Nam Gyu Ri partners Lee Bum Soo in Horror Movie “Gosa”

Nam Gyu Ri of SeeYa has cropped her hair for her debut movie, “Gosa”

Horror movie “Gosa” takes place in a high school and talks about the story of teachers and students getting together and discovering the truth behind all sorts of mysterious happenings in school. Lee Bum Soon and Yoon Jung Hee will play high school teachers while Nam Gyu Ri and Kim Bum will play students.

Filming has already started earlier this month on 14th May in a high school located in Busan. With regards to her first acting role, Nam Gyu Ri said, “This is my first movie role so I would like to show viewers a different side to me. I hope that when viewers are watching the movie, they should not just focus their attention on my hairstyle change but the difference between Nam Gyu Ri the singer and actress.” It’s set for release this summer in Korea.

11 thoughts on “Nam Gyu Ri partners Lee Bum Soo in Horror Movie “Gosa”

  1. wow soo the agency lets her become singer/actor but doesnt let sg wannabe dong ha to become an actor…

  2. That hairstyle screams “focusing on”. It’s so bad. Where’s her volume? Her short hair just falls ..flat.

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