is true, you should still love JunSu anyway and support him in his time of happiness, you know. But I rarely doubt this is true, cause I’ve seen the live footage and they only “hold hands” for about 2seconds. It seems they just high-fived each other, and besides they work for the same company, you’re going to show each other some kind of affection. It be awkward if they didn’t. Either, way I’ll still support JunSu. =3

  21. Wtf? Only touching and the media gone wild?
    So ridiculous. I hav something to say to the media,
    “Please, the artists want to live too. Give them a break!”
    So what if they are a couple, everyone? And why are you all hate Taeyeon so much? Just because she’s from SNSD.
    It’s not like she done something to all of you. Grow up, man!
    I’m a fan of both of them, so if they really a couple…
    then I dont mind, I’ll support them~ Go TaeSu!

  22. why is holding hands is such a big thing?
    they are in one family right?
    so what then, maybe they cared for each other like bro and sis.
    and if they are in a relationship whats with that?
    it’s normal. unless they are involved in another relationship then that would be a big question.

  23. Hahaha well I like Jun Soo but not SNSD they suck to me
    but anyway onto the topic kinda weird how they always make
    the singers in SM act like couples so who knows if they’re a couple or not one thing is for sure if I was Jun Soo’s GF I’ll say “Tae Yeon please no touchy my BF of any sort” hahaha 😛

    I don’t like the cute idea they put on singers
    it’s so fake @____@

  24. thats freakin ridicules at how l jelouse anti fans of SNSD are. i mean come on! lest just say u were in SNSD and u like one of the members of DBSK. and u got millions of changes to be with them i bet u would flirt. i mean i would. are try to get close. but some of u guys take things way out of proportion. i bet mostly all of u guys have never been to korea or talked to junsu your self. so if u havent talked to junsu or teayeon or anybody from sNSD or DBSK about them dateing or not. then dont believe this crap about them on the internet and dont get jelouse and mop about it ether. its just stupid! i love every singer from the SM entertainment company. becuz they have work so hard to get were there at (training for 2 to 8 years) . thats alot so its ok to make mistakes sometimes. or let lose a couple of times. so all u people who are saying i wan to punch her in the face. before u do think it over and think whats life in her shoes.

  25. frankly speaking, taeyeon is my favourite member in snsd and junsu is my fav in dbsk.. but if they really are together, i will still be damn heartbroken. i think its quite nrmal? lol. anyway if it’s real, i’ll still give them my support. and i dont wish this to be true XD

  26. Well, maybe i think they’re dating, but then i think again, if they are before We Got Married, she wouldn’t have got “married” with Hyung don. But if they do, i think they’ll match.
    Ever since the Haptic CF most of the “couples” look compatible, like Yoona i think she looks good with Micky, I mean if you think about it. And Tiffany, i like her better with the other guy, NOT U- know but the other one, and Jessica, i guess she looks good with the guy that she “coupled” in the CF. But if Tae yeon and Junsu, cometogether as a couple it’ll cute. Imagine if they were a couple in We Got Married, Junsu and Tae yeon. Aww, i wonder what that’ll be like…….. What do you think??? Do you think they’ll look good together/

  27. hate snsd..grrr….><
    why they all near to dbsk??!!!! stop itt!!! i’m fade up of this all..i hate snsd VERYY MUCHHH!!!!! IM SICK OF THISSSSSS!!!!!!
    i think snsd is a good group of girls..sing very welll..but becoz of this..,, I CHANGE MY MINDD!!! actually i’m fan of jaejoong..but i love dbsk member..all of themm..DON’T TOUCH DBSK AGAINN!!!,,, SNSDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. to amy ::
    u r so lucky!!!
    u met junsu???
    *envy* ahhahaha..

    btw, i think its just rumour…
    l love max in d grup d most, but i love d rest mmber too..

  29. Ko the nao chap nhan dc ma.Rpu la cua em.Ba Tae yeon tranh ra.Nhung ma ko sao neu ho chi la ban.May man cho em if diu do xr.Love Spu much

  30. Nothing to say…

    Voo Junsu….or the others DBSK’s,,
    you can make dating as many as u can…hahaha
    have lot dates to find “the best one” for your lives….

    and to find “the Best one”….u must follow and listen to your heart!!!!

    Look them not only in one sight,,,because everything has many sides…

    Best is not for what you see,look or touch….but… what u feel…hahahaha^^

    feel it with your heart..n____n


  31. That was more like a “low high-five” than holding hands. And that was a pat on the back. What’s wrong with being friends with the other gender?

  32. i don’t think they are dating. many celebs are just great friends and why shouldn’t a guy holding a girl hand when they are just friends. just because they are celebs everyone is seeing it as dating.
    and if they are dating what’s the probleme :S
    if you really like junsu you should at least be happy for him.

  33. Isn’t Taeyeon also close with Kangin as well. I say they’re just friends, too! Taeyeon is just really sweet and close to them. ^^

  34. What’s with everyone hating SNSD? LOL. Just because they were seen with DBSK, you’ll despise them? I feel bad for Taeyeon being disliked by some ‘jealous’ fangirls. The girl is nice, dorky and just being herself..and she’s pretty too. You can’t blame her if one day she’ll end up with one of your idols. tsk. But I don’t want that to happen, SERIOUSLY. She will just have to deal with those crazy fangirls. =X

    If you hate Taeyeon because you love Junsu, then I hate Junsu because I love Taeyeon. And also, you can’t call this a scandal. ROFL. =p

  35. My hearts kinda broken.. Even if Taeyeons not going out with Xiah, its always the celebs who get to be close to each other.. Us fans are nobodies…

  36. Last month,i love Taeyeon…..so i’m hate Junsu…but now i’m tiffany lovers….but i’m still hate junsu…

  37. NO!!! WOOTAE IS REAL!!!! ok…lol…jkjk i just ship wootae…but this is like 3 years ago so yeah idc its all good yo LOL

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